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Frederick –

Victim Location 02135

Type of a scam Romance

Hello my dear friend’s.

This is how it all started and it’s a sad, sad ending in a beautiful world that we live in, I lost the love of my life to Brest cancer in 2009-2010 we were best friend, lovers and confident for six glories years ( two peas in a pod ) .

After that our love was so pure and deep that I had no desire for any other female companion, but after ten years being alone and working all kinds of crazy hours had no time to go anywhere to mingle or build a solid relationship with any woman and started to feel lonely, lonely people get old quick and and life becomes very difficult so after I lost my job I had couple of weeks to be by myself and felt the effects of not having that soul mate next to me every day to share the fruits of life, love, passion, trust, honesty, good times, bad times and the warmth of a female companion.

I had heard about on line dating, but I was never into that and I didn’t believe in it, I never had any problems having female friends, but few people told me that they have had success on dating site, so I decided to give it a try, ( against my better judgement) .

So I found this site that connects you to local people that looking for soulmates and I decided to give it a try ( that was a mistake) while I was on the site on my first day I met this beautiful young lady Diane Rodes , she was beautiful and from Massachusetts, we started to communicate ,she sounded nice, sincere, beautiful and all the qualities you want to have in a woman, I was static’s how a good woman like her could be available, we started exchanging emails and all’s was good, she was into fashion design ( according to her) and purchased her products out of the country like a middle man and sold it in America to big corporations, that’s great, after three days or so she told me that she is going in business trip ( pre planet) to Dubai to do a business transaction and when she comes back she cannot wait to meet me in person because I am the love of her dreams ( wrong) so I told her how happy I am for her and cannot wait to meet her face to face, on her third day of the trip she emails me to tell me that she had made a small miscalculation and she is short In funds and she needs a bite of money to bring her products from the factory to port ( oh boy, bells are ringing in my head, I was not born yesterday, I am 64 and seen a lot and been through a lot) so just make it sound sweet I asked her what she needs, she reply happily 5,000.00 $ , lol lol lol

So I tell her I don’t have that kind of money, she asked me if I can barrow from someone and she will be in US in couple of days I can pick her up at the airport and she will pay me back with interest, lol lol , it got to a point that she wanted me to buy her a gift card, take a photo of it and send it to her lol lol

And I refused! Before that I asked her if she can take a photo of her hotel and a fresh photo of herself taken that day to send it to me and she claimed she cannot use the flip phone that she had and could not do it ( scam , fake) and she actually got upset at me. So I cut ties with her.

Second woman the same beautiful fake photo, lots of love, I was the best thing ever happened to her, she had a fake name Jane carlson, the same thing, as soon as she told me she in design industry ( bells rings again lol lol ) she was on a trip to U A E, she was to make a lots of money and wanted to share it with me, but another miscalculation and she was in need of 4.850,00$ lol and I cut ties with that woman.

The list goes on and on .

-Melbourne Reid

– Patricia, born in Norway live in America


– Martha Jacobs

-Jane Carlson

The list goes on and on , one month on the site and it was a waste of my 28.00$ now imagine how many pure and inexperience people go on these sites and get taking advantage of.

I wrote a complaint to the site but I got the run around, they sent fake likes and love through their site to people, one day in 10-20 minutes I had like 20 likes send to me of people’s photos that I have never seen or know about and I made sure they knew about it and in return they were telling me that they were getting out of this website because it was no good. But it’s too late they already have our money these no good low life thieves.

Someone with authority needs to look at these sites fine them and close them down.

Be very careful you good people, beware.

Lacey –

Victim Location 84003

Type of a scam Romance

Logged on to Ourtime on 9/17/19 deactivated 9/20/19 due to fake profiles. Did converse with one thru email I responded 2 times on the third email after really reading became worrisome that possible scam. They kept giving same info from previous email along with improper grammar told me was in Singapore on business with his son this made me suspicious as his son should be in school after he told me he was a caring father I responded negatively an email came almost immediately all in caps and said I wasn’t ready for a relationship advised he was right due to the response that sealed for me This was really sad that people can do this

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