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Anna – Jan 14, 2021

My account was charge $39.90 on the 8th of January. I called the name they had was not mine. So the canceled it and said they would refund my money. When I looked up my checking account I saw that my account was charged again for $39.90 on the 9th of January. Then I was refunded $39.90 on the 9th they still owe me $39.90 been on the phone for 50 minutes still nothing they said I was only charged once but as you can see by the picture I. Uploaded I was charge twice and one refunded one $39.90…

Louis – Jan 14, 2021

New picture

Krista – Sep 24, 2020

Probably a a hacker cheched your credit score using all your details before applying for a loan or a new credit card.

Latoya –

Victim Location 75462

Total money lost $612.70

Type of a scam Identity Theft

They did not contact me but the did get my debit card information and have charged stuff to my bank account. The made it so I my house payment bounced. Plus fees. When I called the 8665876881 and I was on hole for a while then when I told the guy I did not sign up for any service I could not hear anything and I said hello five or six times and he would not answer me.

User Review
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