SEDA State Economic Development Administration Reviews - SEDA State Economic Development Administration Scam or Legit

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Wesley – Nov 09, 2020

They asked me to buy a 300 amozon card n I havnt but have any of yous seen it through the amozon card is for delivery

Latoya – Oct 08, 2020

Kiaora & Greetings from Auckland New Zealand 🙂 Hello All, Omg I can’t believe Am not de only one be scanned of de same lies. It started 5-6 wks ago, I received an email from som1 with a very suspicious name called “BRAZZY CROOKS.” He sent me a link to follow, and a half a page letter explaining, my name was on SEDA’s list of Special Grants awarded, and am a proud winner of USD$100.000.00. To claim it I must click on the link provided and simply follow the instructions. Ok I thought, then I re read de whole email and de moment I saw the name abovementioned I laughed. Then & there I knew I was taken for a ride by these losers/thieves. I decided I wd just play along and see if could get some info to forward to our local NZ Police Dept (NZPD). I clicked the link and omg I saw the biggest red flag, the supposed “SEDA REWARD CLAIM FORM.” It was plainly unprofessional un-sedaly put together, excatly the same as another complainant form above. Strange enough I continued the form and clicked the link again. Then a person named John Crooks introduced himself in writing, saying he is SEDA’s Grants/Rewards Director. He congratulated me for being a success story and all the oddly high praises etc. Then the last paragraph said & showed a bank account no# to taken to my own NZ bank, to transfer NZD$2000 for US taxation, money transfer and foreign exchange charges, before my USD$100,000.00 can be released. I emailed him back and requested, if it’s a legit money, why wouldn’t SEDA pay for costs and just bank my money in to my account. He insisted if I didn’t have the money ready in 48hrs, SEDA reserves the right to re draw the money for another worth winner. I laughed at day stage xx CV wrote the acc# given and blocked that email. And strangely enough, just an hour ago local time ([email protected] – 0845Hrs) The same MrBrazzyJohnCrooks messenger me lol. Cut the long story short, he said he just wanted to remind me that my money is still sitting in SEDA’s safe unclaimed haha Then I reminded him how was that possible but he said 48hrs claim conditions. Then he said “Oh no no no, I am the Director and I change any policies ok, I decided a discount of NZD$1000.00 and u get ur money, simple as that.” Omg I cracked up laughing, sent him an ilmao. Then I told him to go bury his face & wholeself where our beautiful sun don’t shine, then blocked him again Hahaha Thank You 😉

Taylor –

Victim Location 75081

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’ve had 4 encounters with the same MO. They ask "Did you get yours yet?" And then they go on, after you ask the obvious "get what?" you learn they’ve been granted $150,000 and at some point they say "i thought i saw your name on the winners list". I asked where they saw this list of winners and that story varies. The officer i need to talk to is Dave smith. I laughed because I used that name once when forced to come up with a fake name on the spot. His english is really bad. Maybe 3rd grade level. I was asked for the following information. Here’s the speil, i can copy a quote straight in as follows:

It’s the STATE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION they are helping people with some free grant money nowadays.I got $150,000 from them and I saw your name on the winners list also…have you hear from them?""

See? They always ask if I’ve already (been scammed) here’s the form sent by "dave smith":


Mother’s Name…

Full Home Address…..


Text phone…….




Cash or check………..

What is your monthly worth of income….

Do you have a car…..

Do you Own a house or Rent Appt……

School level……….

Years in work………..

Next of kin…………

Facebook password……….

E-Mail password………..

Best friend……….

Fathers Name ………..

You will have to fill out those and send it to me here online for verification due to our mode of security purpose."

Impressive English right? Here’s how he said it works:

You pay $1000 and get $100,000.00

You pay $1,500 and get $150,000.00

You pay $2,000 and get $200,000.00

You pay $2,500 and get $250,000.00

You pay $3,000 and get $300,000.00

You pay $3,500 and get $350,000.00

You pay $4,000 and get $400,000.00

You pay $4,500 and get $450,000.00

You pay $5,000 and get $500,000.00

You pay $6,000 and get $600,000.00

You pay $7,000 and get $700,000.00

You pay $8,000 and get $800,000.00

You pay $9,000 and get $900,000.00

You pay $10,000 and get $1,000,000.00"

"Where am I to send the money?", i ask. They all gave me this:

Name: *** *** City: Pueblo

State: Colorado

Zipcode: *** 

Country: USA

At first the overall message seemed dubious but curious at the same time. For example:

"Why are you Just contacting us? your money as been ready for delivery about couple of weeks now which need to have been delivered to you already."

Then next:

"I mean why are you just contacting us now when your winning money has been ready couples of days"

Which is it then? A few weeks or a couple days? LOL. Clearly this is to get you to act fast and not think about it. A really bad example of that tactic. There’s too much more to paste here.

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