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Brian – Jan 09, 2021

Same thing happened to me. Ordered beanbag and only got a gray receiving size blanket. I filed a complaint with PayPal to try and get a refund. They did what they could but only response I received was that I had to return the package I received first in unopened package before they could refund me. I thought the beanbag would be coming in a separate package, so I had already opened the blanket. I was not going to mail a small package back to China without an address. Total scam!

Brenda – Oct 20, 2020

Just like everybody else is saying, I also ordered a bean bag and received nothing but a small looking blanket. Nothing but a scam. Hopefully we can get this website removed.

Ruben – Oct 14, 2020

Ordered two “bean bags” only to receive two hand towel sized fleece cloths. This company also removes my 1star reviews every time I leave one (which is a couple times a week). MAJOR SCAM FOLKS!

Matthew – Oct 09, 2020

Did not receive my pillow all just a little blacket I want my money

Willie – Oct 09, 2020

Paid 19.99 for bean bag, and 10.00 for shipping and got a tiny little piece of material! I’m pissed. Who do report these people to?

Jose – Oct 02, 2020

I ordered a beanbag sofa and received a blanket no bigger than a towel instead. All emails come back as undeliverable. As I now see, this is a common problem. I guess I chalk this up to lesson learned.

Alejandro – Oct 01, 2020

I purchased this beanbag sofa for my grandbaby & got a yellow receiving blanket instead, I’ve emailed this company several times only for the emails to come back to me as “undeliverable because the mailbox is full”. No phone number or address when you research the company. This is bs! I’m disputing this with my bank! (angry emoji, angry emoji, angry emoji)

Kelli – Sep 29, 2020

I ordered 2 bean bag sofas(can unroll to a bed) according to ad on 8/15. They immediately took the funds and any email was an auto generated reply. Today, 9/29, I received 2 tiny lap blankets for better lack of word that I could of made myself for less than $10. THIS IS A HIGE SCAM! I have filed a complaint w PayPal as well!

Alexis – Sep 28, 2020

I ordered a bean bag sofa and received a blanket the size of a baby’s recieving blanket. I am very upset. I paid $26.00 for a bean bag sofa. I tried to contact the on the email they give. But the email is not right. They do not give any phone number to contact them. Just a bogus email. I will never order from this company again. This is a rip off. Please I would say do not order from this company! I am so pissed.

Tony – Sep 26, 2020

I placed an order in August 27th 2020 my order was to arrive in 10-15 days I have received nothing no emails or notification of my order. I payed$26.00 and have received nothing no explanation nothing. I would like my product or a damn refund I have all the information and want something accomplished ASAP

Eddie – Sep 24, 2020

Ordered and paid 19.99 + shipping 08/18/20 sofa beanbag have not received there is no reply from email no phn # what the hell is this a SCAM how do we stop it?. OTHER stores are selling at much higher prices that im sure are legit. HELP

Tamara – Sep 23, 2020

I ordered a big bean chair. It was only 4.95. I thought it sounded to good to be true.

Marcus – Sep 20, 2020

I ordered a bean bag sofa the picture they showed is not what I got. I got a little blanket if that is what you want to call it, so I paid $20.00 for really nothing. I would like a refund or the bean bag sofa you showed, it is a false advertisement. I should contact someone with the better business bureau. I’m hoping that you make this right without going that route. If not then my lawyer will know how to handle this situation..

Jonathon – Sep 04, 2020

My experience is I’m pissed off

Courtney – Sep 04, 2020

I ordered 2 large bean bags an got two little gray clothes either you can refund my money or send my chairs the tracking number can’t be found I was excited about the chairs Saletgogo I’m very disappointed please send info on how to get my chairs or my money back thank you.

Teresa – Sep 01, 2020

I ordered 3 soy chairs and received 3 tiny blankets. Total scam.

Brenda – Sep 01, 2020

This company is a SCAM! I ordered 2 blankets $19.99 each and received 2 small 2 x 3 sized items. They are so light that I can not call them blankets 🙁 They said the item ordered is what’s pictured and when I wouldn’t accept that they only offered a 10% refund! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Tabitha – Aug 31, 2020

What a hoax! I read the description of what I was receiving and this was not what was described AT ALL! I received two 2′ X 3′ blanket for $20 each! I could buy bigger than this at The Dollar Tree! How misleading! New blanket, BEAN BAG SOFA… Where is my bean bag sofa? I would like a 100% refund! There response to me was that I didn’t click the right button. SCAMMERS!

Megan – Aug 30, 2020

Total scam! Ordered what was supposed to be 2 bean bag chairs and 2 large blankets and received 2 pieces of material not even big enough to cover a baby. I will include pictures of the ad from Facebook and what I actually received. Ridiculous 😡

Jon – Aug 29, 2020

Ordered a bean bag chair and received a 36inch by 24 inch baby size blanket with taxes and shipping this was a waste of $31.73 unless I can recoup my money. Saw add on Facebook. Do not buy.

Rachel –

Same thing happened to me 2 little pieces of material and no beanbags. And cant get a hold of anybody there. The photo is all I have since I didnt get the bean bags. How do I get my money back? Plus they charged me for shipping and my order was over 45.00 and it supposed to be free at 39.00.

Jeremy –

The same thing happened to me. I ordered 1 bean bag and received a little piece of cloth. It looks like a baby’s recieving blanket. I am very upset with this company but there email does not work and no phone number. I am very upset also.

Taylor –

Victim Location 79603

Total money lost $61

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We ordered 3 large bean bags from this site and received 3 pieces of material smaller than baby blankets.

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