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Paula –

Victim Location 97086

Type of a scam Phishing

I was recently looking into a focus group I found an ad for on craigslist and it led me to th this website


The ad was for a cell phone research study and this website looks like an eye doctor training facility without any listed location in Portland where I’m located.

Instead of filling out their form which was asking for my personal info, I decided to try to call the 800 number they have listed on their contact page.

800 565 3689

When the call connected it didn’t say the name of any company and it was soliciting for personal information which could lead you to a ”special offer”

I also did not give any of my information and just dialed zero to try to get to an operator. When that line connected it was another recording saying it was some kind of auto company and stated “this is a recording, can you hear me ok?”

I have heard sometimes scammers will try to get a persons voice simply saying ”yes“ so that they can use that against you for whatever reason so I just hung up and contacted you. This is clearly not an eye doctor school or a market research study group or anything else they claim to be.

Fortunately I am relatively savvy to potential scams but there are so many other people out there who might not catch any of those red flags and will end up unknowingly compromising their sensitive personal information. Please put a stop to these pieces of garbage!

Thanks for everything you do to protect us consumers!

User Review
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