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Hector – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 34654

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Caller claims tone from the Social Security benefits office trying to get personal information and pretend to help me get the “benefits I deserve”. No matter how many times I tell them to put me on a do not call list, or block the number, they still get through and screaming at me and threatening me! I know Onvoy, LLC will say they are just a telecommunications provider, but since they know who the scammers are, provide the telecommunications service for the scammers, and refuse to stop them, they should also be held accountable for the constant harassment! Onvoy LLC should not be able to hide from this issue. They know who the scammers are so terminate the service. Until then, Onvoy LLC is just as guilty of me being harassed as the scammers doing the calling! As long as Oncoy’s name comes up with the same email address and phone number being used but does nothing to stop it, they TOO need to be investigated! I have seen countless complaints on this issue and Onvoy has the same answer over and over, as if they have nothing to do with it. If YOUR name was coming up while a scammer is using it wouldn’t YOU want to put a stop to it? Then why not Onvoy?!

Christy –

Victim Location 14806

Type of a scam Phishing

I keep getting calls from this Onvoy LLC posting as social security office, police, fraud investigator

Catherine –

Victim Location 39426

Type of a scam Charity

they call ans say they are collecting for the police benevolence.

Craig –

Victim Location 48183

Type of a scam Employment

They call and tell you they are from an employment agency and ask if you can hear them. ("yes" scam).

Carla –

Victim Location 66609

Total money lost $68.55

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have already called the ScamPulse.com local to the area of the caller and they do not have them on record. they have called me every day now regarding a debt I owed to columbia gas in Ohio with the exact amount that I owed but upon further inspection,they call themselves "credit management" when looking up their phone number they have been flagged twice on other websites for being a scam and reverse lookup says the company’s name is "ONVOY, LLC – OH" when searching this company on Bloomberg.com ..their description of the company does not match any of the information given by the caller. according to "https://checkcallernumber.com/567-200-0467" they are unknown but are known to harass people with different reasons every time.

Yolanda –

Victim Location 15696

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I am constantly receiving calls from this company. When answer it it goes dead at times or someone will tell me about warranty or insurance. I tell them all the time not interested take name off list then few minutes later get another call

Jesus –

Victim Location 93021

Type of a scam Other

Most of the time when I receive these calls the phone number is off my 1 digit – example 805-796-1234 – 1235 etc. automated voice advising me of my social security benefits that i can collect. Now, since I installed Truecaller, I can see who is actually calling and it’s the same company now with statewide numbers. i get at least 10 calls a day and sometimes more.

Willie –

Victim Location 20037

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This was one scam…

GOOD NEWS: Jose Santos, A large deposit was made to your Walmart credit account, view details HERE: http://cchzx.top

Every day they send me a different scam from a different phone number. It always says “Jose” to start. Can’t get them to stop.

Katelyn –

Victim Location 46311

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received phone call Thursday, 1/18/18, 11:06

Claimed to be from IRS and this was final notice and the IRS was filing suit. To get more info from the IRS, I needed to contact IRS at 631 318-6550.

1 thought on “Onvoy LLC”

  1. I brought this to the attention of the head of telecom enforcement at the FTC two months ago. She was unable to envision how a telecom could make money on this scam so blew it off. And she was years in this position. Here’s how Onvoy does it… (a) the receive blocks of phone number assignments from NANPA, (b) they sell blocks of thousands of VoIP numbers to an offshore telemarketing scammer, (c) Onvoy registers the numbers as assigned but in fact no actual connection service is established and 95% of these numbers remain “disconnected” so there is no call-back pathway back to the call originator, (c) the off-shore telemarketing then uses robocall scam calls to generate traffic across the US via the dark web so the VoIP call origination cannot be traced, (c) the telemarketing has only marginal interest in whether the called party answers or calls back… that’s just a bonus… so the money was never in the scam recording itself, (d) the real money comes in the call routing with LECs having to “dip” and determine which carrier has that phone assigned… which then has to be paid to Onvoy of course, (e) as the call bounces around the country, from carrier to carrier, each “dip” to determine call origination and Onvoy making money with each such “dip”. (f) and when confronted Onvoy can claim that the number is disconnected and not live, so no traffic was being originated by that number. the truth is that no traffic WAS originated by that number. But here’s how we know Onvoy is involved in the conspiracy because for more than a year this practice has been going on with Onvoy (it’s called “traffic pumping” by the FCC and is illegal). All that time there is no source for what numbers are disconnected or reassigned… the reassigned numbers database is still in pilot stages and is not yet publicly released. So there are only two ways an offshore scammer could know that thousands of fake caller ID numbers were actually disconnected numbers… (1) either robocall each and every sequential number (which if this was happening every phone in America would be blowing up sequentially which is not happening) or (2) have the block of disconnected numbers handed to them by the telco whom NANPA allocated those numbers to. Larger telcos actually know Onvoy is doing this — the Shaken-Stir deployment reveals that easily — but of course every telco is hiding behind the fact that deployment of Stir-Shaken call authentication was delayed by the FCC until fall 2021 so everyone remains quite about it because they too benefit from the inflated traffic pumping and bouncing calls from telco to telco. If FCC and FTC, along with AG and other agencies actually knew how to pull the string down and investigate call databases they’d find a $ Trillion in penalties. But, as noted above, “can’t imagine”… so don’t imagine.

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