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Kyle – Jan 24, 2021

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Initial means of contact Website

Was charged despite sites claim that it would not charge my card. Several people have been scammed like this. This is not just misleading. It is pure theft as it does exactly as it said it would not. There is no value whatsoever to the service provided.

Thomas – Jan 24, 2021

Same as everyone else’s . This is obviously a criminal. Tomorrow I will contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations as this must cross state lines in its internet fraud scheme. I am in Oregon, I will also contact the Attorney General’s office here and have them seek an indictment of this criminal.

Joanna – Nov 11, 2020

I even cancelled w/in 30 days, and after a long illness and disabbility, I just saw they are still charging for about a year now.

Manuel – Oct 29, 2020

I visited phone scan and $19.50 was taken out of my account. I signed up for NOTHING and DID NOT give them permission. This is horrible and they need to be stopped!

Joseph – Sep 10, 2020

Same as most people, getting a 19.50 charge monthly. Never even went to their site; they’re a complete [censored]ing scam. I hope whoever who are behind this suffer.

Roger – Sep 03, 2020

I signed for a $1 trial and they charged $19.50 there is no way to get in contact with them for a refund

Angela – Aug 26, 2020

I scanned my card for verification. It was suppose to charge 1.00. Instead charged 19.50. I cant get in touch with the company to ask for a refund. I have however been in touch with the better business bureau.

Ernest – Aug 03, 2020

They charged me 19.50 (which isn’t much) but I have NEVER visited their website, and I have ABSOLUTELY NEVER signed up for their services. If anyone has lawyer they wanna suggest, I’m open to it

Pamela – Aug 05, 2020

Same here! This is such BS looking into a class action suit!

Janelle – Jul 21, 2020

I’ve “cancelled” online at least 10 times, I have even CHANGED MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER and i’m still getting charged 19.50 every month! I’ve had to resort to just disputing the transaction every month and thankfully my bank credits me the 19.50. Now on their website i cant even sign in and t says “by invite only.” These people need to be investigated and sued.

Wayne – Aug 05, 2020

I just spoke to my attorney he is filing a class action lawsuit. If anyone is interested contact me at [email protected]

Omar – Jul 20, 2020

This is ridiculous! At no point did I agree to a charge of 19.50 to my card! I will not stop until I get my damn money back!

Matthew – Jun 30, 2020

Thank you all for sharing your experience with Because you shared, you saved me from having the same issue. I greatly appreciate it!

Raul – Jun 10, 2020

I had the same thing happen to me and want my money back! I am so pissed off that i cannot reach a live person in order to give them a piece of my mind! I think we should all get together and sue this fraudulent company! Who’s with me?

Julie – May 06, 2020

What a ripoff I canceled right after I didn’t get anything I needed and they changed me again so charged twice for nothing Ripoff big time

Tanya – Apr 19, 2020

Same EXACT experience as all the others. Took $19.50 out of my account immediately! I instantly for a notification from my bank app, because this made my account go negative! No way to contact them, and on the account page it says you must wait 24 hours to cancel. Will be filing with the BBB right now.

Jill – Aug 05, 2020

getting the class action suit now if interested co tact me at [email protected]

Amanda – Aug 05, 2020

I am looking into that right now

Johnny – Jun 10, 2020

Let’s sue them!

Benjamin – Apr 03, 2020

I went to lookup a phone number to see who had called as they didn’t leave a message but I am expecting calls. I have screenshots where it states that the card is used for verification and will not be charged.
The “information” I received was worthless AND I received a charge on my card.
I attempted to cancel the “subscription” but it states it cannot be done on the same day.
I am EXTREMELY upset with this case as the screenshot I took SPECIFICALLY says I will not be charged. This sure is a complete scam and I urge everyone NOT to believe it or used it. It this isn’t taken care of, I will sure for false advertising.

Aaron – Apr 03, 2020

Wrong screenshot grrr

Desiree – Apr 03, 2020

1st screenshot

Glenn –

Victim Location 12303

Total money lost $234

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I needed to find a person in question, regarding a personal crime against me. I was looking to match phone number(s) and I have now been charged $19.50/mo for a service I never signed up for and have not used. It has been going on for over a year now. I call the phone number that is posted on my credit card statement(7739931887). It is an automated recording(VERY computer generated voice on the recording) and then after I try to reply to the prompts, it tells me that there is an ‘issue’ and to go to There is a form to fill out, but no email. and NO response EVER!

Cole –

Victim Location 87111

Total money lost $19.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went on website to look up a phone number that someone tried to Facetime me with. I put in the phone number and it said I needed to put in a credit card number just for authorization, but WOULD NOT BE CHARGED! I put in my credit card number and read the terms and I did not see anywhere that said I would be charged $19.95. Half an hour later $19.95 was taken out of my account. I tried calling the number that came up on the transaction but it is a computer voice saying there is no phone service and I need to refer back to the site. You can send a message from the site, but even that looks suspicious. I need to find a way to get a hold of a live person to get my money refunded!!

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