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Johnny – Nov 29, 2020

Yesterday I ordered from this site two products that might be Kenzo products. This site just emulate being Kenzo site. I want to cancel my order but is impossible to contact this people. I need help, i don’t want to lose 100 $.

Monica – Dec 04, 2020

Contact ur bank see if they can sort out a chargeback claim most banks offer this

Brittany – Nov 26, 2020

Please share the URLs of the sites that scammed u I am building a case to have them all shut down thanks

Mark – Nov 29, 2020

Grant – Nov 26, 2020

Ordered 2 jumpers from one of there sites I found on Instagram posing as a kenzo online store but after some research due to there unprofessional invoice I found them using the same website through numerous urls I contacted them through the email I received the invoice from and tried to cancel within 6 hours like they stated on there website and they had told me that it had already be shipped and could refund them came to find it had been shipped not till the next day you will have no luck getting a refund through these people I’m sorry to say. They operate from chine but have set there websites up with IP addresses as if they’re operating from Dallas Texas USA I report every site I come across but they keep popping up. I lost £109 and not hopeful I will see it again they not confirm nor deny that they are counterfeit just say “they sell quality product to many customers and have many good reviews”

Cindy – Nov 19, 2020

Did not receive correct items or sizes and have no way of reaching out to company

Christian – Nov 26, 2020

I will also add u need to act fast before the site disappears

Pedro – Nov 26, 2020

May I ask the name of site u ordered from I am working on getting these closed down

Ross – Nov 26, 2020

Screen shot what u purchased and take pictures of what u was sent also u have to prove u have no way of contacting them also do this by screen shoting there entire “contact us” section bank will send u some forms include all ur printed out proof in the envelope with the forms when u return them to the bank they will determine wether u have a case and VISA will take care of it from there

Natalie – Nov 26, 2020

Request a chargeback from ur bank they’ll tell u what to do but from my experience I need some proof such as invoice to prove u purchased items from them, bank statements which should say sarcostore HK screen shots of there website to show and anything u find concerning on there website

Candace – Oct 13, 2020

100% scam company. Ordered brown men’s crocs size 11 – got pink men’s Crocs size 12 Complete wrong order And no receipt in the bad they came in from China. Filed a suit through PayPal. Which is where I paid from. Hopefully hear from someone. Never order from them.

Spencer – Nov 26, 2020

Read reply for the person above u

Colin – Oct 05, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Purchase made through PayPal, no contact info on the invoice to request a refund or cancel transaction.

Trisha – Sep 29, 2020

Same here. Purchased camo mens crocs and received bright orange. Who would wear them? Using the Crocs website (SCAM)and not finding out where they are shipping from until you get an invoice that is odd looking with misspelled words in it. Filed a complaint with Pay pal and they created a case to find out where the shoes were and to give them 10 days to ship or refund cost of shoes. Ordered 9/7/20 and received 9/28/20 in ugly orange. NOw the case with paypal is gone and clear because I got the shoes, but not what I ordered. Sent email to send back and no reply and probably want get one. I want a refund. This is no jack in the box prize. It is a scam where they take your money and give you what they want, not what you order. Beware. It hurts CROCS and Paypal to let such go on. SO disappointed.

Darrell – Sep 28, 2020

This company is a total scam. I also ordered from them thinking that it was the original crocs company.
My order took a month before it arrived and instead of them coming in the light lavender that I ordered they came in a bright yellow. I immediately contacted the company.
these were their 3 responses copied and pasted
“We are so sorry for the trouble. It must be messed up during packaging time. As they are still good and wearable, could you please keep them this time or send them to your friend ?
And we will refund you 3% as they are out of stock now, hope you can consider it.
We didn’t mean to send the wrong goods. Please forgive that I am a single mother with four children. Could you please accept refund?”
“Sorry to hear that, since that, you can return the order for full refund , here is the return address:
#16 shuangshi village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan City, Guangdong Province , China 514600
Please let us know the tracking # and site after you do.
We will process the refund when we receive the return.
As we don’t have the return labels. If you want to return, you should pay a high shipping fee at your own expense, especially in the Covid-19 situation, it’s much hassles to return the items.
But we still hope you can keep the order with a 10% refund to avoid the hassles of returning, it will save much time and money.“
“Hi, Thanks for your email, we are on vacation now, we will reply you asap when we get back to work on 7th Oct.
Sorry about the hassles, your understanding and patience will be highly appreciated.
Best regards!”

This is Beyond ridiculous and unacceptable.
I will try to attach photos of more information

Savannah – Sep 26, 2020

I Had the same experience, saw their ad on Instagram, and thought I was buying directly from Crocs. The shipment came from China two ugly colours, also I got wrong size too.Would love to get my refund back am very disappointed..I send them a email no answer…Would love for Chad Koehler to give me a full refund…this is a scam.

Jared – Sep 18, 2020

I ordered from Facebook advertising crocs and ordered 2 pairs. They arrived…in really ugly colors that I never ordered. I want a shipping label to return them to China and I want a full refund! The message on email about tracking says to contact customer service with no info on how to contact them! I have emailed them back several times with no response! REFUND FULLY AND SEND THE LABEL

Samuel – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 06437

Total money lost $72

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I purchased 2 pairs of crocs online from a fb ad thinking that I was actually ordering directly from crocs. It had their logo and was set up to think I was actually on the crocs website. It turns out it was a chinese company and there were a ton of comments about not getting the right product and not being able to get to customers service and not getting refunds. I contacted customer service immediately after the order was placed and no response. I have contacted them 2 more times via email. no response. There is no phone number. No I received a confirmation the items were shipped even though I had asked to cancel the order. iPayPal wouldn’t reverse the order. Now I find out they are coming from China and won’t be here for my son’s birthday. Do not fall for FB ads. Do you research first. I am generally great at identifying this but clearly was taken. I am not sure what the product will be or if it will be correct but I hate being manipulated.

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