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Ashleigh – Dec 15, 2020

I also recently had the EXACT SAME experience with someone contacting me for Makeup work as Scott Mosier. Word for word- exact same experience.

Attached is the statement with the check they sent me, urging me to cash it.

Terrance – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 22310

Type of a scam Employment

Since I’m a makeup artist with little to no gigs during the pandemic, I’ve been keeping an eye out on job boards and film production sites. I guess I attracted the attention of someone.

So, for those who aren’t familiar with Scott Mosier, he’s a Canadian-American producer who’s worked a lot with Kevin Smith. So okay he’s a legit producer, so I gave him a shot. The ENTIRE time I was thinking “maybe this is a scam but let’s see where this leads”. Here are the red flags I spotted:

1. He did not mention which organization or production site he found my info on.

2. He did not tell me where we would be filming or what date we would have our initial crew meeting.

3. He lumped together makeup application and SFX production, which are two different jobs.

4. When I mentioned his name to the director of WIFV, she didn’t recognize the name or whether said person was filming in the area.

5. When I asked him to clarify a lot of my questions about the job description, he didn’t answer any of them.

6. When he said that I need to buy some materials on my own and will be reimbursed for them, which is normal practice, he must have forgotten that I’m a makeup artist, because he listed filming equipment among the items to purchase.

When I spoke to my friends about this, they said that maybe it’s a scam, but it’s also possible that the producer isn’t too familiar with filming in cities that aren’t on his home turf and he’s possibly a bit awkward in asking for help from the locals. I mean he’s not a huge producer.

I forgot about it for a while. Then I received the check in the mail. It was for over three times the amount that we had discussed. I included a photo of the CPA’s letter. I looked up Christopher Signorello on LinkedIn and could not find one that was a CPA. I looked up the email on the letter and found out on Google that Essar Group is a construction company in India.

The check itself was from Thomas and Sharon Fisher, and when I looked up their address, Google Maps took me to a tiny house in the suburbs, not a film company. None of these were under the name of Scott Mosier, and none of them mentioned the name of a film production company.

So I emailed this guy and told him that there’s no way I’m cashing the check until I attend an in-person meeting. He responded that I need to deposit the check in the next 24-48hr, and he reiterated where he would be staying, but never scheduled a meeting date and time.

So I reported him to WIFV.

And now the real Scott Mosier has a disclaimer on his Instagram that any emails under his name for filming locally is a scam.

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