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Type of a scam Employment

I recently applied for a job and received the following reply that appears to be a scam (pasted below). The company’s website have very few details and the phone number provided goes directly to a voicemail. I could find no other information about the company and Google searches as well as Google map searches turn up with nothing. Be aware, they likely are trying to get your birth date, SSN and or banking information.

Thank you for your interest in an opportunity with Mars Transportation. We appreciate you taking the time

to apply for the Project Manager position (Ref. Num: PM-1354). Upon the review of your resume

we feel that your experience and background meet our qualifications. In this e-mail we would like to share

some details about the company and position we offer.

Mars Transportation is a privately held logistics and supply chain company, founded in 2011,

currently headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We specialize in various logistics services, such as transportation

via air, sea and land; heavy machinery and oil mining equipment storage and transportation, warehousing and supply chain

management for the industrial, mining and manufacturing companies. We have been in operation in Europe, parts of Asia and

in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean area. We have branches in Europe, China, a dozen local offices

in ports all over the Europe and Asia, now expanding over U.S.A (2019) and Canada (2021).

Position title: Project Manager

Department: Heavy Machinery and Oil Equipment Transportation

Reports to: Regional Project Manager

Salary/Type: Full time; $88,000/year

Work hrs: 9-00 AM – 6-00 PM (local time), Monday – Friday

Full Benefit Package: performance bonuses, health, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, 401(k), 18 days paid vacation.

Description: working on projects in the area of transportation and warehousing of heavy machinery and/or industrial equipment.


Transportation planning (involves evaluation, assessment, design and setting of transportation/storage facilities);

Developing and monitoring transportation schedules, tactics and plans;

Tracking shipments and reporting to our/client operators;

Customer support;

Negotiating with customers and suppliers.


We will provide an on-line training program that has been developed by our Human Resources Department and Business Development

Department. The training program is based on training studies pertaining to transportation, supply chain, customer relationship

management and international shipping documentation.

The instruction course will take 4 weeks and you will not have to leave your current job or travel in order to complete this training.

Done On-line you will receive one new study every day and a test for them each Friday. You won’t have to pay for anything or involve

your personal funds into this. Training won’t take you more than 20 minutes every day, easy to combine with your full time job. You will

receive guaranteed $2,400 (via paycheck or direct deposit), but it can be $5,200 if you have over average test scores.

You will be invited to come to our New York office for a short introduction course once you pass 4 weeks of training and the final test

after that, on 5th week. You will receive your invitation only if position is guaranteed, this is when you will receive a formal job offer

letter. We cover all expenses for travel and a week-long stay.

Please reply with any comment and I’ll send you next steps and application forms to apply for position.

If you feel interested or have questions please reply to this email and I will promptly reply and follow up

confirming the details. We’ll have the chance to discuss the available positions and learn more about our

company. We can explain how we see your experience aligning with our goals and in which opening we see you

as the best fit.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. Our business hours are 9 a.m – 5 p.m EST.

Around here, there’s always something interesting and exciting going on. You’ll find variety, challenge,

and the chance for professional growth. Join Mars Transportation, and see the kinds of big things you can do!

Sophie Ellis, Human Resources – (917) 809-4167

1345 6th Ave., New York, NY 10105, U.S.A

Mars Transportation (USA) Co., LTD. /

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