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Jacqueline – Sep 23, 2020

I ordered a matt black Tap and received a small plastic tap , and Paypal wont refund till item sent back at your cost

Angel – Sep 17, 2020

I placed an order with this company on 7-31-2020. I ordered the foldable Car Sun Umbrella Block Heat UV – Large. The sun shade was $12.90 and $4.99 for shipping. The total was $17.89 My order # 14207 was confirmed by e-mail on 7-31-2020 @ 6:30pm. My account was debited 7-31-2020 @ 10:05pm. My transaction# 60112943W3292911G… Merchant ID# 2B201058GT8179212… My Invoice # c15040363167912.1…I then received an e-mail on 8-13-2020 @ 10:42pm that my item I ordered had shipped and they included the tracking # 4202810492748927005430000023385872. That e-mail also included a picture of the heat shield I ordered.. On 9-4-2020 my package delivered and I discovered that what I ordered was not what I had received. I had received a Winter Windshield Cover for snow and Ice instead. This item goes on the outside of the vehicle. I ordered a foldable car sun umbrella block heat UV large. So, I emailed Customer service on 9-8-2020. They responded on 9-10-2020 and requested I send them pictures of what I had gotten. So, I responded that same day with 4 photos. They responded back on 9-11-2020 and suggested that I keep the product and that they would refund me 10% of my money back.I replied back on 9-12-20 that I had no intensions of keeping this because I cant use it and that I wanted a full refund. They could send an RMA for their wrong product. They responded on 9-15-20 that I could still keep the product and they would refund me 10% and send me a $10.00 coupon to use in their store. So I responded on 9-15-20 that I was not interested in that offer and to be sure we were clear. All I wanted at this time was my money back. So, they replied back on 9-17-20 and said I would be responsible for shipping the wrong product back to China at my expense. And once they received the merchandise and it was not damaged, they would then refund me my money. They provided all the details I would need to return the product. I responded back on 9-17-2020 that I would not return the product at my expense. It’s their mistake. They need to make it right. I have also found a new e-mail address on my receipt so I included it on my last e-mail trail. That e-mail is [email protected] Please help me in getting my money refunded…
thank you
Leslie Rushing

Ruben – Sep 17, 2020

I purchased a dog car seat from NEWIKEACO. on 7/4/2020 for $33.89, and as of this date (9/17/2020)still haven’t received this item. I have tried numerous times to reach this company regarding my merchandise and no one returns calls or NOTHING. I’ve tried disputing this charge with my bank and the time frame has expired..

Pamela – Sep 05, 2020

I ordered a garden seat/kneeling pad but received a cheap cloth garden tool bag instead. When I emailed the company they did not reply. It was only after PayPal became involved that they offered a 50% refund which I refused and said I want a full refund with the cloth bag shipped back at the sellor’s expense. My claim with PayPal is still ongoing and the last I heard they were waiting for a reply from the company. I notice payment actually went to a company called ysole Co., Ltd. whose name was not mentioned on the Facebook ad. Another company name they appear to use is Dalongma09. As a result I am not going to order anything offered on Facebook and cancel my PayPal account if they do not issue a full reund. Brian Sutch Vernon, B.C.

Brandy – Aug 30, 2020

I purchased 3 car umbrella shades from these rectal orbiters! What I recieved was 5 thin towels you put on your windshield when it snows. I LIVE IN ARIZONA! It doesn’t even rain where I live! And NEVER EVER SNOWS! Now thankfully, or not, I used PayPal for my purchase. It’s been 8 weeks. During that time it has come down to they will now give me a refund IF I ship these towels BACK TO CHINA ON MY DIME! CAN WE SAY NO! I already paid shipping once for the CORRECT items to be shipped to me! I SURE AS HELL AM NOT PAYING TO SHIP THE WRONG ITEMS BACK! And they told PayPal they wont give me my money back until I do! IM SO MAD I COULD SPIT! So I’m fighting this! And will continue to do so! IT WAS SHIPPED TO ME FROM CALIFORNIA, NOT CHINA! I HAVE THE PKG TO PROVE IT! I WILL NOT LET THEM WIN!
So if this helps at least 1 person from ordering from those SPHINCTER REAMERS!, well then I consider this well done.
As for an address, I have 2. 1 is the actual address from where it was shipped to me. The other? Well, it was provided by NEW IKEA to PayPal and passed to me. What it says is anyone’s guess.
And where it will end up? The big Damn? DAM? …damn…

Derek – Aug 26, 2020

this is a scam. don’t be fooled. they will not respond. don’t buy things off of facebook

Jordan – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a car “sunbrella” which was supposed to be like an umbrella that opens in the car and covers the windshield. Instead, I got a cheap piece of nylon-y plastic-y crap that goes on the outside windshield and attaches with flaps stretched into the car. It says it’s good for keeping snow off, too. Ha! It is so flimsy that it will rip during the first use.

Noah – Aug 30, 2020

Same here. I’m fighting for a refund!

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