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Jaime – Oct 19, 2020

Victim Location 38720

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Romance

Someone has set up several Facebook accounts using the same name of Tony Grayson and the same information but some have different profile photos. They contact elderly widows and send them a friend request. They then ask them to chat on a app where they can’t be tracked. He acts like he works on an oil rig and is an engineer. He romances these women and tells them that he has a box at a bank overseas that he needs to collect as the bank is closing. He tells them that he needs their help and is going to have the box sent to them. He ask them to send thousands of dollars to someone that is going to retrieve the box for them and they will deliver the box to them. They also ask them to send money for their vacation to the place where they supposedly work so they can come visit these women. The money was wired and the money was returned by the bank where it was wired. They then ask them to send a cashiers check and when that comes back, they talk these elderly women into sending thousands in cash. They brain wash them into thinking that they love them and that the lady is helping them out. The lady sends cash and then all of a sudden they need 13,000.00 as it got stopped at the border and they need to pay them so they can get the box. They scammed her of about 5,000.00 and that was all she had that she could get her hands on. Once she asked her son for the 13,000.00 he told her it was a scam and filed a FBI report. The scammer is still working the lady and told her that the box contained his life savings and she was not helping because of her stupid son. Once her children deleted him from her phone and contacts he sent an email to the lady asking to be forgiven. I guess he did because his money train had left the station. The sad thing is that this lady barely gets by with what she draws in social security and now he has taken her for everything. What is scary is that one profile has a picture of a building that is close to her home and is about 40 miles away. He had her send her drivers license and god knows what else as she is shutting down when it comes to telling her kids what all is going on.

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