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Aimee –

Victim Location 19963

Type of a scam Charity

A gentleman called and asked for the head of the household. He then started talking to me about colors corresponding to an amount of money red white and blue. It was a bogus call about veterans. I told him that I donated and still donate to UCLA, the human rights campaign, and the USO. He was talking like a robot but he was a human.

He had a fake smile behind at the phone. I told him if we are going to donate we need a packet with all the donation information. He kept trying to avoid the fact that I donate to other official organizations and he told me he’s going to call back and hung up on me.

He knew that I was smart and wasn’t going to be taken advantage of.

***Watch out because this is Elder abuse.***

He called me on my cell phone and asked for the head of the household. That was his first mistake. When he realized he wasn’t going to get over on me he politely hung up.

His second mistake was avoiding the packet of information he told me about because there was no packet to send.

I treated this like it was a real organization by giving him the benefit of the doubt but if you’re going to offer a packet of information to be sent to my address and then be sneaky and never bring up the information packet again…….

That’s effed up.

Who’s trying to get me to give him my card information.

He’s probably from a call center and Delaware. The caller ID said Wilmington Delaware. Here is the number my caller ID that showed up:

+1 (302) 250-4244

Protect yourself and your parents and grandparents

These call center employees need to get a real job and stop abusing people.

That’s my two cents.

~ Ms. *** ~

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