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Eric –

Victim Location 53151

Total money lost $69.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased this via a Facebook link where it stated the product and shipping was from the US. I received the product, however, it has clearly been used and redistributed as there was old tape on the box as well as what seems like human hair and fuzz inside the box when I opened it. I did not touch the product as the pieces also look to have been used. It came from China. I immediately sent an email to the address that was listed on the insert in the box: [email protected] which came back undeliverable. I clicked the contact link within paypal for: [email protected] which forwarded the message to: [email protected] – which came back as undeliverable. I went back to my initial order and found an email address of: [email protected] and did receive a response requesting pictures, which I did send (5 of them). I did not receive a response to my email but I did also file a claim with PayPal and was informed that the seller has agreed to a full refund for the item, however, in order for monies to be refunded, I must ship the product back to China-that shipping cost is $164.00 which I am not guaranteed will be reimbursed. I am unable to contact PayPal back about the shipping (although I did ask for shipping costs to be covered as part of my refund as the product is not appropriate for sale), the only option is to either upload the tracking information or close the case.

What’s the seller’s offer?

The seller has agreed to issue a full refund for $69.98 USD. To receive this refund, you’ll need to ship the item (s) back to the seller by February 7, 2020 at 9:32:10 AM CST.

What should you do?

You have to send the item(s) to the return shipping address mentioned and upload the tracking information. The return shipping address is China. What happens next?

Once the seller confirms the receipt of the item (s), we’ll process the refund to you and close this case. This case will be automatically closed if you don’t respond on or before February 7, 2020 at 9:32:10 AM CST.

This company does have my full name, address, phone number and email address. Additionally-I will not be returning the product as the shipping will cost far more than the refund–which this company knows as well. I never would have purchased this product had I been aware that it actually shipped from China. The website was very misleading.

User Review
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