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2.8 (80 votes) is a web page which appears to be completely dubious. A great number of their very own customers will definitely be wanting to know if Comnew-life reviews are even genuine or if Comnew-life should be believed.
Initially the internet page would seem somewhat authentic; unfortunately, looks tend to be incredibly misleading. Inorder to consider whether is a fraud or legitimized website we were required to extensively look into

Beneath are the methods we considered to recognize if reviews are honest and if can be believed or not.

Let us supply all the details to you, then allow you to be the best judge to determine if Comnew-life is a scam or legit.(Right after checking out our analysis, you will likely find that the answer is really detectable)

One thing of which we were unable to find on this website, are top secret pages. It’s widespread for dishonest sites to establish pages that cannot be located by using the website search or by using Yahoo, Bing, or Google search engine.
If you were able to locate a dishonest page on this web site (constantly this is a page which ends up sounding too good to be true) please publish the web page link below.

Additionally, please advise other individuals about, by placing your comments below. Did you almost get ripped off or were you conned because the strategies imparted in this article is too late?
On the other hand, did you come to feel this is a respected online site? Your experiences matter, please share at the end of this page so that other end users refrain from making identical mistakes.

Customer Service Information

Email Address: [email protected]

Website Age is exactly 8 months, and 26 days old. This website was first initialized on Apr 13th, 2020.
The holder of this specific internet domain name url [ ] is registered as ji xun hou.
Domain Name System Records prove is being published using: as well as

Cyber Security

This online business appears to have not been identified by any of the below services to contain or conduct viruses. This factor by itself wouldn’t indicate is risk-free; rather only that such spam claims haven’t been found as of yet.

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SSL Certificate

Comnew-life applies an HTTPS connection.
This signifies if visitors transmit private info to this internet site there is less of a chance the info could be stolen by a scammer considering all information is encrypted. This is important for an online site to use; but, does not represent on its own that the webpage is legitimate.


Comnew-life was rated as # 3,189,750 within Alexa.
This ranking points to how well-known this webpage is. The lower the ranking, the more highly visited is thought to be.
A positioning beyond 1,000,000 indicates an online site which isn’t in demand.
This web-site has such a small total of everyday customers and prospects that Alexa cannot even provide a correct rank.

User Review
2.8 (80 votes)

21 thoughts on “ Reviews - Scam or Legit”

  1. I received my supreme mystery box from this site .and which I paid about £40 now I understand their is some risk in purchasing these products however what I received was about £5-10 worth.stay well clear absolute scam

    1. Was wondering if maybe could post a pic or two of recieved items just came accross site was gonna make large order but skeptical

    1. Ordered 3 super giant electronic mystery boxes and amid thigh goody thing…haven’t recieved anything. Spent over $200.00 AND spent 20 each time for the VIP 3-7 day shipping…emailed the company many times…no answer. Place is a joke and a scam. Never again will I buy from them.

  2. Bought the 2 pallets, paid for it 3 weeks ago. The order arrived today, and it was 3 items in a little bag, all of which were less than $5 items. Absolute scam. The email they offer for customer support is bogus, and there’s no way to contact them or get a refund. 100% scam.

  3. Yeah this company is a total scam, rip off, whatever you want to call it. I ordered a boutique pallet & what they sent me was some little plastic hand held game that we could get in the store for $5.00 or under, I’m sure. Emailed the company & they just want to argue with me. But I’m gonna fight it, I’m not letting them rip me off. So be smart everyone, steer clear of comnew-life, it’s a TOTAL SCAM !! I’m gonna let as many people as I can, know what a scam this company is.

  4. Man I wish I would’ve seen theise articles a little over a week ago j order 3 of the pallets.
    I copied the the receipt when i purchased it said it was paid but looked at my account and didn’t see where they took it out.
    The way I’m feeling after reading all the comments I’m glad they didn’t get it .
    I hope they dont get it either now

    1. I am with you. I purchased 2 boxes deal if you buy. together( bilk / mystery). Placed order on 2/5/21. Checked shipping status it says delivered. Spent yesterday and today 2/27/21 emailing. No luck yet. Should of did some type of research but didn’t. Could of saved my money. It is very unfortunate for everyone scammed and those to be scammed.

  5. [email protected] I have put in a order back in 1/30/2021 order number is HLY16349 tracking number 303357470641 and I try ti track it but it would not let me where is my order one for $48.54 mary ryan 3346503531

  6. I am reporting them right away. Now I know why I have not received my order of 16th february.I should have done a due diligence on this company before buying from them. Instagram should check out thoroughly the authenticity of any company advertising on their platform. I will report them to PayPal because I think they use it for credit cards processing.

  7. I am so sorry to all who have gotten scammed from

    I seen there ad on facebook and was just about to order 2 pallets from them. I was telling my man about the site and he suggested that I look up the company and comments on it first. Usually I don’t do that when I order things but I was curious about what I would find. Sure enough, seems like this site is really to good to be true. I learned my lesson. I’m also reporting them to facebook.
    Again sorry to all who got scammed by them. Karma is a bitch! It doesn’t have to be but for them I hope karma gets them good.

  8. Fu*k this site! is bulls*it!!! I seen it on one of the phone games I play and said even if it is a bunch of bulls*it I’m going to donate it to this program that helps less fortunate kids out with food, toys, clothes, etc… so I thought what a great way to save a few bucks and still help out the less fortunate. I ordered the 2 box set as it says you have a better chance of winning by doing so. I spent close to 100$ it took over a month to show up and even so I was excited thinking I was getting 2 pellets of random crop. I knew it wouldn’t be what they said I.E. iPad, iPad mini home ball, wireless ear buds, iPhone 12 max. It says you’re guaranteed to get at least 1 item if you order the 2 package deal! Knowing that was a lie I still was ok with just getting a bunch of random items as I was donating them for the kid’s anyway! So the guy shows up and I’m thinking where is my big packages??? 📦 📦 📦 Well they leave 2 small boxes on my porch I’m thinking holy sh*t maybe I won one of the good prizes! Thinking kid’s will be stoked! But FU*K NO It was literally the saddest excuse for a pallet worth of stuff I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Box 1. It was a bag of the shi*ty little green army men, a pillow, and a crappy squirt gun 🔫 Box 2. A shi*ty hand held fan that blows water (it doesn’t work), and some shi*ty hand held game (also didn’t work) I would be embarrassed to donate this and these kid’s have absolutely nothing and I still wouldn’t disrespect them with these turds they call item’s! So I went and donated my old Xbox with all the games as I have the newest one. ‼️‼️‼️🧧🧧🧧⛩⛩⛩🚫🚫🚫🤬🤬🤬FU*K THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR SCAM ASS SITE!🤬🤬🤬🚫🚫🚫⛩⛩⛩🧧🧧🧧‼️‼️‼️

  9. Jeffery D Howey

    Scam. I ordered 2 mystery boxes and received 2 of the same pair of fake super cheap ear buds. Spent 80 dollars got 10$ worth of trash.

  10. damn wish I would of looked into this before I order spent 69.99.those people should be arrested taking advantage of people,it’s people like this that mess it up for honest people that try to make a living selling products honest product hard to do because people are so hesitant to buy shit like this,because we were scame

  11. SCAM** ordered 3 pallets got 3 of the EXACT SAME tiny generic airpods. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED. I plan to continually research and reach out to get my money back and I will update as it goes. So angry right now. They started the company right after the pandemic started bc they new it would be a perfect time to scam people. Bastards

  12. Same here I ordered mystery box and super mystery pallet I received 3 items in small envelope inside my mailbox I sent an email to [email protected] and it has failed to send 5 times. I bcc myself and received the copy to my email yet received notices of failed attempts to company. I paid $67.00 and received approximately $20-$25 worth of merchandise and it took exactly 1 month to receive. Scam!!!!! I was purchasing in hopes of blessing less fortunate because that’s what I enjoy doing I live on a very low pay scale myself and would never pay the price i did for the items I recieved. Lesson learned.

  13. I want to share an email address for In hopes be able to communicate with someone in regards to the shipments they received. I have just done so myself and was able to get my complaint sent now awaiting response.

    [email protected]

    I hope this helps to get the items we all purchased or refund. If I don’t get a response I will file a complaint with paypal and request refund due to that’s how I paid for my order.

  14. I will file a complaint with paypal and request refund
    I paid for 2 x the super giant mystery box.
    by clicking on the giant mystery box and the order 2 option. which is the total of & 66.99 amount for 2 x the giant box. this amount is paid via paypal. unfortunately when I received the packages, I only received 1 small package.
    only 1 envelope with cheap airpod (Tws 112) who i could have bought myself for about $10 on the net.
    Its a total Scam and ripoff.
    see link for photos of what i did get.

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