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Nina –

Victim Location 92627

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Other

Chris Williams "Friend" me on FB. Chris asked questions about my iconic Bulldog, People send "Friend" requests duly to ask about him, he’s a great looking Bulldog. Actually have 4 FB pages. Being we hit the 5,000 limits and keep getting FB "Friends" request. Chris Williams’ claims to be the original breeder and always asked questions about my Bulldog. My job, working with Chinese manufactures closed due to the tariffs imposed.

Chris supported I would Breed full time like him and would show me how to use Social Media. Inquired about pictures of puppies available. He suggested selling a female ready to breed for a pup back. He only asked for shipping, then suggested buying puppies. I tried on numerous attempts to send more money by the "CashApp" and my (BofA & Chase) banks denied, suggesting fraud.

At this time Chris Willians had collected over one thousand dollars and requested $2,000 more. I had but suggested I would send half ($1,000) by Walmart.

While on the phone at Walmart with Chris Williams on the phone and the customer service representative asked for Chris William’s information. Chris Williams asked me to send to his "Other Lastname, Fincher" I thought this was bad, but committed a thousand he said he would send after getting the cash.

Chris Fincher-Williams was setting up transportation. Always having new opportunities for us both to male money by buying more puppies. I wouldn’t send any more cash and the transportation kept making excuses not to ship. Frustrated started yelling and call him a scam artist. He made arrangements to meet in El Paso, the halfway mark. Twice failing to meet. I found my own transporter that Chris lied too and turned against me and will not ship any more. I requested a refund, he denied.

Attached is my receipt 2 forms of identification sent to Ria Finacial of Walmart Services. I cannot file a complaint with the Spartanburg Sheriff until proof of fraud was committed. Waiting on the reply of Ria Financial. Please help and advise of next steps to retrieve my $2,000 dollars lost.

User Review
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