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Bobby –

Victim Location 53711

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Northern Leasing Systems fraudulently forged my signature on a lease agreement for a credit card processing machine that my family had been utilizing for the family business. Tim A Lane who also goes by John Hurts utilized my name, social security number and forged my signature on a document to claim that my family has a contract that was never fulfilled with his company.

I have been contacted by Preferred Merchant Processing -1-312-617-4832

Global Payments Direct- 10 Glenlake Pkwy, Atlanta GA

ExecuTech Lease Group- Vancouver, WA

Northern Leasing Systems – Jersey City, Jersey 212-239-3500

All four of these companies are linked back to John Hurts/ Tim Lane

I have already filed an identity theft report and filed a police report regarding this matter, however I continue to be harassed by Justin Mitchell of Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. 800-683-5433 ext 8116

Nicholas –

Victim Location 45416

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Credit Cards

E. Davis did a presentation on credit card processing and processing fees. Eric sold me on the credit card processing fees and I gave him my bank info. The machine provided didn’t work and after a few calls tech support finally said it was an older model and said to send it back, the replacement machine was sent snail mail and had a number of numeric keys that repeated thereby increasing the charged amounts by factors of 10. Tech support couldn’t fix it and that machine was returned as well as well but money continued to be taken out of my bank account monthly despite the fact I had no working machine from this company. Phone calls I documented include Maria from future payment tech 214-271-8085 who said I needed to return machine to avoid charge 6/11/14 4:11 pm Terri w/ Future tech tech support 855-332-1066 will send new machine with directions and make sure billing is snail mail 6/11/14 4:07pm called Future Payment Tech Daniel answered & said he will have to call tech support and have them call me 6/11/14 4:04pm Elizabeth w/ northern leasing systems, under my social # said to call Future Payment Technologies 720-298-4210 6/11/14 4pm Moses called told re: problems and he said to call the "leasing company".

I actually had checked a better business site before signing the contract with Future Payment Technology and the grade of an "A" was why I signed. However it appears Future Payment Technologies is a front for reps. that sell credit card processing then have you sign on a digital device where they actual pull up a contract for Northern Leasing that you can’t see. Northern Leasing says that I was financing the machine and they gave the money to Future Payment Technologies and that Eric is not their sales representative, however Keely with Future Payment Technology was honest enough to say that they actually get the machines from Northern Leasing that they send out to customers. Regardless of who the machines actually belong to, neither of the units provided to me worked, and both were returned last summer but my bank continued to be debited each month until I met with a back manager to stop them from withdrawing money each month. If you google the two companies together you will see that they are being sued as a class action lawsuit and that there are many complaints mentioning how they work together. Most business only file a complaint against the Northern Leasing part, who is graded with an "F" but since the prospective customer is only told about the processing company it appears to have enabled the Future Payment Technologies to keep an A rating so they continue to get business for Northern Leasing with deceptive sales tactics. It is my hope that someone will look into this and put a stop to it so others who check won’t be misled like I was.

Ross –

Victim Location 93035

Total money lost $1,859.98

Type of a scam Other

Northern Leasing continues to use deceptive practices with their lease agreement. They state that I agreed to a non-cancelable lease. Scam artist!!

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