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Blake – Nov 30, 2020

I ordered these two pairs of shoes back on 9/4/2020 and have not received them. I looked up this website and have found it’s a scam and I would like to get my money back. My purchase was $29.90.

Michelle – Nov 13, 2020

Purchased and charged $14.95 for a pair of shoes for the hell of it on Oct. 14, 2020. Now almost 4 weeks later still nothing. Emailed support twice and no response. Definitely fraudulent company. Disputed transaction with my bank and was able to get money back. Wrote a nasty final email to this “Company” as a farewell. Not recommended to purchase from any ads you see on FB or IG.

Hannah – Oct 31, 2020

I paid for 4 pair of trainers totalling £60 3 months ago and have received nothing. Thieving [censored]! The add was on Facebook. Be careful.

Ryan – Oct 08, 2020

I purchased 2 pairs on 8/24, received notice of shipment 8/31. It’s now 10/6 and have not received anything. I tried email [email protected] and also [email protected] and no response. Their social media links on the website no longer exist. Definitely a scam.

Adriana – Oct 02, 2020

I purchased a pair of shoes in August for $ 19.99 ofcourse, which was too good to be true and it never arrived. I just received a text update stating that it’s shipped, no tracking, no email response, and yeah they have completely rebranded their scam company to ‘Elegance footwear’.

Literally got scammed, wish I was smart when I made the purchase through Instagram ad. I wish I did some research! Please do not fall for them.

Tried to leave a review on their scamming website but they never let it publish.

Diane – Sep 26, 2020

I also ordered shows back in August and can’t find any information on where they are. Also, their website appears to not exist anymore. This was definitely a scam and Instagram needs to police who they sell ads to better.

Calvin – Sep 07, 2020

Placed an order on 8/23/2020 for $39.85, received an email on 8/28/2020 stating “A shipment from your order is on the way”. I have still not received my items, nor have I received any type of tracking information on this supposed shipment that was on the way. I have sent 2 emails via their [email protected] email address, (one bounced back to me with the error: “Server at returned ‘550 5.4.316 Message expired, connection refused(Socket error code 10061)'”) and I have also submitted a message through their “Contact Us” form on their website. I also tried placing a review on their website, but it has not shown up. If I have not heard back from them by 5pm PT on 9/8/2020, I will be contacting my bank for a chargeback to (hopefully) get my money back from them. This was quite disappointing as the shoes looked great, and I was very much looking forward to them.

Brittney – Sep 04, 2020

I have the same experienced! I spent $19.99 and it has been a little over 2 weeks now.

Sara – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 02019

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased very cheap shoes from this website weeks ago. They have not shipped them out and do not reply to any emails. They are probably hoping we will forget about it. They also do not let you post any bad reviews on their website.

User Review
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