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Dale – Nov 25, 2020

Bonjour, cela fait maintenant 3 semaines que j’attends mon coli, je n’ai même pas de nouvelle part apport au suivis. Pas de réponse à mes e-mails. Quelqu’un a une idée pour m’aider ?

Tina – Dec 15, 2020

J’ai eut le même mail mais toujours rien..

Bruce – Nov 25, 2020

Hello, i was also scammed. I bought a keychain and haven’t received it more than 2 weeks after, even if I had chosen 48h shipping. I also tried to contact them, without any answer, and the website has since then been « shut down » I guess since we can’t access it anymore. I was really hoping to get this keychain as it was planned as a gift, and I would have liked to at least receive it or get a refund.

Kellie – Nov 24, 2020

I bough a key chain and I had no news since the day I bought it, I’d like to get my money back because they don’t fall from trees. I’m from Italy anyway, so this person is scamming a lot of people. We all want our money back because in this period of time who would have thought about a scam, it looked cool to be able to buy something so beautiful at 19$. I really was happy to receive this key chain and now I’m so sad that you can’t even understand because the money wasn’t even mine.. we need to get back the money that we gave to this person.

Ann – Nov 22, 2020

hello, it’s the same for me, I ordered a customizable keychain saying “shipped in 48h” I received two emails then nothing, looked at the dates, I would really like to be refunded or simply receive my order, but I returned the site and it says “we will let you know when our site opens its doors” I also sent several emails.

Terrance – Jul 09, 2020

Victim Location 03820

Total money lost $18.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend ordered me a necklace from this website and chose 48 hour shipping. It’s now been a month and we have not received the package or any emails about where it could be. We contacted the email, left reviews, and called the phone number on the website and couldn’t get through to anyone. I would like our money back and for this website to be shut down. So unprofessional and such a scam to get people’s money.

Holly – Nov 21, 2020

Did you get the phone number please I buy a necklace too, and I want my money..

Kelli –

Victim Location 27834

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is the address they use under Samantha Miller.

The worst thing is they say that EBay motors will take the payment for your safety and when you call this number +1 (818) 641-1563 the guy in the other end verifies that everything is safe and how the process works.

Please shut them down!!!

1114 E 6th Ave

 Helena, MT 59601

 United States *** ***

User Review
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