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Rose –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Was unemployed and looking for work, I have submitted several resumes to several different employers.

They contacted via email to advise me that the position of "Recruitment Officer" was still available. They say it pays $300 per assignment and you can complete up to 3 a week.

I accepted the position and they had UPS deliver a package with my assignment instructions. I was expecting my pay of $300, and I opened the package and there was a cheque for $3800.00 dollars and instruction to go deposit at my bank and withdrawal $3400.00

After I deposited and withdrew the money a 2nd email was sent to advise me to deposit this money at 4 different bank locations into the same account.

This is when I sent an email back to the guy to advise him that this does not sound correct and I wanted to check with my local police station to make sure this wasn’t fraud.

As soon as I sent this email back to him, no further contact could be made.

Luckily my bank caught this the day off and I have resolved my issues within 24 hrs.

Do no trust these people, and job my Micaura Consulting or Naly Management Group. This is fraud!!!

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