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Julian – Jan 16, 2021

Victim Location 07201

Total money lost $619

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a chair from them which was supposed to be brand new. The listing was removed after I purchased it. I waited two weeks for it and then I requested to know when they would ship it. They sent me a fedex tracking number showing that they have a number reserved. Not that they actually shipped it. I emailed support and they told me nothing. They just said all orders are processed in order they are received. I asked for an estimated time and they repeated what they said before. I received a nasty email back after I asked to cancel the order since they cant tell me a timeframe. I have yet to receive a refund confirmation or cancelation confirmation. This company is a scam. They’re names are not real. The owner or the customer service rep/s. Cant find any trace of them online. They’re address is a shipping hub, not an actual office. Do yourself a favor and buy from a legitimate company and pay more. I wasted my time and money with them trying to save a buck. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Natalie – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 92109

Total money lost $798

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Office Chair at Work deliberately advertised misleading information regarding chairs they were selling online. The fact that these chairs are refurbished was not communicated, and the chair colors were incorrectly posted as well. Not to mention the level of "refurbishing" was unacceptable. When I asked for a refund they made me repack the chair, spend my own precious time scheduling a pickup over the phone, printing labels, etc. They would not refund the chair once it was picked up from the location, and have been making me wait for it to arrive back at their warehouse to process that, the customer service representative has not escalated this to her service manager (as I had requested), even though the onus is on them for knowingly providing an incorrect product. Their sister company, Seating Minds, did exactly the same thing with regard to posting false chair information, so I unknowingly placed an order with them for what I thought would be my replacement product after that first debacle with Office Chair @ Work (not knowing they were sister companies) and ran into the same issue. Once I found that out they were sister companies doing the same sheisty practices I’ve been trying to cancel and refund that second nightmare order, so far to no avail. Beware: they are not sending you what they’ve promised on their website. And their customer service relations are *atrocious*. Would *not* recommend.

Danielle – Apr 09, 2020

Victim Location 60020

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was looking for new office chair. Wish I had read reviews, Yelp Reviews or Glassdoor before doing business with this SCAM company. They list office chairs on their website as BRAND NEW OEM from top manufactures like Herman Miller and Steelcase. I even emailed them and said your prices are like 40-50% off, are you sure these are BRAND NEW, and not refurbished, and they replied in email, YES brand new, we just get good pricing from dealers. What I didn’t know is that they are NOT AUTHORIZED dealers of these companies, and in fact had been sued by these companies.

After going through with purchase on a $449 chair marked AS NEW (a chair that Steelcase sells new for $900), my credit card is immediately charged, not just authorized but charged, before merchandise even ships. I then get suspicious and I read all these terrible reviews of so many people getting scammed by this company. Hundreds of people said they ordered a chair listed AS NEW, and it came used, refurbished, non-OEM parts, no instructional manuals, dirty or dusty, and not in an original box, some people got chairs in a box with NO PACKING MATERIALS for shipping.

Their website advertises FREE RETURNS, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. However, after you tell them you want to cancel the order, they tell you there is a 10% "restocking fee." A 10% restocking fee on a product that HAS NOT EVEN SHIPPED! That is stealing.

And even worse, if they have already shipped the product and you return it, after they receive it back they will keep 20% restocking fee. But the thing is, the reason people are returning is because product is not new, or comes damaged, or with bad parts. So they send product labelled as NEW, that is NOT NEW, and then if you want return, they steal your money. People have lost hundreds of dollars to this SCAM company.

I had to do a dispute with my credit card company which is active under investigation right now.

This company needs to be put out of business. I am filing another complaint with the FTC Consumer Fraud Division.

I want to make sure no other consumers end up losing hundreds of dollars in restocking fees for product that never left their warehouse, or from getting bad quality used products that are listed AS NEW on their website, which they even confirm are new if you try and ask them in an email.

Mario –

Victim Location 92677

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

DO NOT BUY from Office Chairs at Work or any online furniture whole seller currently located at 1000 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

The individual who runs this company sells damaged products with missing parts then offers a to take it back with a 20% restocking fee.

DO NOT BUY from Office Chairs at Work or any online furniture whole seller currently located at 1000 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201. This guy is using multiple online sites to send partial, damaged products, then if you try to return anything you only get 80% of your money back. It has been 1 month and I have a damaged and still no headrest (that I paid an extra $50 for), and they no longer respond to emails.

I went to Office Chairs at Work website officechairatwork. com/ (Which is also Seating Mind seatingmind. com/ and numerous other online furniture retail websites) and purchased a $600 office chair with an added $50 headrest. I eventually received a damaged product with no headrest. I contacted them via email (the only way to contact them is through email) and told them the issue. Eventually I received an email that said "The chair is not damaged it is restored" but they did not mention the missing headrest. I had to send more then one email with pictures showing the damage of foam padding under the seat, and the stitching under the armrest was coming undone exposing the foam. Then I got an email response saying the headrest was "being shipped form another warehouse" and will take another week.

Any attempts to resolve this issue lead to email "run-around" responses. This individual finally emailed me saying "if I am unhappy with my purchase I can send it back but there is a 20% restocking fee". I said "I never even received what I ordered and what I did ordered is damage. They did not respond. I asked they can at least refund me for the headrest. This individual responded again that there is a 20% restocking fee.

As of Feb 2nd 2020 it has been 1 month and I have a damaged office chair and they never sent the headrest, and they no longer respond to my emails.

The individual who is running these sites is scamming people. We need to hold this person accountable!

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