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Lance –

Victim Location 70778

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I’ve been contacted by Elizabeth of NCR (National Credit Recovery) demanding that I make a payment arrangement or I will be summoned and served papers for a bad check by Regions Bank due to going default on a payday loan by My Pay Day Loans. Would not send me any correspondence and said I had to set up payment over the phone and she also left messages on my relatives voicemail acting like she was leaving message for me stating my name and that there were charges against me.

Katie –

Victim Location 18324

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A man called my home and asked for me.

I said it was me and the man stated that he was calling to give me a affidavit number and a sopena was going to be delivered to my home.

Then he suggested i obtain a lawlawyerI asked him why what this was about he said he didn’t know.

He said it was from NCR And That I Was Being Sued.

So i called the number a lady answered i told her my name and gave her the saposed affidavit number and she transferred me to a guy

Who said that his name was Robert Goldman he then proceeded to tell me that I owed total visa credit card company a little more than a 1000. Dollars. And that i could go to court or settle out of court for the new amount of 422.82.

I told him that i didn’t have the money to give him and asked for a written. Letter verifying the alleged debt.

This guy the n openly and. Disrespectfully. Said that i intentionally. And knowingly de frauded tbe credit card company.

Made threats that tbe fbi was going to get involved and threatened in a very hostile and frightening tone that he would. Have my assets seized and he said he would have a lien placed on my home and he threatened that he would get my social security benefits frozen.

He then said but this can all be settled out of court if i gave him my credit / debit card number mr Goldman at that point was beyond belligerent and very threatnig.

User Review
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