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Ashlee – Oct 29, 2020

Victim Location 30064

Type of a scam Employment

I received a call about setting up an interview with this company at 10 am on the dot. I am a resident of Atlanta, and I first received a call from New Jersey right at 10 am. I declined it, and then immediately got a new call from an Atlanta number. Being it was an Atlanta number, and I have been applying to a number of jobs in the area, I answered. The woman greeted me, and explained she saw my resume and they were interested in me. The job was a marketing job, and when she described the responsibilities it was exactly the type of jobs I have been applying for. She caught me off guard when she called, and I was naive to agree to set up an interview. It was mid-level marketing position, but if you look on their website there is no job postings. After we set up the interview time, I received an email confirming our Zoom call. I felt this was a scam after I agreed to it and hung up. When I googled the phone number a different marketing company showed up, but they had the same address. I was contacted by another employment scam back in April using the same address. Another red flag was that the email started with "hello" followed by the company name. They originally emailed me at 6:30 am that they wanted to interview me, and then called me at 10 am when I did not answer. I did not apply to this job or company before they reached out to interview me.

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