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Tiffany – Dec 19, 2020

I got scammed out of $500! For a cockateil of all things. Buyer beware. They also masquerade as” Cargo Relocators” for shipping. They r both the same scammers! They tried to get me for almost 1000 and that’s when I knew it was all a scam. The [censored] got 500 before I realized something was wrong. Still no bird. No response after I caught on and told them to F off basically. I did report it to the attorney general in Texas. These jerks are probably operating out of another country. I was so embarrassed that I got scammed but u live and learn. I hope this post helps someone else. Sincerely, Fatima from Largo Florida

Danny – Nov 09, 2020

Reports of this site can be made to econsumer.scam

Raymond – Sep 28, 2020

Scammmm got mefor 900

Diana – Sep 19, 2020

I bought a bird for $350 and they kept adding insurance, a special cage and wanted me to pay a fee for a city permit, once I asked to cancel my order and get a refund they asked me to buy a Walmart card and load $45 in it then take a picture and send it to them. Do not trust the site!

Michael – Aug 24, 2020

They took my money for a bird then asked me to send more money for an electronic cage, once I refused they cut off all communication with me.

Claire – Aug 12, 2020

First I noticed that their prices were way too good to be true. They were listing the (rare) breed I was interested in for less than half of what every other current listing I could find was asking. $450 for a $1300 hand-fed bird in the US? Yeah…okay, sure.

Then I realized that nowhere on the site do they list a store or office location. Their one phone number has a Dallas, TX area code, but I wouldn’t trust that alone. Any reputable breeder would prefer to arrange in-person pick ups for birds rather than ship them, which is much more stressful and potentially risky for the bird…yet they do not offer local pick ups. At all.

This site is highly suspicious, and I urge you not to give your contact info or money to them. It’s definitely a scam.

Elizabeth – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 27889

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a Macaw Parrot and searched the internet and found Beautiful pictures so I Text the inquiring about purchasing a certain parrot. They sent me pictures of the parrot and I asked if there were any restrictions with the airlines for shipment of pets. I was told no. I asked where they were located and was told Houston.

I then told them we decided to fly to Houston and pick up the bird. No response. I text them a couple of times after that making sure they got the message that there was a direct flight on Thursday and I would rent a car and visit the store.

No response. I texted them that I had a "sick feeling" that I had been scammed.

Sierra – Sep 18, 2020

Thank you for sharing i was about to “buy” a bird from that website before I saw this post did you ever get your money back?

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