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Christy – Jan 12, 2021

Victim Location 04106

Type of a scam Rental

After posting in a Hawaii travel group page on Facebook inquiring about renting apartments, I was contacted by an individual named Paul N Caridi via Facebook messenger asking me about my interest in available units to rent in Hawaii. He also friend requested me. This individual continued to ask me what my monthly budget was and if I were to be moving with pets. After answering accordingly, he sends me an address of a 1 bedroom apartment that is supposedly on his rental listing. He proceeds to send me pictures of the furnished apartment and tells me the monthly rent and deposit amounts. After I express my interest in proceeding with the booking process, he asks me for my email address in which someone from his company will be sending me a renters application. The email address that sent me the renters agreement is "[email protected]". The email is sent to me without any name or contact information at the end of the email. After I ask Paul over Facebook who is sending me these emails, he states: "You are booking through rephomes". He goes on to state that he is the agent in charge of my move in. In my email back to "[email protected]" with my completed renters application, I ask for the receiver of the email to provide me with their name and phone number so I can call and discuss details. They do not provide this information and go on forward to send me the lease agreement, stating for me to sign it and return the copy. I told Paul that I was not paying first month’s rent until I moved in the same day to see the apartment and look at the furniture included. Paul insisted on asking his company for a video "walkthrough" of the apartment to show me what furniture would be in there when I move in. He made it clear that he did this for me to make me feel more comfortable committing to the rental. He told me the security deposit would be enough to hold the rental for me. I did not send any money. The videos he received hours later were sent to me showed a woman slowly moving through every inch of the apartment showing off the furniture in the apartment. I noticed, however, that the video content matched perfectly to the pictures that were sent to me days prior. Meaning, the video and pictures were taken on the same day at the same time. (Furniture was placed exactly as it was in the picture as it was in the video. The TV was on the same simulated fireplace display on the pictures as it was on the video). This made it clear that the videos and pictures were done on the same day and time. But Paul told me he was waiting for the video to be taken so he could send it to me and that he specifically requested that the video was taken so I could see the furniture inside. I went to and copied the address location provided on the website on to google maps. The address popped up as a glasses store in NYC. When I called the phone number on the website, there was no voicemail message detailing that this was the phone number to rep homes. All of the "testimonial" reviews on the website were completed on the same date. All the testimonials are written with the same general and non-specific language. The website looks very convincing, but the more you look, the more you can pull apart as fake. I received my lease agreement. In the lease agreement, I was provided an email address and Venmo information of an individual. This individual would be receiving my Venmo payments for rent. I went ahead and emailed that individual and told him that I was about to rent his apartment, asked him if he was the landlord, and told him that I received his information from REPHOMES. This person then emailed me back stating How I got his information, that he did not own any property, and to not send him any money. It is clear to me this a fraud and a complete rental scam, ready to take thousands of dollars from people without thinking twice.

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