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Leah – 6 h ago

i ordered a saw so i tho rt well mug me then i got a email your gloves will be coming soon witch thy never did i complained to paypal told them thy were a con

Steven – Mar 02, 2021

Scammer’s phone 8613610242752

Scammer’s website www.amasonmall.com

Scammer’s address Depth.CA #20, 5215 South Boyle Ave Building 2, Vernon, CA 90058, USAnue

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a “Auto Rotating Ceramic Hair Curler”. The item has not been received. Ordered 19.12.2000.

Jeffrey – Mar 02, 2021

I ordered a “Auto Rotating Ceramic Hair Curler” in Devember 2000, I have not received what I have ordered. I wish to be reimbursed.

Stacy – Feb 27, 2021

I ordered a snow joe, this was an ad come on FB. Its and battery operated snow shovel. Paid through Paypal. never got it. 2 months now.

Cara – Feb 27, 2021

Ordered metal sculptures and got sent cheap plastic and styrofoam base agave outdoor plants. Scam artist thieves out of China. Do not buy from! Impossible to deal with had to open a paypal case for refund.

Renee – Feb 25, 2021

I ordered 2 tems,
1. Sheepskin jacket.
2. Patio heater.
Neither has been received. Both paid through PayPal.

Eugene – Feb 25, 2021

I paid for a mini Boshe mini chain saw advertised on Face book 10 Feb 2021. Price £20 paid through PayPal
I think its a scam. What can I do please?
Elaine Jones

Juan – 6 h ago

get on to paypal i got my money back

Ashleigh – Feb 24, 2021

Ordered a gun decanter on Dec 2,, I never received it, gave me a tracking number that didn’t work,, then they said I received it and someone signed for it, but couldn’t show me the invoice where someone signed for it. PayPal denied it cause they said that I received it,, would I go to all this if I received it..

Allison – Feb 23, 2021

They tricked me into believing that I bought a foldable thread-mill and instead sent me a fanny-pack. They just sent an email saying check with the post office and “good luck” i found this ad through instagram and just wondering how many people they would have ripped off at this time. I got my money back thanks to paypal but want them reported so that they can’t continue fooling more people

Ian – Feb 21, 2021

I ordered a rifle gun decanter months ago from Amazon mall. They said it was delivered to my post office via UPS at 1:59pm on Jan 25th. I went through Pay Pal. They gave me a tracking number & both the post office & UPS say it’s not a tracking number. UPS says they only use up to 25 characters & this has 34. Both Amasonmall & Pay pal say it has been sent & keep giving me this tracking number

Preston – Feb 20, 2021

there was a promotion in fixedstarmall.com for two scooters. Of course was a scam because the offer was for just two adapters and nothing else. Ouyi Group Scam.
Look exactly what is the product. They are really good in scamming.

Erica – Feb 19, 2021

Ouyi group of company is a scam

Cassie – Feb 19, 2021

I ordered a portable treadmill and 3 weeks later I received a tiny bum zip bag. I have tried to get in touch and sent messages but I have not receive any feedback. This particular company has defrauded so many people. It is a big shame to be taken money off people like that

Susan – Feb 19, 2021

i have ordered treadmill.saw an add on facebook and received a little bag instead.

Todd – Feb 19, 2021

Ordered a foldable treadmill on 31/12/2020 and received a tiny bum bag 4 weeks later. Have reported to PayPal but no resolution as yet. Despite numerous emails to Oumi, all they say is package delivered Lesson learned… don’t order off Facebook ads.

Ramon – Feb 18, 2021

I bought a set of 5, supposedly metal sculptures of Agave plants for the yard ($69.99). First, the ad photo (on Facebook) shows them to be quite large, and in backyard settings. It took almost 2 months of writing to Ouyi and PayPal and I finally got my package today. It is a stack of flat plastic pieces that I am suppose to arrange myself by jamming into a green styrofoam disc (the kind of floral disc you stick flowers in to absorb water). So I have to create my own plastic ‘sculptures’ in water dissolvable styrofoam discs. — looks like it will be $70 lesson for me.

Luis – Feb 18, 2021

Started with a Facebook sponsored post from Yolomall for a folding walking machine. OUYI Group Limited ([email protected]) took my money out of PayPal right away. I sent an email an hour after purchase to cancel. Sent a second email to cancel the next day. Four days later I get a response to my cancelled email with just a tracking number from Minijoylife-com ([email protected]). 30 days later the tracking number had not moved. During this time I get a package from TopExpress with no invoice or contact info of an exercise belt. I contact my Attorney General and they told me to keep it or return to send the item as it’s law you are allowed to keep any package mailed by mistake. This tracking number did not match the confirmation tracking so there is no way to know this was supposed to be my purchase. I opened a dispute with PayPal and OUYI Group Limited responded my item was mailed and supplied the tracking number for TopExpress. I’m waiting to hear if PayPal will refund my money. They have scammed a lot of people as the Facebook ad had 1.5k likes, 1.2k comments, 527 shares, 358k views.

Seth – Feb 19, 2021

same here waiting for paypal to get a refund.

Cassandra – Feb 18, 2021

I ordered a pneumatic 3 ton jack on February first and have not received any thing. I’d # ods88821ns428713e and invoice # 71697-gth16028

Cassie – Feb 16, 2021

This Chinese company is very deceitful. They do not deliver what you have ordered. BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT PURCHASE from these thieves. I ordered a rechargeable drill and received a pair of gloves. They offered me a small percentage of a refund.

Angela – Feb 14, 2021

On 12.11.20 I ordered a Stihl Battery-Powered Wood Cutter (mini chain saw) that was advertised by Ouyiec on Facebook at $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and this was confirmed the same day (Order number- MFX73428).
I e-mailed Ouyiec on 4.12.20 and 19.12.20 asking when I would receive the item. On 20.11.20 I received an e-mail from them telling me that the Wood Cutter had been shipped together with tracking information. This was followed by a further message on 12.1.21 claiming that my order had been delivered on 7.12.20 at 11.38 am.
I do remember an unsolicited thin envelope being delivered around that time that bore no relationship to my order and this very clearly wasn’t the ‘Battery-Powered Wood Cutter’ I’d ordered as shown in the video on Facebook and as shown diagrammatically on the PayPal payment confirmation. The contents of the envelope consisted of a short piece of wire with a metal ring at either end!
I raised a Dispute with PayPal that (for some unknown reason) was rejected because Ouyiec had provided a tracking number – even though they supplied completely the wrong item- a definite scam!

Christy –

I ordered a hand held laser cutter. I received today a pair of what look like safety glasses. The postage label says it came from MS ZHOU so I suspect there is some connection. The item appears to have been posted from Reading.

Melinda –

Ordered laser cutter git crap glasses. But surprised to see MS ZHOU stamped on postal sticker thats why she’s a billionaire she rips customers of i will never ever buy anything from China again.

Cody –


Cindy –

i ordered a battery drill on 12-25 -20 i have not recieved any shipment I ordered through paypal .still waiting 502 262 0559 john i made another order on1-26 21 paid $29.98 I am still waiting for that order also

Dana –

Scammer’s website ouyi-group-limited

Scammer’s address ouyi-group-limited

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered and paid for a RIFLE DECANTER, HOLDER AND 4 GLASSES. The tracking number is invalid and this came from USPS. They tell me over and over that my package was delivered. But my security cameras haven’t seen a package being delivered in 3 months. I’ve argued with them with over 100 emails. I want what I ordered because it supposed to be a Christmas gift for my son. Look at the screenshot at purchase details.

Anna –

I ordered a AK 47 DECANTER WITH WOODEN HOLDER AND 4 GLASSES. I’ve argued with them over 100 emails? Bait and switch scam! I haven’t received anything from them. The tracking number they gave me is invalid. My security cameras haven’t watched a package being delivered for 3 months.

Jacob –

I ordered some ugg slides but what I got was not ugg slides it was some off brand no name slides and they wouldn’t even in the right size how do I get my money back

Joseph –

have you pay through paypal?

Ruben –

Scammed , thought I was buying an electric joe snow shovel , ended up getting a cup, after filing a complaint with paypal, they are now offering for me to send it back to china for a full refund. not sure what shipping is but if its more then what they scammed me out of then I m out 26.98

Kristopher –

I ordered a ROCHOBBY RC Car total $2798 with Tracking # 92612927005484000004665806 and cannot track it or contact anyone about where my item is. Please let me know the status of my purchase.

Hillary –

I ordered stairs from what was Artic-123. They said it would ship from US. I never received, filed complaint with Paypal through resolution and a package showed up which was a dog leash. Then they told Paypal they would refund me 5.00. I refused and was able to get resolution by calling Paypal. Go to the bottom of the page and click CONTACT us and call in.

Donald –

Victim Location 72209

Total money lost $27.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’m always interested in weight loss exercises, diets, and tools. While on Facebook,  I saw multiple ads for a small treadmill (no hand bars or grips, just the walking surface). I paid January 10, 2021 for the treadmill and it has never arrived.

Brett –

Super Early Bird Deal $19.99 Only 50 PCS – The Most Powerful Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter $19.99 USD
I ordered a handheld laser for $38 CAD and today I received a $2 pair of safety glasses that I waited for 1 month to come from China. I could have purchased them myself in Canada for less. I was just tracking this the other day, went to the website and got my tracking #. Now today I try to go to their website 101gem.com or try to go to my order I get “page can not be displayed”

I can’t believe I’ve just been scammed

Catherine –

I ordered the steam engine kit also, and go a childrens toy train set. After a month of screwing around with Paypal, they told me that my claim was denied. I called Paypal and finally talked to a real person. He gave me a credit! Good luck everybody

Marco –

I order a table saw from ouyi I Stella have not received it or a email from them

Savannah –

Ordered heated hot tub cover, thought it was the hot tub ooops! That was Dec. 26 at 4:45p.m. Our credit card was used through paypal. We have not received the cover, and cannot find seller to cancel. Money is gone and we have nothing. payment to OUYI GROUP LIMITED [email protected] TRANSACTION ID. 21314127HP1759947 CAN ANYONE HELP US? Thanks

Sarah –

I ordered a cordless drill and received a pair of gloves,

Justin –

The same old story, Bought what was advertised as a Snow Joe Shovel. The ad was complete with a video of the Snow Joe. On December 31 2020 around 8:40 I was scrolling facebook and saw comments about this and read through and found I had been scammed. I went to my invoice and through there I went to OUYI website. My item had not yet shipped and I checked their cancellation policy and it said you could cancel if the item hadn’t shipped. I e-mailed them at their customer service and said I knew it was a scam and per their policy I was canceling since it hadn’t shipped. About 40 minutes later I got an e-mail that my item had shipped. It was after 9 PM in the USA and New Year’s Eve so the scam continued. . Of course 3 weeks later I got the hunk of junk piece of plastic supposed ice scrapper, not the Snow Joe as advertised. I put in for a refund at paypal. The company at first refused saying I knew what I was getting. I escalated it up the paypal chain and now the company is offering me a refund of under 6 dollars. I was scammed, so many were scammed yet paypal is being less than helpful. Between facebook allowing fraudulent ads to paypal allowing scammers to use them to funnel money I am more than disgusted

Matthew –

I was scammed on the same ad, it was for an electric snow joe shovel also, I got what looks like a blue cup, facebook and paypal need to deactivate them. They are scammers, also the I swear the ad said it came from las vegas , so I was like ok good not from china, silly me , never again. I went to resolutions center at paypal, the company offered me 5 dollar refund, I declined now there offer is a full refund but they want me to ship there cup back, I am going to if its not expensive.

Sophia –

Hi I ordered a snow shovel from this place never received it and pay pal denied my claim,PayPal case I’d is 99375345,ant transfer number is 8tj52186f3139601f

Monique –

I ordered an electric snow removal snow removal device, after almost 2 months I received a funnel type thing with rivets .. have no idea what it is or what it is used for, having a hard time getting a refund from paypal..
this company is a scam!

Keith –

They advertised a Snow Joe 24v-ss13 24- volt ion+13 inch 4-ah cordless snow shovel. what I received was some kind of funnel. Scam. they advertise the snow joe, and they send you a piece of $%$%%%%.

Dominic –

i ordered the same thing and got a funnel type thing, have no idea what it is..
having a hard time getting my refund from paypal.

Jacquelyn –

Ordered a Low Rider Service
jack and never received item, this was an $27.98 purchase to OUYI GROUP
Trans# 51J1255364998630S Order ID# XDA83710
Still waiting on item to be delivered, but not holding my breath… Just found out that this is possibly an scram. Really up set to find this out! Paid and brought this through PayPal online. Would think PayPal would know this company isn’t real.

Steve –

Ordered a foldable treadmill and received a cheap money type belt today. I paid thru PayPal and don’t understand why they’re not helping consumers by preventing this happening so frequently. These purchases were all done in January this year!

Melissa –

Country China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I purchased a “ work pro” tool kit for 39.98 and received and empty small black box that resembles a kids pencil box. I’ve sent emails and have received no feedback. This site should be flagged and taken down! I’ve reported them to FB and Instagram. I don’t know if the company is from China, Korea, or Japan but it is indeed Asian!

Beth –

i ordered a snow shovel and the picture was on facebook
i got some stupid window scraper i guess ya would call it, they tried to tell me i didnt order a shovel , bunch of bad people, i hope they rot in hell! paypal should not allow them to take money from people , i called my bank and hopefully i can get my friggin money back and fb should not allow them on there.. i reported to fb

Tyler –

i also ordered that shovel and got the same thing.. having a hard time getting money back also from paypal

Julian –

ORDER Portable Pet Loader steps

Rose –

I ordered an mini treadmill on 12 Jan 21 and received a tiny waist wallet made by cloth, probably worth £1. I paid from my credit card, now I want my money back

Mitchell –

I’ve had same can’t believe been duped! Normally am good at spotting a scam.

Hector –

Exactly the same thing happened to me today and I received the same cheap crap belt

Christian –

I ordered the treadmill in December and I ordered it for my mom’s birthday. It still hasn’t come and her birthday was on the 30th of January. I am so mad she turned 89,didn’t want her walking at night anymore. I thought PayPal don’t pay unless its shipped. Which be aware if you use PayPal that the fools maybe trying to run a scam saying your funds didn’t go through and they need some information. Its a scam just like this one. I could choke the hell outta somebody.

Roger –

I bought what I thought was a laptop, deal too good to be true! And boy was I right! This morning I received a package and thought to myself, bit small for a laptop! Turns out to be a wired mouse!
Yes I should have done some research about the site I was ordering from, must have been the excitement from all the extra hours I had been doing due to work colleagues falling ill to Covid so was quite happy with my wage!
Never again! All I could find was a snippet of the description of what I thought I was buying!

Omar –

Oh crap! I wondered why I got a wired mouse when I hadn’t ordered one! Now I know where it came from. That really sucks. I wanted that tiny laptop.

Lindsay –

I ordered a cordless snow shovel as shown below on December 26, 2020, contacted company (says Apricotmall) by email in January and they responded back that it is on its way and was given a tracking number showing tracking from China to NY and to my area delivered to another town on January 26, not my address. I called USPS filing a claim but to no avail. I was charged on the order date of December 26th thru Paypal.

Hide order summary

🔥🔥TODAY ONLY $19.99! Snow Joe 24V-SS13 24-Volt iON+ 13-Inch 4-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel, Kit (w/4-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
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Total: USD $27.98

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Special Instruction (optional)
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Ashleigh –

Thats what I got scammed out of also

Colin –

Me too i order 3 of the Remote controlled Monster Big foot Truck for my grandsons Christmas gifts. I never received anything they don’t respond there tracking numbers are not even real numbers. Can not email them they no longer exists as that name .The are know to change the name of there business an continue to scam people .If i was still working i may have moved on but i am living on my social security now an this is rotten thing to do .Someone need to stop them .

Randi –

2021-01-05 . I ordered Dewalt drill and payed 20 USD and delivery 8 USD , but after 25 days , I havnot received any things . to day I read in the news about fake company with lower prices ,that cheating people , for me all the evidence is the same Ouyi Group Limited . tomarow I will go to police office and report it .

Bradley –

After seeing their advertisement on Facebook I ordered a portable pet stairs and used PayPal believing I would be protected from fraud. As time passed and I had received nothing and I couldn’t find a way to contact Ouyi I contacted PayPal to complain. At about that time I received a package in the mail containing a cheap little dog leash (value maybe $2.00) with no info of who it was from or why it was sent to me it was junk and I threw it away. PayPal sent me a reply from Ouyi stating my stairs had been delivered giving me a USPS tracking number that USPS site showed was delivered. Sorry I threw the leash and package away because that i how they scam people and get around PayPal that cheap leash gave them a tracking number to convince PayPal they sent heir product! They are scammers plain and simple!

Dane –

I ordered treadmill online on January 5 2021. I never received what I was supposed to by now and the tracking information which was provided to me by these guys shows that they delivered the treadmill to me but what I really received is a pocket of some kind.

Dominic –

OMG, this is the same case for us. We also purchased this treadmill that was supposed to be on sale, but what arrived in the mail today was insane, we didn’t pay over $30 for a “Sports Waist Band” which was the product description of this fake product. We also tracked it almost every day for a month, we purchased on the same day as you, this is ridiculous :<

Gabriel –

You most likely received some small cheap unrelated package in the mail that is how they come up with a tracking number that shows your package was delivered that is how they get around PayPal and postal rules.

Colleen –

Ordered dog steps and a battery powered chain saw. No dog steps yet and got a wire saw instead of the battery chain saw. See picture. Not at all reputable!

Hillary –

I ordered a sb now shovel. They must of send me a fake receipt from PayPal, there’s many complaints and PayPal doesn’t seen to be doing anything about this, it didn’t show up on my PayPal only bank. I emailed them.
Facebook lets them advertise which it should come down and Facebook should be help accountable as well.

Gloria –

I ordered a self assembly model steam car. I received a USB cable. Currently being investegated by PayPal this is a scamming company. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

Matthew –

Bought a so called Christmas Carousel ornament for $26.95 and received a sticker lodged a complaint in the PayPal resolution dispute section with and got no where told me I had to a a law enforcement document. Not happy😞

Eduardo –

Ordered the mini laptop on 1/16/2021. . paid 29.98.(said it was thru PayPal but not showing up in my PayPal history but on my credit card so going to TRY to fight the charge. They freekin sent my a computer mouse , like REALLY ? Had a GUT feeling ( next time I will listen to it . Don’t buy from OUYIGROUPLI

Victor –

I ordered what I thought was a laptop too and received a mouse! Seriously! I have posted my own complaint/review
Never again will I trust any sort of deal

Crystal –

I bought a battery drill on the 20 th December and I haven’t received it yet it’s now the 25th off January and nothing yet

Kristen –

I have also been scammed by this company. I received a hand-held 2 circle with a metal wire saw in-between (which came unidentified from who sent it and I had to ask a neighbor what it was) instead of a handheld battery-powered trimming saw. I was charged $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping for this piece of wire. Thru PayPal, they offered me $6.00 refund. Of course, I refused. Now they will refund the full amount but I have to send it back to China. Which is I guess the 2 oz wire contraption.
Although their policy states they will pay for shipping I have found no way to get a mailing slip and any title of ‘contact’ sends me in circles with no true contact. Now, to send the unordered piece back, it will cost me at least $23.95 in postage. I should have taken the lousy $6 refund offer. Nice scam right. This was ordered from a Facebook site – do not order anything from this site either.

What good does filing a complaint with this site do? Just help me vent my frustration? warn others? With all our complaints can scampulse do something about stopping this for others./

Grace –

Ordered the mini laptop on 12/30/2020. . paid through pay pal 23.98. Now I find out the whole ad is a scam and have no way of contacting the company. Don’t buy from OUY1
group. RIP OFF

Alexander –

Me too they sent me a freekin computer mouse. I am going to TRY to fight the charge on credit card ( says PayPal but not showing up on my PayPal acct )

Tonya –

I also ordered the mini laptop,cost me $27.98. I got a wired mouse instead. Will be careful from now on.

Shana –

Hi I also got ripped off my them .In dispute with paypal at mo so fingers crossed .Here is the scammers email .I hope it helps [email protected]

Christie –

My partner order a lite boxer bundle of here and we received the item this morning with a big stock as we have a tracking number and checked on the Royal Mail site to see if they had made a mistake, the first picture is what we order and what was stated on the description and the second one is what we received lol jokes. We are usually very careful and don’t order of Facebook pop up and to be honest it did seem a little to good luckily we didn’t do the more expensive one for £200 pounds

Larry –

Do NOT deal with Ouyi group Ltd. On Dec 18th I placed an order for the AK-47 glass decanter. I never received it. I have reached out several times with no reply. they refuse to refund the money paid through pay pal. I have been scammed and want others to know they are cheating people through Facebook.

Tara –

Bought pet steps,never delivered, but managed to scam Pay Pal that they han breen delivered and case denied …


Rosa –

Compre a través de PayPal un rizador de pelo de cerámica, giratorio automático. el 29 de diciembre de 2020. y recibí ayer 19 de enero de 2020. unos rollos plásticos .anexo foto. he abierto una disputa con PayPal. les contare del resultado. esa empresa es una estafa.

Shaun –

I ordered a pair of tights back on February 6, 2020 and still have not received them. I reached out to the company and they stated it was delivered, but did not provide me with the entire tracking number so that I can contact USPS to see where they delivered my package to. I know its almost been a year, but the Virus has been the main thing going on in this world, I just want a refund or my merchandise. I also tried to reach out to Paypal and since it is over 180 days there is nothing they can do.Thanks

Miranda –

Hi, I ordered a glass decanter 15.12.20 $26.98, invoice Id 68311-NUZ83026, transaction id 83895166RE312251L, ouyi group ltd, never received it, no tracking number emails to and fro, told to be patient, as delays , still not here, very disappointed, as this is the 4th time this has happened from China, although advertisers are in the uk 🤬

Ross –

If you have ordered something from the Ouyi Group Limited recently i suggest you escalate immediately through paypal thats their protection policy for there subscribers.Do not wait past 3 weeks escalate through paypal .I ordered a metal steam engine toy that you were able to put together for Christmas .It was for my Grandson.i did not receive anything before the 25 December so I ESCALATED with Paypal and they looked after these dishonest people and within one week I had my full refund and shipping deposited back into my account.Funny thing is 3 days later a package came in the mail from this company OUYi with a small metal diecast toy in a bag …lol…from the Dollar store it now sits on my window sill as a conversation piece.Facebook this looks bad for you people when you allow scammers and fraud activities to poison your site even after all the bad reviews of this on going Ouyi group Ltd.

Jill –

I also ordered the DIY Steam Engine kit and received a small die-cast Train Set. Currently being investigated by Paypal. I hope I get the result you did with the refund. DO NOT TRADE WITH THESE SCAMMERS. THEY ARE RIP-OFF ARTISTS. I just don’t understand why they are allowed to continue to use social media sites to defraud consumers.

Francisco –

I ordered a Christmas Tree! Trans ID 2EPOO321VW589473A
It says it was delivered but not to me. I need the USPS tracking # so the Post Office can figure out where it may have been delivered..

Terrance –

I ordered 3 x items from this group a camera drone, a table saw and a drill / driver set nothing but a usb wire in the post the company and its owner will hopefully catch the bug and be no more we can all but hope.

Haley –

I ordered a pet ramp from Ouyi November 19th 2020 and it is now almost 2 months later. I have contacted the company several times through emails, but still haven’t received the product or my money back. This transaction was done via Paypal, but so far their resolution promise is a work in progress. I fully expect the item (were I to eventually receive it) to be substandard following several reviews I have read. I have to believe they are a scam organization. Beware.

Jeffrey –

Paypal are useless with this company, they denied our case and no further recourse.

Ashleigh –

I ordered a gas powered rc car on Dec 9th for my grandson for Christmas. What i just received this morning fits in the palm of my hand. The website that confirmed my order and took my money is no longer online. Be aware this is a scam

Barbara –

Did me the same way

Desiree –

ordered battery powered chain saw. What I received was a piece of wire. Paypal resolved the issue in their favor. How can Paypal continue to support these fraudulent companies.

Jenny –


Logan –


Theodore –

I ordered a huge monster truck! On the add it was as tall as the humans knees. What I received will fit in the palm of my hand. At a cost of $29.00! Something needs to be done to correct this scam. This was a Christmas present. What a disappointment to a parent and a child. Shame on this company.

Blake –

Got me too

Krystal –

Scammer’s website Ouyi group limited

Scammer’s email Sunzeala.com

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Order a clearance blow up snowman that has a video that plays a movie on his belly.. $17.99 plus s&h got things saying it was shipped and all .. like I’ve said before if Facebook allows them to advertise on Facebook and gets paid to advertise on Facebook I think Facebook should take partial responsibility.. otherwise don’t let them put their add on there

Carla –

First of all I ordered two things off of this pngage the first and I’ll order was a mini treadmill and after that I’ll order a mini laptop I never see either one still waiting for the mini treadmill that I ordered on 24 December and I ordered the laptop on 31 December it is now January 12 I have not received either one so now at this time I’m going to go to PayPal to try to get my money back or my purchase I would like to get my purchase

Amanda –

I Purchased the steam engine in Nov. When Christmas was approaching I contacted PayPal to investigate. I did everything that PayPal told me to do. I sent email’s
I was told that due to Covide 19 some deliveries are backed up. B.S. I tried to get my money back from Facebook at no avail. They believe OUYI and say they have proof that I received my purchase. That is a big LIE. I received an envelope in the mail from OUYI
It had a charging cord for iPhone. with the price of $5.00 on it. Now Face Book take that as proof that I received my purchase. .My case is closed. Is Facebook in CAHOOT with this Scam? I may just cancel my account with them.

Danielle –

Yes exactly the same story we got from Face book and Pay Pal, I think there all in this one together…

Eugene –

Ordered a replica steam engine for a Christmas gift, saw the add on Facebook (should have been my first red flag), used PayPal to purchase, they sent a cheap charging cord. I dealt with their customer support that subsequently offered refunds in the 20%, (declined), 30% (declined) 40%, declined, and finally 50%, which was also declined. I demanded a full refund as I don’t support fraud. PayPal merely looked at the fact of the shipping label made and item delivered, even though I had submitted a photo of the evidence (see pic) with the shipping package, they sided with this thieving company. The advertisement has been pulled, I can not find it on FB. My records of the incident are in the hands of PayPal. I loose, they loose in the long run, account will be closed and reviews will be brutally honest. Michael Murphy

Amber –

bought a grass trimmer for au $35.73 on the 3th of November-after 2 inquiries got told–order shipped–send me 2 non existing tracking numbers as error pages-they do not answer me -today is the 10-1-2021 paid for it 3 months ago –i like to warn anybody trying to buy anything from the ouyi group

Brent –

I recently purchased a generator from this company, I have sent an email requesting the tracking number, no response. I am sure I will have to escalate to PayPal. I will never use PayPal again. They have to be aware of this company’s action.

Dawn –

I have ordered and been charged for a table saw on January 1, 2021. Zero communication since then. I’ll have to wait before making an official complaint to PayPal, but I am disappointed they are handling this company’s business. Aiding and abetting their theft. I got in a hurry and failed this time to be careful as I usually am. It will most certainly be a $30 hit upside my head to ALWAYS be careful.

Philip –

I ordered a snow shovel on Dec 12 a d never received a tracking number and no reply from seller after multiple emails. They are scamming people by Facebook add .

Amber –

I ordered the big monster truck for $19.99 on December 5th got a little Tonka truck in the mailbox on January 7th.. it was my grandson’s only Christmas present.. he cried when he saw what he got not what I showed him was coming..Scam!
I want my money back and apology to my grandson you should be ashamed

Lydia –

I got the same junk toy! Shipping and taxes was $29.00! I’m so mad! Mine yesterday! January 11th! Horrible.

Nina –

I ordered Dec 15 the truck 19.99 plus shipping tax nothing ever arrived days 2 weeks it’s been 1 month

Richard –

The address I was given for the OUYI Group is China. They need to be reported to PayPal as they are obvious scammers. I can return my delivered item and get a full refund but it will prob cost as much as what I paid. From other reports I have read, they sent a small item in response to your purchase so there is a record of delivery. They don’t charge a lot, in my case AUD 20 plus postage. They rely on people not bothering to follow them up.daylight robbery.

Donna –

I had made two different orders December 11, 2020. I received one Saturday, Jan. 3, 2021 and thought it was a joke. The second order came in today and another of the same thing. I ordered a mini chain saw for pruning in each order. I have tried to contact the seller and store no longer available. I have file a refund request on each order through Pay Pal. I’m so tired of being ripped off by these scams. I am a senior and living on a fixed income. By the way, these were advertised on Facebook! I’m making a complaint to them which they won’t care.
These were Christmas presents. They delivered some type of chain with links each time. Totally not what I ordered!

Jared –

Same thing here except mine was a wire with a loop at each end for your fingers

Cynthia –

I ordered a Battery-Powered Wood Cutter on 10/30/2020 and my account at PayPal was charged with a total cost of $23.98. I have not received the mini chain saw or had any contact in the more than two months since I ordered the product. I am afraid that this is a scam of some sort. Please inquire. I have sent them an e-mail as of today.

Matthew –

I ordered a Battery Powered Wood Cutter that was advertised on Facebook. I paid using Paypal and the amount of $23.98 USD, was sent to Ouyi Group Ltd. on 10/28/20. I have never received the item I ordered and paid for. Inv# 55119-RZQ95324. Is this a scam? Please advise.

Syteve Rosenstein

Marc –

electric snow shovel…was emailed confirmation but also got this message under “You Have Left Items in Your Cart” (see photo)

Tristan –

I ordered an rc monster truck. The entire add was for a raminator 1/4 scale monster truck. I received a push truck that was 3 inches small. When requesting a refund the company claimed the truck was worth 20 dollars. Also that shipping is a one way charge so they want that paid. I recuse to pay this and ill stop using paypal if they cant regulate the companies they are allowing to operate illigally.

Francisco –

On November 14, 2020 purchased Snow Blow Shovel totalllng $23.13. Never received item as of December 31, 2020 from OUYI GROUP LIMITED. This company is collecting unknown amounts of money from PAY PAL for purchases never sent out to buyers. A criminal investigation needs to be started as soon as possible.

Adriana –

Scammer’s phone 8613610242752

Scammer’s address Dept.CA #20, Bldg 2 5215 South Boyle Avenue Building 2, Vernon, CA 90058

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

I was sold a Lithium Battery Cutting Saw for $16.99 (+) $6.99 shipping – total $23.98 from an ad from HongKong Chuxing Tech who sold me a GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter for $19.99 (+) $8.99 shipping- total $28.98. These were sold from the same ad on the same day at the same time. I was unaware they were using 2 different names or calling them 2 different product names. They sold me the 1st one for $28.98 & then offered the 2cd for $23.98 because I purchased 1. They reimbursed me the $28.98 but kept $23.98. I purchased through PayPal, so far PayPal is not standing behind or contacting me on the 2cd product. I purchased them in Nov. & have not received the saws or batteries to date. The address for HongKong Chuxing Tech is: Wingfield, 339 Shanklin Road Xian City, XIAN Xi 710000 China

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