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Kayla – Jan 08, 2021

I ordered a gift for my daughter on December 14th it was a Christmas present I still haven’t received an email confirmation that they sent it, I have not received the merchandise itself I have not been able to reach them by email no matter how many times I send it

Casey – Dec 29, 2020

So I was looking for a Mia and me doll and they were out of stock everywhere however it said in stock at and so went to the site and it said it had 1000 of them in stock so I added it to my cart and typed in Mia and me to see if I can find more toys so I found another doll and I put in my cart and I checked out and after I put in all my info and placed the order it went straight to someone’s PayPal and said you just sent money to Lisa Arthur and I got an email from there it and it will take 7 business days to ship and so I waited and i never received the item so I called the number and it said we are unable to complete your call at this time please try again later and I called again and it said the number or code you have dialed is incorrect so I realized that it this was a scam site and just wanted your money

Sheena – Aug 27, 2020

I’ve ordered twice I checked out the last time it said it was paid and thanks for ordering. I even got emails to track order so today I tried to find out where my packages were and it has I didn’t order. I called the phone number it’s not a working number. I will check my check card if the money isn’t on there I will file fraud charges. DON’T order from this site!

Randy – Aug 23, 2020

I Googled a Mega Construx site for a Dominus Ghaul Assault set and it said in stock at Shatterbox Studios site. I put it in my cart and during checkout it had a high UPS charge of $17.49 but it was worth it since the set was sold out and selling for $80-$100. Upon checkout using PayPal it said you have just sent money to Kenneth Manley. I called PayPal to refute it but warning this is a well scripted site and makes it look like you are really on a legit site.

Louis – Aug 07, 2020

Hi I brought a pack of Delphi Tarot Oracle cards back in April..i have never received them despite several attempt to email the seller…I have had no reply from PayPal either ..just wanted the cards thats all

Chase – Aug 21, 2020

Hey, I’m investing a problem with me as well and I could use your help. Care to get into contact with me?

Heather – Jun 19, 2020

Victim Location 71105

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I went to this site to order a present for my grandaughter. I put the order in my cart, and when I went to checkout it wouldnt let me check out. It said my cart was empty, and I did this several times. then I caught on that it really didnt have this merchandise, it just wanted my info. I only gave my name, address, phone, and email, Not my credit card number. I tried to find where I could opt out of this site, and unregister, but could not see how to do this, and that is what clued me in for sure. I gave a password as well, but I didnt give any more info.

User Review
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