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Brittney – Apr 17, 2020

4/17/20 – I received a letter and a check for $3,900 today from this Norilsk Financial Services Inc. claiming that I am a 2nd prize winner in the USA Mega sweepstakes drawing held on 1/2/2020. Stating I had won $980,000.00. The $3,900 check is claimed to help provide for the processing fee of $2,250. I was advised in the letter to contact claim agent Eric Williams. Letter was signed by Laura Banes/Promotion Manager.

Lindsay – Mar 30, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1-236-889-3537

Scammer’s website Norilsk Financial Services

Scammer’s address 2 Penn Center W, Ste 330, Pittsburgh, PA 19278

Country United States

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Initial means of contact Postal mail

I received a letter and a check. I called Eric Williams as instructed in the letter. He said to deposit the check in the amount of $3900 into my checking account and then call him back.. When I called him back he asked for my physical address and said that a courier would deliver the remaining prize ($980000,00) tomorrow when I should have $2250.00 in cash for the processing fee to give to the courier.

Jillian – Mar 30, 2020

A relative received a letter and check in the mail from Norilsk Financial Services signed by Ja Garfield. The letter states she is the 2nd place winner in the second category of the USA Mega and won $980,000. The check is for $3,900 to cover processing fees of $2,250. She is to call the claim agent Eric Williams at 1-236-889-3537 to start the claims processing. I smell SCAM

User Review
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