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Jack –

Victim Location 33054

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

I got the job through indeed.

I was excited to get a hit back being familiar with cargo.

I had my family cross reference the information and everything.

Submitted personal information to the supposed company and they even called my references including myself. He had south African accent, and his name appeared as Nathan Bronstein on all paperwork as my supervisor and the person I was supposed to report to. I thought it to be very strange that I could not call him but he could call me… however I figured it was just a private number.

Everything was going well, he was responding to all emails.

I signed on as a shipping clerk, but I could have work from home. The monthly salary would have been $2400. As college student this would have helped me out a great deal.

Started working in November and towards the end of my trial period, he advised that it was the end of my trial period and should expect payment on a specific date,

But I had to make sure i sent out all packages before receiving payment

Holiday rolled around and no payment I emailed the person and they went silent

Now I recently received a notice from a carrier about a package that is supposedly to be picked up from my home

I would appreciate if someone would look into this, because local authorities said its a civil case and that they are not able to help me.

Which allows these *** to continue scamming people.

I could care less about the money I care more about my personal information being placed in the hands of a criminal.

User Review
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