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Ronnie – Jan 10, 2021

I found the website using Google and Bing search engines. My daughter found the pug that she fell in love with and I went to purchase it. It was supposed to be shipped and never arrived. I have made a claim that the money I sent was fraudulent and waiting for a response from the bank and law-enforcement. These people are Scammers and because my child one at a puppy so bad I felt for them. These people have completely devastated and broken her heart. So do not ever use these people

Steve – Jan 10, 2021

I was looking to get my daughter a small puppy. A perfect liar and scam artist. Trying to report this link to the websites google, bing seemed legitimate. I am working with my local police to get this shut down. Taking money from innocent people and making my child cry and having a child completely fall apart is not ok.

Katrina – Jan 09, 2021

I tried to pay for a tea cup pug 600 through zello and PayPal kept getting declined so I asked how else they told me to send them a gift card. I than looked up the number and saw all of this

James –

Victim Location 72012

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I almost fell for this scammer until I asked "how do I receive a receipt after making a deposit/purchase?" and I never got a reply back. I smelt something fishy so I did a little bit of research and found this site on a scammer’s list. When I emailed them about their site being a scam, they replied back to me then! Telling me they were going to file charges on me. For what? Calling them out? They are already on a scammer’s list so I’m sure there have been people they have actually scammed. I would definitely look into it.

Spencer –

Victim Location 12118

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people are very good at what they do. This is a TOTAL scam. They even have a fake pet transporting website that they use to look legitimate. I lost $300 with no way to get my money back. I could have been out much more but I figured it out.

Jay –

Victim Location 37090

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was online looking for a pug. Saw the site and submitted my intrest in the dog. A lady called me and then started with the text messages about the purchase of the pug puppy. I really wanted this puppy, as I have been after one for 35yrs. I was really excited about the dog. She said to pay half for the dog and she would send me all the info to pick up the dog. I told her I wanted to use PayPal. I insisted on it. She said her husband would not let her. I told her I was uncomfortable with that and I no longer wanted the dog. She kept texting me, told me I could trust her they have been doing this for 8yrs. She made it clear that I would get the dog . She dropped the price to make me feel more comfortable. Said she would call me in the morning after the dog was on the plane and she never did. I have left several messages and I email to get my money back with NO RESPONSE. I am heartbroken and livid about this whole situation. I just want my money back and for no one else to get scammed by these people.

Brett –

Victim Location 01832

Total money lost $318

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Person reached out as Meghan. Requested half deposit plus shipping fee for puppy via Walmart to Walmart 10 min cash system (like MoneyGram). Never came. Stopped responding after receiving cash. Fake pictures. Can’t believe people like this get away with it…

Heidi –

Victim Location 54801

Type of a scam Other

This person offers teacup pug puppies for sale. He will only accept money orders once he receives the money order he will ship the puppy. Some of his photos he has on his website I’m pretty sure I have seen them on other sites.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 17050

Total money lost $245

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted about a puppy for my son, was very quick to get in touch with me. Made me feel very secure that it was not a scam. Told me about being a Christian and the puppy being raised with his kids. John Miller promised if I sent half the purchase via money gram that I could send the rest after I received the dog. I agreed. The i received an email from a shipping company who wanted 540 dollars for insurance and vaccination, there was many errors in the email. The money of was refundable. I did not proceed any further.

Carlos –

Victim Location 55037

Total money lost $609.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found the ad on a pet finder site. Claimed to have teacup pug puppies available, had a website with reviews on it. He seemed very sincere and we agreed to buy 2 of his pups. We sent him the money and he was still in contact with us even after he received it. Said his child was in an accident and that he would send the pups as soon as he could. We have not heard from him since and have sent him multiple emails, texts and tried calling him.

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