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Anne – Oct 27, 2020

Just $80 after an interview supposedly for a $25 per hour work from home office position. Originally someone posts to a social media group site offering a job opportunity. Your directed to a John Ennis at [email protected] in google hangouts who interviews you, accepts you for the position, asks questions about your credit and so forth and so on obtaining your personal identification from you and is going to deposit company money into your bank account for software and other needed equipment. You give them not just your direct deposit info for your weekly pay but also your bank logon info since you don’t have much to loose anyway. They are on google hangouts with you as they deposit a $500 check that you are to buy a vanilla gift card with. I did not know that it would be a check in my name that they would forge that wouldn’t come from the company that I was being hired for. The bank does not honor this check and instead closes your bank account denying you access to the money that you had in there before the dishonorable check. Your not clear on what’s going on nor have you seen the exacts about the deposit and assume the bank is just haters that likes to regulate money from you that they don’t approve of your having. So if you still want the job opportunity you use any other money that you have to begin a login portal access for this job. $80 deposited onto a vanilla gift card while their was no empathy or explanation from the interviewer about why my bank would be locking me away from my little bit of money. The bank then sends through the mail an image of the dishonorable check that does not read the company of the business that you have been hired to work for with the forged signature on the back and your too sickened and furious to ever write the person back but instead post the occurance to the FBI website. The company is also writing me back to ensure me that this person is a scammer and fraud. A week later you log into the vanilla site to look and see where it is that your $80 went to from off of the vanilla gift card that the person had you take pictures of the front and back to send to them. SGA Coaching. Could the position have been real? After giving the image of the gift card I was sent an image of what looked like could’ve possibly have been a login portal for a company. It’s not worth chancing another bad look from within another bank because you still don’t even have access to the funds that was in the first bank that this person messed up for you. The person obviously was looking to obtain more banks that they could try to gain access to accounts of. I do not write bad checks that could be stolen money so it’s out of the question to continue to talk to this person who cost you your other bank account with dishonorable check fees as well as $80 that went to SGA Coaching. In the 1st 2 days they spent 10 hours on my line and it seems as though all they wanted was more bank log on info or more vanilla gift card money sent to them and I don’t know who they are. They did provide a text only phone number for me to provide to the bank of who supposedly issued the check and I listed it under possible numbers.

Andres – Sep 10, 2020

Scammer’s phone 7026130148

Scammer’s website unknown

Scammer’s address unknown

Scammer’s email unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Initial means of contact Not applicable

On September 9th 2020 I purchased a OneVanilla gift card from Walmart located at 3901 Harrison Ave
Butte Mt. 59701
My card was stolen out of my vehicle between the time of purchase which was 4:12pm and 7pm when a purchase was made to SGA Coaching for the full $50.00 value of the card. I contacted to begin a dispute process.
My name is Jacob M. Renshaw cellphone number #(559)885‐6449 thanks…

Randi – Aug 20, 2020

Victim Location 92127

Total money lost $104,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

Mr. has been the victim of a series of scams between November 2019 and August 2020, involving promises of a Federal Grant, cryptocurrency and gift cards. He has been corresponding with a subject named Susan Bayerle via Facebook Messenger and text message, as well as several other U.S.-based phone numbers via text. We believe the victim may have first encountered Susan Bayerle around 2016 when he was exploring a cryptocurrency called OneCoin.

In November 2019, Mr. received a “Federal Grant Certificate,” purporting to award him a grant from the U.S. Federal Government in the amount of $1,000,000. The certificate is dated November 29, 2019.

Between April 2020 and July 2020, Mr. deposited more than $104,000 of cash into cryptocurrency accounts, including National Bitcoin ATM and Coinme transactions in San Diego County. We have receipts of these transactions.

Between July 2020 and August 2020, Mr. purchased more than $13,000 in gift cards using cash at CVS and Walmart stores in San Diego County. He would then scratch to reveal the PIN numbers and send images of the front and back of the cards plus the receipts with activation codes, to various phone numbers via text message.

Possible phone numbers involved in the scam include:













Possible email addresses involved in the scam include:

[email protected]

User Review
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