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Oscar – Sep 16, 2020

Total money lost $110

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Been looking for a mini projector and found their ad on Instagram. Website looks real and they even had links to people’s YouTube reviews. They charged me twice and took the money right away feom my credit card. They only sent one email stating shipping was delayed because of Covid. As an apology for the delay they were adding a free projector screen. According to them my item was shipped the Sept 6, 2020 and would be coming within a week. Emailed several times to get my money back but no response. Total scam.

Wayne – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 43201

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Original contact for Neat Projector was through an Instagram ad. Website looked legitimate: powered by Shopify. Purchased an item for $45. Here are the emails I was told to contact: [email protected], [email protected], and  [email protected] 

Mitchell –

Victim Location 55337

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do NOT buy from this website! Just like the others on here have listed, a purchase was made (on 11/29/19) and was never rcvd (today is 1/7/20), despite the money being removed from my account the day after the online order was submitted. It’s been over a month and I’ve reach out to their [email protected] email address 3x with no luck – just an automated message rcvd in return, telling me there was high demand and extra people were being hired for additional assembly lines, in order to catch up on all the orders. No tracking information exists, there is no phone number to call, and best I can tell with online research is this "company" is located in the UK? But I am not certain of that. It’s a total scam and I am out $80 and a Christmas gift for our son.

Brandy –

Victim Location 27529

Total money lost $189

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered two projectors for my children for Christmas on Nov 29, 2019. When I placed my order number in the Track order field in their website, no order was found. I have sent several emails to follow up on my purchase, only to receive an automated response advising that they are experiencing high order volume and will send the order to me as soon as possible. I have received this same message now four times since the first of December. There is also no phone number to contact customer service.

Erin –

Victim Location 10901

Total money lost $94.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Complete scam! They never ship out the item! Do not order from here!

Alyssa –

Victim Location 99507

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a scam!!! There is no contact info on this site other than an email address to the “technical support department.” Nothing to tell you what country it’s from, nor a phone number to contact. That is my fault for not checking first.

They will tell you that they ship out day of or day after and then say, “ We sincerely apologize for the delay. Due to very high demand and order volume, we had supply issues and a lot of orders to fulfill. Your order will be shipped out this week” but it will never come. You will get no email receipt/confirmation (even when you ask for it), but money will come out of your account by a Slavic name. I took a screen shot of my receipt, but the order number I check for tracking is “not found.” Total scam.

They will also show you a sale countdown on their website, but it restarts every time you open the site in a new browser. Fake reviews are displayed at the bottom of the page, showing all 5 Stars and great comments. All red flags I saw after I made the purchase through a Facebook/Instagram ad. Buyer beware!

User Review
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