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Reputable Doberman Pinscher Scam or Legit? Check Reputable Doberman Pinscher Reviews below.
Alejandro – Jan 24, 2021

Victim Location 90630

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a Doberman puppy for my daughter and found the above website. The website appeared valid so I filled in the online form. They contacted me via phone and email within minutes (likely automated response). We went a couple rounds of questions but the one that requested funds was suspect. It was more urgent and didn’t make sense. The website indicated the shipping fees would be in addition to the $600 adoption fees, but the email indicated the $600 was to cover shipping. Also the website had Caroline and her husband, a pastor, but the email had her and her partner. Also the urgency for a cashier’s check and the English was choppy. Anyway I suggested the during a trip to Newark (about an hour from their location) that I could drop the cashier’s check and pick up the puppy, they were insistent that they needed a deposit first … then I suggested my niece, who lived in Newark, visit and then I’d ship the cashier’s check out but they went radio silent.

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