Scam or Legit? Check Reviews below. is a web page which seems to be exceptionally sketchy. Lots of customers will definitely be trying to figure out if Luckcharmer reviews are even true or if should be counted upon.
Initially the webpage would seem very legitimized; however, appearances are usually awfully misleading. Inorder to consider whether is a rip-off or genuine internet site we found it necessary to extensively inspect the internet site.

Listed below are the simple steps we made use of to determine if Luckcharmer reviews are authentic and if ought to be believed or not.

We are going to deliver all the information to you, then enable you to be the final judge to confirm if is a scam or legit.(As a result of reviewing our report, you’re likely to notice that the answer to that question is somewhat apparent)

One important factor which we were unable to gather on Luckcharmer, are undetected pages. It’s popular for con internet sites to produce pages that can’t be located by utilising the website search nor with the aid of Google search engine.
If you were able to find a dishonest page on Luckcharmer (normally this is a webpage that seems too good to be true) please make sure you write-up the url below.

Also, please tell others about Luckcharmer, by writing your experiences below. Did you almost get swindled or were you fooled because this advice is far too late?
On the contrary, do you believe this is a respectable site? Your viewpoints matter, please post below so that other clientele steer clear of making identical errors.

Customer Service Information

Email Address: [email protected]

Website Age is exactly less than one year old. That web domain was merely created on Sep 16th, 2020.
The developer of this web page address is purported to be WhoisGuard, Inc..
Domain Name System (DNS) Records state that the website is being published by: as well as

Cyber Security

This site wasn’t listed by one or more of the engines below to conduct or contain viruses. This fact on it’s own doesn’t indicate is harmless; rather only that virus claims haven’t been discovered as of yet.

Engine Result Details
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SSL Certificate

Luckcharmer applies an HTTPS connection.
This means that if users transmit private data to this webpage there is a decreased chance that it may be seen by a scammer mainly because all data is encrypted. This is crucial for an internet site to possess; however, does not mean on its own that the internet business is reputable.

Popularity is rated # 2,467,998 on
This score advises how highly visited is. The lower the number, the more famous Luckcharmer is alleged to be.
A position above one million signals an internet site which is not well-known. has such a low number of every day individuals that the online traffic monitor is unable to deliver a suitable rank.

66 thoughts on “”

  1. Hello i had no idea about it, it appeared an add in facebook with tons of comments about a fake ponytail product, and it was on sale, so i bought it like 4 days ago. Today i recieved a messaged saying that my product is shipped and they sent me a tracking number from china post and when i tried to see my order , says that the number is not correct or a fake number. I am so angry right now , the website looks so great that i had no idea it was scam 🙁

    1. Happened to me been waiting for my order since December 2020 they sent me one corner clamp and never the rest and they said it was over 30 days oh well this site needs to be shut down !!!

  2. I purchased some hair coloring shampoo. I thought I got scammed because it took a month to get to me. But it did get to me. Only problem is they didn’t specify I needed to also purchase the something milk developer with it to make it work properly. So my stupid butt being hopeful just bought that too. I’ll update when I get it. And try it out. But I did receive my bought product. So there is a plus.

  3. Yes I ordered the pink shampoo dye and it took 5 weeks to come and they added $1.60 tip and I got white cream of some sort and they refuse to give me my money back or give me the proper product. I have now put in a claim with pay Pal.

  4. From what I have gathered this site is without a doubt a scam. I have 3 sets of cards shown in the picture on the cover of this site and have not received the items after 2 months whats more is no one responds when they are emailed. Please dont ever buy from this website as it is a waste of time and money and just get your product elsewhere as you wont be getting it from them anyway

  5. I was scammed as well. I ordered the duo eyeshadow cream sticks and the video of the girls wearing them looked beautiful. I did receive mine but they are different products and cheap. They barely go on the eye lid. I emailed and was told they only replace defected products. This is such a set up and scam. I have never been so mad in all my life with something like this happening. Not a bit of customer service! DON’T BUY FROM THEM!!!

  6. Note to self….read reviews before clicking and buying ANYTHING! Ugh! It wasn’t that much money but there is nothing worse than feeling that even though I am a reasonably intelligent adult, I can still get duped by this kind of stuff. Lesson learned….yet again.

    I ordered a ONCE and they sent me TWO of the SAME ORDER and charged me TWICE. Actually, one order was around $34 and the other $46…for the SAME TWO ORDERS! Anyway, what makes it worse is that the products don’t fit on USA products. So I am out $80.
    Here is their reply:
    “New reply for the ticket #LKC05825165
    Hello Terry,
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    We would like to inform you that we offer a refund for items that are missing or damaged upon delivery.
    Again, we are truly sorry if you had been unhappy with our services. Rest assured that your comments and feedback will be passed along to our management to improve our services.
    Thank you.
    Michelle P.
    Customer Representative

    So, then I responded that they don’t fit American products, so I considered them damaged….*crickets*

  8. They are scammers,ordered 3 eye shadows and have not seen them.You E mailed them and they do not write u back. There is even no phone number to call them. This is wickedness and crazy.

  9. Scammers!!!!! they sent a random package to me that took 2 months to get here and they refused to refund my money.

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