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Jermaine – Feb 09, 2021

Guess what – I was taken in by the advert. I bought a chain and paid through PayPal (I have the transaction number). I had an email saying that my item will be posted to me and I would receive it with 10 working days. That was over 1 working days ago … no email saying it had been dispatched, no email saying there was an issue due to Covid, no emails at all. No contact numbers, no way to chase this order up, simply put, I AM OUT OF POCKET and the Mrs will not get her gift for Valentines. Why does FB allow these adverts to be place and why does PayPal allow the money to go to a SCAM OUTFIT? Bought in good faith … NOT IMPRESSED

Oscar – Jan 18, 2021

I ordered Face Masks October 6th and still not received my order it got sent back due to lack of a complete address, PayPal fills the address so bull[censored] on that how ever many email exchange’s asking for a refund and here it is still now refund and they are saying to pay a $10 so I excepted that then today they want me to pay a $15 fee so clearly a scam, I want my refund.

April – Jan 16, 2021

I don’t received my order

Courtney – Dec 10, 2020

I order a face mask 2 months ago have received my item yet.nothing but a scam.i want my $27.43 back

Bruce – Dec 09, 2020

On Nov 28th I bought a necklace for my daughter. I have a transaction number and the money was taken from my PayPal account. It’s now Dec 9th, still no item and can’t get a hold of seller

Cheryl – Dec 07, 2020

Schnautzer Italy

CORONA VIRUS FACE MASK: I ordered one just to see how good it was.
1) I thought it would be a US produt. It was sent fro China. (nothing anaginst China as long as they dleiver what is expected fom them)
2) The quality of the Hardware of the mask is execellent.
3) the sofrware of the mask is poor: There is NO instruction on (or if) the filters are made to be washed sterilized, or impregnated with virus protecting agents. A mask nowadays is nt a TOY, it is a vital protection. (European standards should be folowed)
4) No indication on hw to fix the filtering sponge ,inside the masks, (glue, tape?) or if you have to purchase other ” sponges” as a replacement
5) The straps ( elastic silycone) are too short and break themselevs lloose , so you have to use external straps to keep the masks in place.

You cannot sentence to failure a good product, just because you do not take care in the detalis of the product.! i was thinking of ordering 1000, but , as the product stands now, I will have towait and see.

Best regards

Alana – Nov 30, 2020

Also bought their stupid face mask, and total garbage. The string broke immediately, and the “high tech” filter they advertised is nothing but cheap black foam! I am now trying to have paypal resolve this. I am hoping paypal will be more ethical than Vango. OMG, Vango is SUCH A SCAM!

Amelia – Nov 23, 2020

Har som mange andre bestilt maske.
Og har intet modtaget.
Spild af penge.
Der er nu klaget til Paypal og de plejer og være skarpe til og få sælger,
til og reagere. Forbandet svineri og ta røven på folk.

Tara – Oct 19, 2020

I too had ordered a Dog Ramp and after an email to Paypal I did finally receive the item but what a JOKE. This piece of junk isn’t even worth $5 let alone US$49.99. I have been granted a full refund have to send item back to China which is very cost prohibitive. It was sent to me from a Chullora, NSW Australia address and am happy to send it there but not China so waiting to see response. These guys are fraudsters – do not part with your hard earned money for any of their product copies.

Chelsea – Oct 09, 2020

I ordered
‘The Best Dog Ramp – Paws Down” from the Vango Group. The pictures made it look like a good product and price. So on Aug.27, 2020 I ordered it on Facebook, paid $49.99 through PayPal. It took two emails of complaint to get them to respond. Finally through PayPal they confirmed that they sent it. It took over two weeks to get it. I received it and it is a total JOKE. The ramp goes up as high as the box springs, nowhere near the height of the mattress. Now I tried sending it back. So far, five emails and a complaint through PayPal and they still are not sending me the address to return it and get my money back. I offered to pay the return postage. They say it will cost a lot of money, but I should take this little discount and keep the dog ramp. No Way. It is total crap and unusable. Beware of ordering the supposed dog ramp.

Kelli – Nov 19, 2020


Isaac – Oct 05, 2020

I ordered necklaces with my kids names and I just found out it’s a scams

Natalie – Sep 30, 2020

I ordered 4 facemasks with eyeshields, the mask turned out to be rubbish, nothing like the picture on the ad, impossible to see through the shield! Ridiculous! I was offered 5 $ refund out of the 36 I payed, still trying to get a full refund through PayPal, but they have not been helpful sofar :/ avoid!

Lee – Sep 12, 2020

I also ordered masks on 29th July to date 12th September I have not received them. I received the email from PayPal but not one from Vango Group

Randy – Aug 27, 2020

Same as everyone. Ordered face masks and paid. Nothing has arrived. Should have checked for scams first. Bitten.

Jake – Aug 24, 2020

Ordered a mask July 2, 2020 did not receive. It is now august 24, 2020. transaction ID is 8Vca43369U55406634. Paid where is it!

Kari – Aug 23, 2020

Ordered face masks July 24, 2020 Used paypal. Have not received merchandise

Priscilla – Aug 22, 2020

I ordered a Mother’s Day gift, was assured it would arrive in time and it did not: I filed a claim on PayPal and they asked me to wait that they would get me a tracking number and they never did and I still don’t have the item.

Casey – Aug 16, 2020

On August 6, 2020 I ordered 5 face masks from this company on Facebook for $52.52 I paid through my PayPal balance. I got a receipt from PayPal with the transaction ID, but never got a receipt or a tracking # from Vango Group, I haven’t heard from them about my order. I should I do.

Regina – Aug 14, 2020

Ordered 6 face masks in July and still haven’t received my order. My invoice #: ZA202007281052613147
I paid $53.89 on July. 28th USD to vango group
9BY715641U108413C Merchant Transaction ID:
Purchase Date:
July 28, 2020
Payment to:
vango group
[email protected] Payment from:
Edgar Figueroa
[email protected]
Invoice ID:
Shipping Address
80 Calle Magnolia Parc Maginas
Sabana Grande, PR
Quantity: 5
Item: 2020 NEW Cotton Mask with Eyes Shield
ID Number: 4495597404227
Price: $8.98 USD
Quantity: 1
Item: 2020 NEW Cotton Mask with Eyes Shield
ID Number: 4495597404227
Price: $8.98 USD
Subtotal $53.88 USD
Handling fee $0.01 USD
Total $53.89 USD

Mary – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a necklace with my grandchildren’s names on it from this group. The money was taken out straight away and I haven’t heard from them since, no email confirmation or anything..Will contact my bank to see if they can help since paypal won’t.

Danny –

I’ve ordered two Face Masks on July 10, 2020 for $27.95 thru Face Book, my credit card was billed thru PayPal with payment to Vango Group Va. Got a PayPal receipt, complete with a Transaction ID, Merchant Transactio ID, but without a tracking number.
I have not received my order, cannot reach PayPal or Vango Group. Help please!
[email protected]

Walter –

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered face masks with eye shields, paid through Paypal, never received the masks. Realized it was a scam and have tried to cancel payment, but it is under investigation.

Philip –

I ordered face mask but I did not get it . That was a big mistake I made in my life.

Mathew –

I ordered 3 masks and I thought they were made in USA and shipped within 3 days. It has been a month and no masks but the payment went through on PayPal. I want to cancel the order and get my money back. How do I go about that?

Caleb –


Lori –

I too was scammed by Vango I paid $67.17 for a silver gold plated necklace paid through PayPal and when I disputed this they asked me for more proof in which I gave, PayPal made me wait a few days before denying my claim for a refund. To my belief PayPal know that Vango are bogus because they can’t even get in touch with them. Therefore as far as I am concerned PayPal are just as bigger [censored] as Vango for not only supporting these thieves but for giving them our money’s.

David –

Victim Location 16335

Total money lost $67.86

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered face masks from this company on Facebook on 7/10/20 and paid for them with my credit card thru PayPal and I have not received them yet. And the company name on Facebook is correct and they have not answered any of my emails as to when I will get them. I have noticed others on Facebook still waiting on their orders as well. The PayPal payment went to Vango group VA. I am trying to get my money back from PayPal but am not getting any response from them as well.

Ruben –

Ordered something from Vango three months ago and have yet to get it. Put a case on on Paypal and they’re now dragging their feet to refund. It’s really not that hard to stop using Paypal and even easier to not use Vango Group.

Tara –

Ordered necklaces 3 of them in april for mothers day but never received them . And will not give refund .and PayPal wants me to run around to the post office and get a letter to show I didn,t receive them before they will refund my money we are now on July 13. This is bull [censored] I paid $124.70 and I have to fight to get it back .

Darrell –

I purchased a sterling silver charm of a boy with the name Charlie inscribed on it. What I received was clearly a girl wearing a dress with pigtails! I contacted the company and for my $25 purchase (it’s the principle!) they offered me $5! So since I paid through Paypal I opened a dispute. They came back with an offer from the company for the $10 which I refused. Final offer was a full refund but the catch was I had to mail the product back to its origin which was China! After running around like an [censored] trying to mail this thing back the only way I could do it was through UPS for, are you ready? $112! We are in the midst of this virus and no one can answer the phone at Paypal so I did the only thing I could think of and that was to fill out the mailing info which had to be done by 6/30. Where the transaction number should go I wrote “notransactionnumberavailable”. This was on the 27th. On the 28th I got confirmation that because I filled out this request, didn’t matter what I wrote, Paypal found in their favor and the case was closed! Again I tried contacting Paypal and actually got a real live person who told me to “relax, sit tight, all the evidence is in your favor. The case should close in a few days and you should find a credit on your paypal account.” I thanked the gentleman profusely and waited. On July 1st I again contacted Paypal and spoke to a female who said she didn’t see any comments on the file and after fifteen minutes she said the file has been flagged for review. Why should I pay $112 on a $25 item for their negligence?

Taryn –

I ordered a sterling silver necklace for my mother with four stones, one for each of me & my siblings’ birthstones, paid for expedited shipping— a total of $66.80. A month later, it still hadn’t shown up, so I emailed them asking for my money back, and they said they’d send a replacement. Another month goes by, my replacement isn’t here & they aren’t responding to emails asking for tracking info, so I escalated it to PayPal. They FINALLY give me information, and I had the new necklace the next day, which was correct, but broken. They also asked, through PayPal for photos of the first necklace, which I’d already sent, so I told them I had already sent them photos and forwarded them that email anyways. I escalated the problem through PayPal again, and they offered me a partial refund of $15. I declined it, and I’m still waiting to hear back from that.

Raymond –

Anyone have clarification on why PayPal chooses to still stand behind this group ?

Logan –

Horrible company!SCAM

Dawn –

What I received was junk toilet tissue not anything useable!

Frank –

What you re eivrd isNot what they showed! I threw awa 66.00 dollars!this compan should be Closed! A go group. bAD,!

Lori –

I ordered a Mothers day necklace may 7th, its June 30th & no communication since May 9th, apologizing for delay. I have emailed again and now no communication at all. They advertise on social media and make it look so desirable, consumer falls for it, and gets screwed. Social media should not allow scammers to advertise

Lydia –

I just went through a nightmare experience with Vango Group. I purchased a cat litter box through their website “MyCutia” and was unaware that I just purchased from Vango Group until the Paypal charged showed them as the seller. I paid for expedited shipping which didn’t list a shipping speed or time frame, waited a day and sent an email to their only source of contact listed as to when I should expect it to ship and how long it would take. I never received an email back from them, so waited another couple days and sent another email requesting my order be cancelled. Again, no response whatsoever. I contacted paypal to cancel the transaction but was told I’d have to file a dispute if the item wasn’t received and had no option to cancel. So I went ahead and did this and described the lack of communication thus far. After about a week, the seller responds only through the paypal claim, listing a tracking number. I explain through paypal that I no longer want the item and plan on refusing the delivery. Fast forward nearly a month later, the item has been sent back, delivered to them, and still no response or refund. Finally, my claim settled with paypal and I got my money back- BUT still no communication or response from their customer service to any of the 5 emails I sent them. If you are find blindly ordering from this company knowing there is not a single person on the other end of their customer service, go ahead. Good luck.

Dennis –

These is the biggest scam ever. I order a necklace for mothers day on April. this is June 22nd, Never received anything. I contacted paypal. paypal received a tracking number from vango group but the number shows invalid. Paypal close my case because they received a tracking number. I can’t trust payapl and now is okay to scam people because paypal won’t help me! I’m thinking that paypal is getting a cut of the pay?!

Brendan –

YES! Me too! Same thing!1 Read Nancy Jean post above

Willie –

I ordered toilet paper and ended filing a complaint because I hadn’t received it after 3 months…the tracking num the sent me was a false one and I refused the package at the post office because I paid 38.99 and recieved a package of mini rolls of toilet paper. If paypal does not get my money back, Im done with them.

Kellie –

My son purchased the “little people” charm necklace with children, names and birthstones in April for my birthday, it arrived very quickly but wasn’t Sterling Silver as advertised, looks very cheap as if he had gotten it from a machine that makes dog tags. I attempted to contact Vango Group to receive a refund $40, they advised I could give the necklace as a gift to someone(Like who? Someone out there wants to wear my children’s names, birthstones, etc. STUPID!) I then opened a case with Paypal at which Vango Group offered me a partial refund of $5, I should’ve taken it, upon “winning” with Paypal I was to send the necklace back to Vango Group, found out it would cost me almost the amount of the necklace to mail it back to them, so, I have a necklace I won’t wear and a reminder never to order anything from Vango Group!

Tyrone –

my husband ordered me a mothers day gift with my kids birthstone on the little people charms.. ordered it in april. i opened a case with paypal.. the POS company responded with a tracking number so I didn’t proceed with the case… thinking it was on the way. the time lapsed to accelerate the case and I still haven’t received it… i called usps… the tracking number doesn’t have a package associated with it… so this company is DISGUSTING… and so is PAYPAL if they don’t make this right… I can not believe this. did everyone find them on facebook ads? I am so angry I want something done… I want this company to pay for all the people it has scammed!

Karen –

It is a scam
Ordered a kid charm necklace for Mother’s Day on 5.3.20

Received after 33 days
The engraved is soooooo small that can’t be seen
It supposed to have a gem but it’s only paint
Total lost $26
Total scam
DO NOT BUY anything from this group

Latoya –

i ordered a neckess for mothers day 2 moths ago and i still havent receiuved it. iwas moving out to another country so i wanted to give her something special but i i havent recceived anything and she is far away from me now … my heart is broken..

Wesley –

I considered ordering from this place and while trying to find more information, the screen with their website went blank. That was my sign not to order from them, but woke up to a payment processed via Paypal for $58.11. I immediately requested the payment be stopped, but paypal was no help. I’ve filed a dispute with paypal only for them to be of no help and they immediately closed my case. Paypal is just as guilty and fraudulent as this company for not assisting me to resolve this issue.

Jillian –

Bought a necklace for mother’s day with express shipping. Have never received it. How can this be if Pay pal is support of company

Stacey –

Victim Location 14301

Total money lost $36

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On April 25th 2020 I ordered a necklace for my wife for mother’s day from the Vango group their ad said it would be here by mother’s day but it was not. I sent them an email asking them where it was and they sent me back an email that they couldn’t find my order and that I needed to give them my order # which I never got. I sent them my PayPal receipt showing their company name and my transaction ID for this item. They sent me an email saying that they could not find my order in their system and I sent them back an email with the screenshots of the transaction to which the sent me back an email with the tracking # of 420***************************. This morning I received a text message from USPS stating that the tracking # was invalid to which I sent the Vango group an email stating this (I have screenshots of all of these conversations if you need them.)

Andrew –

Scammer’s phone No phone number listed

Scammer’s website Vango Group

Scammer’s address Unknown

Scammer’s email Unknown

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Purchased an item I saw advertised on Facebook. It was a Key Chain that could have names engraved on it. It was $35.00. I can’t find the advertisement on FB any more. This was on April 28, 2020. After taxes and whatever else they charged me, the total came to $40.95. That was deducted when I placed the order.If was on Facebook, so I thought it was legit. I emailed the company a day after because I realized I spelled one of the names wrong. I almost immediately got an email back, telling me they received the email and would make the correction. After about 2 weeks and not hearing anything or seeing any kind update about the order, I couldn’t gatan answer or acknowledgement. I opened up a complaint via Pay Pal, which is how I paid them. I have included a copy of the info on Pay Pal…
There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.
Paid with
PNC Bank Debit Card
VISA Debit Card x-1787
You’ll see “PAYPAL *VANGO GROUP” on your card statement.
Ship to
Kathy Dantzler
1918 Graham Lane
LaMott, PA 19027
United States
Transaction ID
Seller info
vango group
Purchase details
Purchase amount

Sarah –


Jasmine –

I thought I was scammed too, but recieved the necklace for my wife today, I just said [censored] it , never opened a complain or anything, took 28 days to arrive, and she loves it , it has our 2 kids names engraved with their birthstones!

Alejandro –

I purchased what I thought was Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper off a FaceBook ad. (So stupid, cant believe it did it) for 35.98. I got an email from Knife.Love with the confirmation and tried to track the shipment but the link provided but it wouldn’t work. I emailed them and they said it was in transit. When I got the product it was not Charmin. I emailed them that I wanted a refund and they told me it would cost more for me to ship it back and said they would refund me $4. I told them no you will give me a full refund and you send me a shipping label. They said they would give me $8 and I send it back. I told them I wanted a full refund they said I had to pay to ship it back and they would then give me a refund. I am livid. They’re not going to refund me anything. I know this is a scam! They should not be allowed to advertise they should be taken down!

Allen –

I too was scammed by van Gogh for a what was described as extra large mega 10 pack roll of toilet paper. I paid $36 with shipping and it took two months to arrive. They were the smallest rolls of toilet paper I’ve ever seen. PayPal has been going back-and-forth with me and will not give me an immediate refund

Andre –

I was ripped off by this group and their false advertisement of Charmin products. I paid $35.98 for a joke not even worth the shipping charge. I am promoting a class action suit against PayPal because there is proof they have had many complaints regarding these scammers and they allow us to become prey to it!.

Tamara –

I too ordered the toilet paper on March 20, got a confirmation email, but have never received the product. Wonder why PayPal would continue to allow transactions with this group considering the number of complaints.

Hilary –

I would be interested

Brittany –

I had order a artificial Jewelry for my wife and did not get nothing. When I searched about this group then found that this group is dad of all scams. PayPal is having lots of complaint for them but still processing orders. They should simply refused the order.

Jenna –

I thought the same but just got it today, necklace for my wife with our 2 kids names and birthstones, took 28 days to arrive, they never sent any confirmation, I thought I was scammed but didn’t do anything about it, to my surprise I recieved it today 🤣

Scott –

My wife was in colorado with her son when the pandemic hit so when she said toilet paper was scarce, I scurried and found vangard and ordered and wanted it shipped to her but as of 5/7/20 nothing yet and it was ordered 3/23/20 so I am trying to gain a refund because my wife is coming back home next week.

Janelle –

They advertised…10 days tops to receive. It’s been almost 90 days

Jeffery –

I ordered a four piece comforter for my bed and only received the bedspread and no pillow shag or square pillow as shown. The comforter is nice but I can get a whole set with comforter pillow shams and cute pillow for $40 at a place called ATHOME . Please send my pillow shams and pillows it’s for my Mothers day.

Jesus –

March 19,2020, I ordered Charmin tissue for $35.98. My account was charged double and I received nothing! I only ordered one package– I’m not a hoarder.
Things like this discourage people from buying on line. I will gladly accept a refund of

Edwin –

I bought a color changing coffee mug on may 2 2020 I didn’t receive any emails on order confirmation… when I searched for the website.. I got a scam conformation

Beth –

They are a SCAM. They even had the nerve to reply to PayPal like they were legitimate. I got some CHINESE GARBAGE from these Chinese scammers who caused this pandemic to begin with. These criminals should be in PRISON. Paypal knows they are scammers, they have over 300 complaints and they still have not shut them down. They responded they shipped a product, they did not say they did not ship what they described and they shipped GARBAGE. So I have to now wait a month longer for my money. These people are below low.

Ronnie –

Scammers scammers scammers… I ordered Charmin Mega Rolls got 8 tiny rolls of some kind of Chinese tissue with no way to roll it on the tissue roller. Can’t even read the label … never been scammed like this before by anyone $38.00 for dollar store crap that I’ll never use.. looks like Paypal doesn’t stand behind this as I see they won’t refund.. so sad someone can get away with this. The trust in Paypal is now gone too. All I want back is my
Money or the actual item I ordered..

Bobby –

I, too, ordered toilet paper from them. I have not received it when it was ordered a month ago. How can I get my money back

Terrance –

Took me over a month got some crap Chinese tissue that can’t even be used. You will not get what you paid for and you can’t even read the packaging. I’m so disappointed hope you have better luck but reading these complaints I think you will be disappointed..

Julia –

When Toilet Paper was a scarce commodity, they advertised 40 mega rolls of Charmin for $65.98 plus $5.95 shipping. When I received more than a month later, it was 20 travel/purse size rolls of some unknown/inferior brand. Product was shipped from China. As I had purchased thru PayPal, I had to pay the International shipping fee of $25+ in order to get a refund of the $71.93. This company is definitely a scam. BEWARE – DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!

Grant –

I too got some crap Chinese paper and only 8 small rolls

Claudia –

Victim Location 52402

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Promised a Valentines gift with a photo inscription etc. for Valentine’s Day did not show up would not allow gift to be canceled was shipped received a mug that was not what was ordered PayPal would not allow me to get refunded because there was a tracking number I still had to pay $35 for receiving something in the mail even though it wasn’t what was ordered. Was supposed to have a photo with I love you happy Valentine’s Day and to be receive by 2/14. Was received 3/6 attempted to cancel several times the week of 2/17 when it still had not shipped and vendor denied. Receipt value states $3.00 US. I was charged $35

Tara –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

i applied vango financial group for a loan. they emailed me saying that to call. i called and they said that i have been approved for 20.000. i can chose 10.000 for 6 years, 7% interest rate, 170$ montly, or 20.000 for 6 years , 7 % interest rate 340$ monthly. But because my credit score is high that i will have to pay 1000$ for security and i will get it back if i pay monthly. if i choose the 20.000 then is 2000$ upfront.they said that i will get the money at the same day as soon as i pay the security funds,

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  1. Billie Jones

    Yeah I ordered something from vangon company for my mom for mother’s day didn’t receive any email or nothing but they took my money probably should of check in to it before I ordered it i think I just got scam 😡

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