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Cassie – Apr 06, 2020

Victim Location 98225

Total money lost $2,700

Type of a scam Other

In October of 2015, I entered into an agreement with Riverside Payments for Merchant services for my small business. When signing a contract with Riverside, I was unaware that I would also be agreeing to do business with Northern Leasing for leasing a credit card reader, a piece of equipment that sales for around $200 — the Riverside representative never mentioned this part of the agreement.

A month after signing with Riverside, I noticed a charge to my business bank account from Northern Leasing. I tried to contact the representative for Riverside and he emailed me that I needed to contact Northern Leasing, which I did. After this initial email, the Riverside Rep became unreachable.Northern Leasing informed me, that as part of my arrangement with Riverside, I was now going to be charged $50/month for equipment and would be paying this for the next 5 years. I requested a copy of the contract with Northern Leasing and noticed what looked like my initials on the bottom of page 2 of the contract located in the "Lessor Office Use Only" space. I never initialed this page — it was designated for the Lessor Only. This is fraud — I use three letters for my initials and there are only 2 letters on the copy that I have.

In December of 2019, I closed my business and in late February of 2020, I closed the bank account associated with it. At the beginning of March, I started getting daily phone calls from Northern Leasing about my monthly payment.

On March 17, 2020, I contacted Northern Leasing notifying them that I had closed my business and the bank they were drawing payments from. Because I had contacted them after my March payment was due, my credit rating took a hit. However, I gave them new banking information and made the monthly payment with the attached Late Fee. The Northern Leasing representative asked me if he had my authorization to use the banking information and I said yes, but only for this payment. He told me if I wanted ACH payments to be made automatically each month, I would need to send a voided check to their office — I never sent a voided check because I don’t trust Northern Leasing and feared they would use the banking information to take payments without my approval and knowledge. To make future payments, I would just call them before the payments were due, which is exactly what I did before the next payment was due.

On March 30, 2020, I called Northern Leasing to make my payment of $50.93 using a debit card. I made the payment and received a confirmation number for the payment. I did not authorize the use of my debit card for any future payments because I don’t trust this company.

On April 2, 2020, I noticed a withdrawal from my bank account to Northern Leasing in the amount of $55.93. On April 3, 2020, I called Northern Leasing and spoke to Rolena and inquired about the charge. She said it was for the monthly payment at which point I told her I had already called and made a payment over the phone and that I had the confirmation for that payment. I asked her how the ACH payment of $55.93 could be made without my approval. She said they had a voided check of mine and that was all the authorization that was needed. I informed her that I never sent a voided check to Northern Leasing, therefore, never authorizing the use of that banking information without my approval — this is fraud. I also asked her why the payment had suddenly jumped up to $55.93. She informed that there is a $5 invoice fee — i never received an invoice from Northern Leasing.

In order to get a refund for the payment that I never approved, Rolena said I would have to email Northern Leasing at [email protected], and that a refund would take 6-8 weeks. The fact that Northern Leasing can take my money without my approval (no voided check) whenever they want, and tell me I have to wait for almost 2 months to get my money refunded to me is wrong.

The fact that Northern Leasing forged my initials on the original contract is fraud, which is illegal.

Sandra –

Victim Location 42437

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Credit Cards

We had a sales rep for Retriever come by our store and offered to replace our credit card machine with a new credit card machine with a chip reader for free. He said there was a one time set up fee of $35, they we would be not in in a contract of any kind and could return the terminal and cancel at any time. We also did a rent to own LED running sign with this company, so when they called and told me I needed insurance on my sign for $4.95 per month, it was added, but they never said that insurance was on a rental agreement for the credit card terminal. So when i got my first bill I paid it, thinking it was a done deal. but then the harrassing phone calls started, threatening me to pay or it would be turned over for collection. I was told I signed a guarantor of payment for the rental of the credit card terminal. I have tried many times to cancel said contract, to which I was told over & over it could not be canceled, i tried to get out of the contract for over a year. but when I found out my terminal was not up to date and had no chip reader in it, it became non-compliant and they turned off my credit card service and never called to tell me I needed a new terminal or I would be in violation, they did not send me a new terminal, but they kept calling my on my personal cell phone at all hours, sent letters to my home address, called the store, until i blocked their number, threatening me with legal action. the phone calls came multiple times a day, never the same number, as they were rotating numbers. These calls are stressing and threatening. I ownd my won credit card terminal which costs only $350, so why would I sign a contract for a terminal thats cost me $44.95 a month for 4 years. I paid a 1-1/2 as I tried to reason with these people, I signed a contract with Retriever, i knew nothing about this Company Northern Leasing, as i would have first checked them out on the internet. they have hundreds of complaints against them, even a few class action suits. they have sent me a letter saying they are suing me for the money. i am a small business in a small town. Please help me out, my Mother owns this business and she is 81 years old and these calls are destressing her and myself causing me to worry and fret over something that was turned off by them in October when the terminal didn’t have a chip reader, they refused to take the terminal back, but the calls continue still today. i have since replaced my terminal with a new one that I purchased for $350.

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