Merizon-Investment Reviews - Merizon-Investment Scam or Legit

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Shawna – Nov 23, 2020

Victim Location 11742

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Other

I inquire for a business loan for my business expansion in the Philippines through internet website of Merizon-Investment.

This James Rutherford of Marizon-Investment replied to my email and provided us an application form to be filled-up. They also asked us for some Business Documents for verifications. After submission, they informed us that we have just qualified for the loan. They have provided us some computation based on the target loan amount.

After such, they send us the Approved Loan Notice, Loan Contract, Letter of Guarantee and they requested to pay US$500.00 part of Insurance Fee. After the contract has been signed, notarized and pay the US$500 insurance fee (to Sonner Broomfield, Tyler TX;Bank: Wels Fargo), they requested us to pay US$1,500 for the transfer fee (to Edelyn Valencia; Bank of America in Lexington, MD). I have noticed that all these payments will be paid on a different personal bank accounts. I asked him that if there’s other payments to be made so that we can maximize our local bank transfer fee. He said that this is the only payment to be made for this deal.

After, we wire transfer the US$1,500 to a particular personal bank account, this James consistently telling us that he doesn’t recieved yet the amount.

So our company asked our local bank and Bank of America issued a email confirming that the said transaction is successful.

After sending the print-out, then that’s the time he acknowledge that he received the payment. He issued another email that the loan amount will be wired to our designated account. However, after two (2) days, he send an email telling me that I need to pay US$1,000 for the Tax Fee.

This time, to avoid what was happened, I asked the sister of my sister in-law resided in Webster, Texas to personally deposit the US$1,000 to a personal account in different Bank (to Thomas Gonzales; Frost Bank, San Antonio. TX).

After such, he confirmed that he recieved our payment, he send us a congratulatory email that we have completed the process that our loan amount will hit our designated bank account at the same time, he express apologies for the delays.

However, after two(2) days, last night, he send an email that our loan amount has returned to their mother account. To be able to release the loan amount again, I have to pay US$1,000 for the transfer fee.

This is the reason why I wanted to make a complain about this lending Company.

User Review
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