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Whitney – Dec 29, 2020

Share my experience. Big joke. You have not the courtesy to reply or do anything. It took about 2 months before the watch was delivered. The only thing that works is the watch when it works. The app FunDo is nothing but a farce. My recommendation to all who may be interested in the watch don’t buy it. It is a scam through and through. Furthermore I don’t think anyone cares. I hope I do hear from them if they have the courage.

Haley – Dec 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone No phonenumber/should have been my clue they are a scam!!!

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address Above is all I have for them.

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

I ordered two watches, they never came. I get no response when I try to check on them. Huge Scam…!

Megan – Dec 23, 2020

Unfortunately, I did not do my due diligence and check these out before I ordered them. I have been scammed to the tune of $200.00. They have never arrived. And, I do not get a response on inquiry. I am turning them in to every agency I can as a scam.

Raymond – Dec 19, 2020

They claim I haven’t finished the purchase, but the money has been taken from my card. Their message says I need more shipping info, but they keep asking for the credit card info.

Jeremiah – Dec 10, 2020

Do Not Buy OSHEN watch. Took 2 months to receive, another 3-4 weeks to figure FitPro software and sync up. Will occasionally shutdown and you lose data as it Resets. Band button broke and can’t wear on wrist after 3 weeks. Customer Service said too bad, you had 30 days to check it out. AVOID!

Derrick – Dec 10, 2020

DO NOT BUY! Waste of money and time. Took 2 months to receive and doesn’t work well syncing with FitPro software. Band broke after 3-4 weeks of use; button fell off and not able to wear on the wrist. Customer service says you have 30 days to return, Ha! Not interested in hearing your complaints.

Sheila – Dec 03, 2020

Bought an Oshen watch and had to send a couple of emails to ask why it was taking so long to be delivered. They gave me some song and dance that they ran out. Then when I received it, it didn’t work properly and the silver piece that you hold the bands together, jus popped off. What a piece of junk. I have told my whole office if they were in the market for a watch like that, DON’T BUY THIS ONE. I hate wasting money, and this was a waste. I would like my money back. There is nothing wrong with my credibility. All they have to do is look up the invoice from when it was ordered. I owe them nothing.

Raquel – Nov 21, 2020

oshenwatch, is a multimillion dollar scam, I bought 3 watches, none of the watches had accurate, blood pressure monitorsnot anywhere near accurate, watches, every txt either no response or or lead to another agent that transfer txt to someone that does not respond for weeks, request tracking number over & over again no refund Do not buy this product, company is a fly by night operation knowingly ,willingly & intensionally scamming any & everyone…

Reginald – Nov 19, 2020

Oshenwatch are a complete scam. Waited 2 months for delivery, with terrible customer service and no tracking info in that time. It finally arrived and worked for 1 week before dying and could no longer be charged. I returned the item for a refund, now they won’t answer my many follow up emails to find out where the refund is. How can these people be in operation?

Christina – Nov 15, 2020

Victim Location 27540

Total money lost $58.99

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

My daughter bought this watch for me at my request on May 12, 2020. It arrived on July 3. Despite several attempts from her to contact the company in between the order and arrival, they did not respond. After I received it, they responded to say the watch has been delivered. The app listed in the instructions did not work, I could not sync the watch to the app. I wrote to them starting on July 5, with no response. My daughter disputed the charge before the watch arrived, since she had not heard from them. When they watch could not be used, she changed the dispute at the bank. Her bank did not refund the money, because Oshen Watch said they fulfilled their part by mailing the watch. We are out of $58.99, which she paid for the watch. Despite returning the watch, Oshen Watch has refused to refund the money owed, saying the bank did a charge back. The bank has confirmed that no charge was made. I want to warn others to please NOT buy from this company.

Martha – Nov 05, 2020

I purchased the watch and a lifetime warranty about 2 months ago, today the watch band broke. I called customer service and they said they only cover the watch for 30 day even with the lifetime warranty. This is a scam, don’t by this watch!

Jessica – Oct 13, 2020

Watch is a piece of Chinese crap, won’t pair with my Iphone , 1/2 the apps don’t work, ones that do are not accurate. This is just scam, I waited months only to see it come in from China? I would not have bought I’d I known, they are scamming everyone with this piece of junk. I tried to cancel the order after waiting three months but they did not respond. If there is every a class acrtion suite against, count me in.

Kelli – Oct 12, 2020

Purchased a $50 Oshen watch. Delivery was fine…~ three weeks. Watch pairs up fine with my iPhone SE 2020, which is more than I can say for my Samsung Gear watch! Unfortunately, the small plastic (thought it was metal 🤔 piece broke. This piece holds the two piece wrist strap together. I have contacted Oshen by phone and was informed that they do not sell replacement parts or new bands. So now I have a Samsung watch the will not pair with my iPhone and a Oshen watch that will not hold the strap together. I now possess two useless smart watches.

Alejandro – Oct 25, 2020

I have the same problem with the strap. The plastic piece that snaps into the strap to hold the two straps together around my wrist broke… and yes, Customer Assistance told me that the company does not have a replacement band for sale and the watch is not under any warranty. Buyers beware…do not purchase this watch.

Roberto – Oct 04, 2020

Finally after two months or more, i received this watch, and didn’t get a charger with it.. Worthless to me when they don’t send a charger. I will never order anything off of Facebook again. Facebook allows these sellers to offer their products on FB, but most of the time the seller is slow to send or does not send the complete order. This is the second time i have ordered something and didn’t receive all of the order. Never again.

Lindsay – Sep 01, 2020

I ordered one watch from them OSHEN watches and they tricked me into another one since 27/7/2020. till now haven’t heard from them. no tracking no. no-nothing.

Caitlin – Aug 29, 2020

Scam! tried to download FitPro it says its a foot balance app on my Microsoft Tablet.

It would not work on my Android phone want my money back.

Anne – Aug 27, 2020

Complete waste of my time and money. A piece of junk, yes junk.

Frederick – Aug 23, 2020

this watch is useless. I spent 3 hours trying to pair it with iPhone. finally got tit paired but the only option to pair was with a different model other than that in the instructions. The next day it had lost the link and I haven’t been able to pair it since. I sent three notes to Oshen at three
Email addresses taken form their site and one responding to a customer rep who answered my 3 week old request. ALL THREE addresses were undeliverable.

This is either a scam or they do not know how to support their product that has a dismal (or perhaps non existent) performance record. I would not buy it.

Edward – Aug 14, 2020

it seems i accidentally ordered 3 of these watches no chargers i have no way to charge them so they are useless to me this way

Desiree – Nov 05, 2020

To charge the watch you take the band off (if it was on) and you will see two gold stripes along the top of one of the side pieces by the watch face – you place that with the gold stripes facing up into a USB port on a laptop or into any USB charger – Crazy I know as they don’t document that anyplace – but that is how it charges.

Adam – Aug 13, 2020

Waited forever to receive and seemed to work fairly well for a few weeks though occasionally stopped working and had to reboot. Then stopped holding a charge. Went from 100% to nothing in minutes. Agree. This is Chinese junk and we need to stop importing their crap.

Amelia –

I ordered two OshenWatches May 1, 2020. After repeated follow ups I was given a tracking number. The tracking information said it was in transit. According to tracking information the package had been through 4 countries to reach Sydney July 27, 2020.
I was very hopeful I would receive them soon. The package was left near my front door on August 10, 2020. I followed the instructions to sync watch with phone but each time it came up with no results. I put the watches on charge for over 3 hours – NOTHING! I will never buy any product outside of Australia again. The other reviews are spot on. from PRAVDA

Henry –

Just received an e-mail that my order was shipped on the 28 of July 2020 the email has the track number and the tracking list which I never seen so many digits ,that is
strange and . did not list which shipping company. i know my credit card charges are from Vancouver Canada and that is my finding..
What is more puzzled that this “OSHEN WHATCH ” ADVERTIZING IS ALL OVER EUROPE with different capture. This is what I have for now maybe they are legit or not.


Theodore –

Trying to sync with phone. Went black, never came back.
Waited 3 month to get it.
Broken before use it.
Piece of junk.

Tony –

piece of junk. no way to turn on. no cord. no QR code to sync.


Derrick –

Only holds a charge for about eight hours, can not get all functions to work.Have to wear a wristband in order for heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level to work. Would not recommend or purchase again. Ordered two watches only received one.Watch only worked two days!

Aaron –

I ordered the watch the mid part of June, it is now the end of July,i called the 844 number and had no problem speaking to anyone . I was told the watch shipped on the 28 th, and wasadvised an email was sent, which it wasn’t. I was onthe call 12 minutes, and wa told the email would be sent with travking numbers, it’s been 1 1/2 hours since the call, still no email. If its too good true, it probably is.

Gregory –

Victim Location 32796

Total money lost $177

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 4 Oshen Watches on 5/09/20 for $149.42. The Lifetime Warrenty was $27.50. The watches were delivered in July. There are more than one "FitPro" apps for phones. We could not get any of them to connect to 2 of the phones and called for assistance. When we finally got through to an agent at 855-884-0385, she told us we would have to return the watches because there were too many calls for help to provide assistance to us. She had us hold for a few minutes and came back to tell us that the return mailing information would be e-mailed to us within 30 minutes. That was July 14th. Today is July 40th, and we have not received any e-mails from them. I called the SwellGadgetF Lifetime Warrenty ST4 phone number 609-256-4523 and held twice for 15 minutes today. Each time it timed out to a survey of how I would rate my service on my call that never got me to an agent. Do yourself a favor. Don’t buy an OshenWatch and tell your friends to run from their offers. Watches with no connecting phones apps are trash! This is a double scam!

Megan –

Victim Location 32163

Total money lost $59.59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought a fitness watch online for $59.95. Received an email stating that it could take a month to receive. Finally heard that watch had shipped and when I went in to check the tracking, it came back in Russian. Been two month and still have not received the watch. Am concerned regarding the Russian.

Shawn –

after three months I received the watch. However the battery could not be charged. Customer service is not responsive. SCAM

Preston –

Victim 84070
Total money lost: $145.93 includes buy two watches get one free plus Lifetime Warranty
Type of scam: I cannot get any of the watches activated!

Like many others I waited 2 months to get my watches in very cheap ‘boxes’ with no charger Think Tech Sales Ltd; 415 Hamburg tpke, Bldg G, Wayne NJ 07470.
I followed instructions to download the app and the waited 30 minutes the first time and 40 minutes the second time to get the right code to activate. NEVER SHOWED UP. Other codes poped up, but not mine.
I sent an email to: [email protected] regarding all of this on July 17 and as of July 25 have had no return.

Diana –

You whiny babies. I too waited at least two months to receive my watches. I’m not trusting the steps metrics because there is at least a 20% step difference between my Oshen watch and my Fitbit. Other than counting the steps of my journey myself I’m not quite sure which algorithm is not calculating properly. I’m not that impressed with the Oshen App as I am with my Fitbit. Oshen provided biometrics I enjoy like BP, but Other than that I actually like my Fitbit better because it provides how long I was in fat burning mode, cardio and peak exercise categories, and provides good data for average BPM to peak levels daily. I would like to see Oshen upgrade their data metrics and provide times in heart zones.

Gerald –

Scammer’s phone 1-844-846-3452 or 609-414-7087

Scammer’s website www.buyoshenwatch.com

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I order a watch from them on5/19/2020 , l call the first phone number and they said that the number wasn’t in service so I call the second number and got cut off. They took more money out of my bank account than they were suppose to. Now I call them about the watch and haven’t received a charger are anything . Enough is enough. I want all my money back they are full of bull. My email is [email protected]

Christine –

Dear Readers,
I do believe that I have also fallen prey to this scam, particularly after reading the various post that have been launched here. I ordered my Oshen Watch on June 11th, 2020, and have yet to receive it. I actually called Oshen last night (July 21st), to inquire what was the expected date of arrival, and a gentleman that appeared to be a “non-naturalized” American did answer. He was able to quote or research that my order was submitted on June 11th, after asking if he could put me on hold my he researched the matter. While I was on hold, I could actually hear him in the background moving around and speaking with someone, as if he was in his residential home, and speaking with family members that were perhaps preparing dinner and carrying on there nightly chores and duties. He returned to the phone to tell me that the order would be shipped at the “end of the month”.
I am quite disappointed, as I have always felt that I was an intelligent and patient purchaser, using research and time as powerful leverages in my consumer and purchase profile. If they got me, they are capable of getting ANY ONE!. Nevertheless, I will chalk this up as a lesson learned, as “stand alone” websites and companies can pose and present threats and certainly are not and do not carry the same level of assurance as name brand and name-recognizable companies. This sounded to good to be true, and it was “to good to be true”. With that being said, I would like to recommend the itouch smart watches”, which can be purchased at J.C.Penney and Macys, or the itouchwearables.com site. They are reasonably priced (on sale now around $59), and have multiple functions and capabilities that resemble and rival the Apple watches in form. I bought one for my wife this past Christmas, and I don’t know why I didn’t do the same for myself. Like many of you, I do prefer that my money goes a long way, and I thought that would be that case with this Oshen–I thought I found a diamond in the rough”. I will be contacting the BBB, as well as my bank to ascertain whether funds can be recovered, and/if this company or outfit, and its affiliates can be accosted. Thank you for listening, and best wishes.

Craig R.

Mallory –

I ordered 3 watches on May 18th. After waiting a month I called customer service and was told due to COVID 19 there was a shipping delay of up to 8 weeks. They gave me my order # so I could have it should I have a need to call again. I called again July 10th and was told I should receive it by July 18th. I got all 3 on July 15th and the watch does everything as advertised. You have to download an app and give permissions in order to get all the benefits of the watch but so far I have no complaints (other than the shipping wait) and love biometrics the watch delivers. It keeps track of everything including my sleep cycles. I’ve had no issues with charging (so far) and the long shipping time from China due to COVID makes sense.

Carlos –

Ordered at the end of May and received it mid July. It worked great for 4 hours then shut down. Recharged it overnight and turned it back on the next day and it worked for an hour and the screen locked up. Called and got return shipping instructions from Oshen. When the watch was working it was great. I would not recommend this product. I am to receive my refund as soon as I call in my USPS tracking number to Oshen Customer Support. We will see.

Maggie –

It took a little over 12 weeks to get my two watches from China, but it was well worth the money and the wait. The watch is extremely easy to use and performs as advertised. Best $50 I ever spent on a watch. It is obviously an Apple knock off, but it is a wonderful fitness tracker. No scam here!

Ernest –

My watch was ordered on May 2, 2020. It finally arrived on July 17, 2020, after pestering them constantly. So far I am not impressed, it is a piece of cheap junk. I’m just glad I only wasted my money on one.

Kenneth –

I’m demanding a refund for this piece of junk. Most functions didn’t work properly or accurately and after only a few days it won’t recharge! I think the US Attorney should be notified of this as I thinks it’s a fraudulent scam!

Tabitha –

US Attorney! LMAO. They’re in China! Just start digging in your backyard!🤣🤣🤣

Stephen –

Victim Location 30161

Total money lost $58.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online purchase of Oshen watch for $59.94. Sounded like a great deal for a fitness watch. Purchase was made on 5/17/2020 and charged to credit card on 5/48/2020. On 6/10/2020, I received an e-mail explaining about shipping delays due to covid-19. Stated watch would be shipped as soon as 6/8/2020 and no longer than 6/24/2020. Here it is, 7/12/2020 and still no watch. Scam.

George –

These people are scammers. I ordered Oshen Watch and PlayBeatz air bud since May 27th. I haven’t got any shipment information as of today July 7th, 2020. I sent 4 emails and did not get any response from the company. I have requested for the refund of my money 3 times from their website and nothing has happened till date. This for sure is a scam. Once they take your money from your credit card, that’s the last you will hear from them. I’ve called their phone number and it will hang up after ringing for about 5 minutes. Nobody should deal with this company. The owners are fraudulent

Nichole –


Leah –

I orders one Oshen Watch in May and was billed 59.48. I have e-mailed them and have heard nothing from them even their website said will respond in 24 hours. I want everyone to know that this is a SCAM and don’t fall for their advertising.

Marissa –

After digging around, I was finally able to get in contact with someone who responded to me. I eventually got my money returned to me. I used this contact information DFYDaily.com which lead to a dialogue with someone. Also, if you ever received a email from the company, scroll to the bottom until a chat icon appears. At some point, someone will respond to you. In case you have not gotten an email to reply to, Google search oshen watch customer service. From there scroll all the way to the bottom for more options to appear. Hope this helps.

Victoria –

Credit card was charged on May 5, 2020. Item has never shipped. Can’t get through to customer service. Filed a dispute with PayPal. Was sent tracking information. USPS never received shipment.

Jack –

Debited my account on June 3, 2020… Have not heard from company and after
reviewing others complaints doubt that I will.

If you have same experience with company, contact BBB as I have. BBB will
tell you they have received numerous complaints accusing company of running
a scam.

Roberto –

Hi I’m Kevin George I order 3 of your watches on May,17/2020. Charges on my statement was processed for $ 123.43 (99787210) that day. I also order Playbeatz for $ 29.99 (99787863). I also order a lifetime Warranty ST 3 $ 22.50 (99787541). Today is June,23/2020. I have not receive my order. My Billing & Shipping address are the same when I order your product I was told that it would take a week to be shipped to me. unhappy customer where’s my orders( [email protected])

Rose –

Victim Location 41005

Total money lost $164.71

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Like another person also said, I purhase two Oshen Watches for $109 and a pair of Playbeatz for $49.98 on May 11 plus paid international fees as well, and no one can find where I even ordered them. I have the transactions on my bank statement that they were bought. I have been told the order number I was given in not correct.

Darryl –

Victim Location 87121

Total money lost $109.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Read an article about best 2020 smart watches…oshenwatch was listed top ten. Went to website that was shared from article and read more info about watch and decided to order 2 watches. Received email about order being processed…. money was taken out of my account. Have not heard anything more about order. I’ve emailed the address provided with no response. I’ve called the contact number and was on hold…. seemed legit because of recording stating call volume was longer then expected and due to COVID-19 shipping will take longer. Then I was sent to do a survey about my experience with representative and then line disconnected. I called back and got error messages when I wanted to check the status of my order. So I’m not feeling good about this purchase. I was charged $109.85 for watches. Order was fine on June 2. 2020.

Priscilla –

Buyer beware… Company will debit your account and that will be the last you
will hear from them.

Lack of customer service ( if any ) do not waste your energy attempting to cancel
order. Company is running a well financed advertising scam.

Marissa –

As others have written , once your credit card is processed that is the last you will hear from them. Regarding any positive reviews or rating you may see on there ads, all were
written by company.

Brittney –

Victim Location 23322

Total money lost $71

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online advertising via Facebook and YouTube. A watch that tracks your heart rate and health. Sold for $49.99 plus ad on, insurance, shipping totaling $71.00. Supposedly ships out in 7 days, it has been 31 days and no product. Never received email confirmation but money was withdrawn the next day.

Anne –

I ordered one on May 20th they took my money I emailed them two no response and no watch I want my money back.,,

Joy –

I order this product a month ago, spend $150.00.
I had not received anything I called and called, they told you the same statement. I ask for a refund I have not gotten a refund yet.
I am calling my bank and filling a claim, My bank will go after them. Be aware of this. Please .thanks

Cara –


Blake –

Ordered watch May 5. Got through Chat but it was weird. Received weird headshot of guy with selected portion of chat omitting my complaint portion. Called bank, who immediately set up investigation. Oshen then acted in sending receipt they were initially reluctant to pay. If you made payment through bank, dispute the charge. They will go after these people. I am pursuing a lawsuit to have their advertising removed. hopefully all who were scammed can get recovered reimbursements.

Veronica –

Victim Location 54208

Total money lost $124

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought this was such a great deal. My husband has AFIB. I was going to surprise him with this watch. The scammer makes you think this is real, but it’s not. They even went into detail about the watch that they offered. Now that I google it, I see lots of scam warnings. Be careful, everyone, if you see Oshenwatch it’s a scam.

Ian –

Victim Location 47591

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered the watch on May 4. Took the money out of account, and also an INTL ATM Debit Card Fee. No watch has been delivered. Called customer service and could not get through. After 10 minutes, they stopped the call. This is a scam!

Sean –

Here is another link that seems to contain malware after you accept it on your computer: https://www.17track.net/en/track.

Melinda –

Ordered a watch on May 5th. I realize that my mailing address is different than my billing. That was a sign there. They used my mailing address as my billing address. Three weeks still haven’t gotten a watch. Contacted the bank, Better Business Bureau, Attorney General and Microsoft. Every contact Microsoft so that they can stop the advertising scam. Report it here for the internet for Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/concern/scam. After 3 weeks, they even sent me a receipt that looks legitimate…lol. I will continue to go after these guys until I get a watch or their ad is removed. Keep pursuing justice…….:)

Janet –

Victim Location 35806

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have not yet received the watch(s) i purchased not the money back on my credit card. I attempted to pay wth PayPal, but even PayPal requested a credit card number. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Anthony –

Victim Location 87571

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a "watch" from this company on 5/17/2020. This item has not shipped and my credit card has been charged. Company does not answer customer service phone number,emails, or chat assistance. This is an online scam to collect your money and information, do not order from them.

Russell –

Victim Location 45323

Total money lost $109

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Credit card was charged. Item has never shipped. Can’t get through to customer service through phone, email, or chat.

Austin –

Victim Location 33169

Total money lost $58.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have purchased one Smart Watch to be used with my phone and at this moment I don’t know anything about the arrival, no tracking number, no answer calls, web site not working, nothing at all.

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