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Jimmy – Mar 04, 2020

Victim Location 53074

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We received an invoice from Open Business Solutions LLC for a one year listing service on for a charge of $1,188. The remit to address is located in Germany. We have never done business with this company. We researched the company online and found many cases of company’s being defrauded by this same scheme.

Hector –

Victim Location 70816

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We Received an invoice for an online yellow page listing that no one in this company authorized.

Dennis –

Victim Location 44145

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

aka Open Business Directory

see Florida with rating of F.

Please do not help these crooks by listing them without a warning.

Danielle –

Victim Location 57732

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We received a fax 1/20/16 from Yellow Pages requesting data verification in their directory. And employee updated our info, signed and faxed back. Then 7/29/16, Open Business Solutions, LLC sent an invoice requesting a check in the amount of $1188.00 be made out to Open Business Solutions, LLC for the business directory listing on We did not pay the invoice. A multitude of letters and phone calls from "Andrew Williams, Legal Department" are continuing to flood our office threatening to take legal action.

Billy –

Good Morning!
We are having the exact same issue at our business. Our original “due amount” was also $1188. and is now $3564.00. Could you please tell me if you were able to resolve this issue? I’ve filed with the BBB but we continue getting threatening emails and letters. I have no intentions to pay for something we didn’t want or need. Any advice is much appreciated!
Thank You…Jenna

Theodore –

Victim Location 08406

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Open Business Solutions, LLC sent over a Data Verification form for what seemed to be a listing in the Yellow Pages asking for us to confirm our business address and sign. Unaware that the form was actually a contract, they have been faxing us monthly asking for an outrageous amount for payment. They New Jersey address they provided was not valid. We have reached out to our legal team to seek legal action.

Katherine –

Victim Location 95608

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Yellow Pages form faxed in and previous manager signed and faxed back because it looked like Yellow Pages ad. I keep receiving invoices by fax.

Christian –

Victim Location 17201

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

05/9/16-our medical practice continues to receive SCAM faxes of scam invoices claiming our Practice owes money for yellow page advertising. We have NEVER authorized advertising in ANY yellow pages. The invoice is from the following company:

Open Business Solutions, LLC

Suite 200

Eschersheimer Landstrasse 42



Phone is listed as 1-855 570-2910.

Mandy –

Victim Location 97603

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Open Business Solutions sent our business a fax with the walking fingers logo and next to it stating Yellow Pages of Oregon (the location of our business). This fax states to return this data verification and order form to be included in the spring 2016 edition. The term yellow pages is all over the fax. No where is the name Open Business Solutions. I "confirmed" the information, signed, and faxed back to the number provided. Within 3 weeks I received a bill for over 1100.00. They state the service they provided on the invoice was providing a listing with I then received my normal bill from the Oregon yellow page book we normally utilize and quickly recognized my mistake. I did contact Open Business Solutions and was told this is most certainly not a scam. I have now received 2 letters asking for payment. That won’t be happening.

Autumn –

Victim Location 80231

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Open Business Solutions, LLC (855) 579-2910

false advertising with Yellow pages logo/symbol as if you are updating existing advertising

No mention that they are affiliated

Cannot be contacted other than by fax

Form states "Data Verification" ":This is not a bill" "Under no obligation to accept terms of this purchase"

Overseas business using fake U.S.A. address

No order was placed, Individual who completed what they thought was just an update is not authorized to make purchases, sent cancellation – after receiving bill for $1,188.00

Open Business Solutions refuses to acknowledge cancellation

Gerald –

Victim Location 79493

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I received a fax about a Yellow Page New Edition 2015. I hought I was updating the lisitng, instead in fine print was a contract for 3 years. I am refusing to pay the amount they are demanding since it was stated clearly that this was not a bill. It did not in any clear redable writing delcare that it was indeed a conract. I have attached the lastest correspondence between the business and myself.

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