Major General Eric T. Hill

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Carl – Oct 13, 2020

Victim Location 53035

Type of a scam Romance

Oct.3, 2020 I received a request to friend Eric T. Hill on Facebook then we started talking on Hangout. On Oct. 12. He wanted me to pay for his personal good to be sent to me. Eric said, Honey I don’t know how much it will cost exactly but I think it should be around $1750, honey you just have to contact the diplomat and he’ll tell you what to do my love.

I sent him this link… and then he put a block on me. He created a new website on Facebook- MAJOR GENERAL ERIC T. HILL GROUP Group created on October 12, 2020

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  1. In 2021, someone posing as “Eric T. Hill” on Facebook contacted my parent and convinced them to start messaging on Google Hangouts. In June, this ended with me catching my parent in the act of chatting on Hangouts about two recent money orders, totaling $2500, which had been recently sent — at “Eric’s” behest — to two different addresses. Apparently, the scam was that “Eric,” despite being a high-ranking member of the USAF, desperately needed this money to retrieve “his” belongings.

    Here are the email addresses and multiple names used by this scammer (and possibly accomplices) in this particular case:

    “Eric T. Hill” [email protected]
    “Archer Graham” [email protected]
    “Mason Smith” [email protected]

    Here are the addresses to which the scammer directed the money orders to be mailed:

    Peggy Hickman
    1615 Moran Ave
    Lincoln Park, MI 48146

    Jennifer M. Spears
    7529 Windbridge Dr Apt 161
    Sacramento, CA 95831

  2. I was being scammed by the same person guys a person with his stature major general Eric t hill would not likely be on Facebook looking for romance

  3. Ruth September 8, 2021

    I just got a request from him also this morning on my facebook page an also from a Austin Scott Miller asking to be friends with him an he wonted me to go to the hangout app to an I said I dont do that on my phone or my computer.
    It is so sad that these scammer do that to our guys that are in service. Thanks I am glad that I am not the only person that are getting these on facebook.

  4. Yes this guy is very professional at what what he does even very charismatic,how on utube with have the military not picked up on him….so beware of this man…his grammar does not be fit a general..😀😍

  5. My name is Debbie Ingram I had him send me a friend request recently and then told me he was looking a Godly Wife He leads a woman on telling her he loves her and wants to marry her He had me go to hangouts I caught on to him being a scam and actually did a video call to him and seen he and another guy were laughing I told him was reporting him to Facebook He kept trying to convince me he was General Eric Hill He didn’t believe I could see him and another guy One black guy and a white guy.
    My email is
    [email protected]
    He is evil Claims to be a Christian and using a General’s account I told him exactly what he was doing These Scammers need to be arrested

  6. Katherine Ashley

    He is still at it. I received a ‘comment’ on a post of mine on Facebook today from this “Gen Hill’ asking me to be a friend. Blocked him right away. I then looked up the ‘real’ Major General Eric T. Hill. and he is legit, someone has stolen his ID and is using it to lure in victims.

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