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Carmen – Nov 21, 2020

I gave purchasec a product never received it and n I money back i think paypal ia a rip off

Benjamin – Sep 07, 2020

I found out that you are the seller of the “bogus” product, algae repellent agent which I ordered on June 16th. After disputing my discover card for not receiving the item, it then came via the mail. My disappointment is that I own a 2,00 gallon fish POND not a fish tank. I have been trying to return this product for a month and cannot get anywhere. The package came in a pink plastic bag with no return address or invoice inside. Have I bee SCAMMED? I want to return the product and get a refund. Please advise me on how to go about returning it. thanks

Willie – Aug 27, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They go by She Swish Limited, Smileyhomey & Xhapers. I waited for a LONG time to get my order and then it was the wrong thing. I filed a claim with Paypal and they did their best, but this company, knowing USPS shipments to Hong Kong have been suspended, insisted I would have to send the items back. Paypal would have covered up to $30 of shipping but UPS would charge $130. I tried to get at least a partial refund, but this company knows what it’s doing. The ad I bought from said “US owned and operated”. I fell for the scam. I am filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices. Let’s all do this and put this scam company out of business!

Andre – Dec 15, 2020

they change names all the time . I purchased through facebook and instagram but after payment i knew it was from Sheswish .com a bunch of scammers . Paypal didnt help to have my money back . They should be stopped

Abby – Aug 25, 2020

i ordered the silk bras on May 6, 2020. Aug 20th I filed a complaint thru paypal saying havent received. As of today, Aug 25, 2020 i got them. WOW what a scam. Came from China. Don’t even ALMOST fit. and not same bras as advertised. I ordered thru FB advertisement ad. ALL FB advertisments are a scam. just dont do it. I will now wait to see what Paypal will do to help me get my 29$ back.

Devin – Aug 20, 2020

I ordered a product back in April 2020. I did not know that the transaction would be going through Paypal until AFTER I put my debit card information. I emailed Sheswish at least 10 times after never receiving the product. Of course, they used the COVID excuse, and said to allow more time. My last email to them was sent about 2 weeks ago, and I demanded my money back or I would go on Facebook and I would let everyone know not to order from them.
This morning I got an email from Paypal stating I would be getting a refund of $3.19. I paid $21.96 for the product.
So I contacted Paypal, and they told me that I needed to file a complaint with them but first, that I needed to add my card information to my Paypal account that was used in the transaction.
First of all, why? I received $3.19 on the card, without having my card information on file with them.
They are not scamming me a second time. Never again Paypal !

Katelyn – Aug 08, 2020

I order a two embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting tool 2400 PCS On July 06, 2020. I never received the item. I been working with PayPal for a refund and has not received the refund. PayPal tell you to contact the seller with the email they provided no response. I will be contacting my credit card for a full refund on this item. Buyer be ware of this company they are true a scam. They don’t exist. Do not order from this company She Swish Limited. or Not a creditable company.

Alyssa – Aug 04, 2020


Linda – Aug 04, 2020

I ordered a mini desk AC unit, they sent me a box with a fan in it. It was supposed to come with a charger and 2 meter cable, I got no charger and the cord is barely 90 cm long. The box it came in was highly damaged, so who even knows how long this thing will work (and it doesn’t work as advertised AT ALL, it’s not even the same item). They charged me $48 for something I literally could have picked up at the local dollar store.

Carmen – Jul 30, 2020

I also order two items from Swish, one for $30.91 nail dip powder, on May 8, 2020 and on June8, 2020 I ordered a foldable swivelstand for $16.96 and never recieved any of them. I tried contacting them and they don’t respond so basically they took my money.Yes i was dealing with pay pal and they closed the case because they say I didn’t dispute it. Thats it I am closing my pay pal account they are a bunch of frauds ! I also gave them the Id number and transation number to no avail.

Douglas – Jul 28, 2020

I ordered a bunch of colored pigments from sheswish and never received anything. Its been 6+mths now and nothing. Multiple attempts to contact and nothing. Paypal refused to help with the dispute and now im out $33. Paypal and sheswish are both fraudulent companies and only lookout for their own interests. Never again!

Abigail – Jul 23, 2020

Ordered a 360 cable for my iPhone never received the product . Did a dispute with PayPal and than took it to a claim but told me I didn’t do the claim on that specific date. The case was closed. So I’m out $18.00! Thanks pay pal!

Mark – Jul 19, 2020

NEVER BUY FROM INSTAGRAM ADS. I ordered a phone holder months ago and never received it. Now that I’m searching my bank staement for this crap company, I see TWO charges by them. I’ll talk to my bank tomorrow and hope I can get refunds even though I used a debit card. NEVER EVER buy from Instagram ads.

Cynthia – Jul 19, 2020

On June 13, I ordered multiple hair clips from She Swish (homeysmiley)for a total of $33.41. Receipt # 5520-6781-8598-6042 through PayPal and never heard from them again. Have tried multiple times to email, with no response. What a scam! I’d add a copy of receipt, but it contains my name/address etc..

Andres – Jul 19, 2020

I Ordered stuff from The Swish Limited yesterday and send a message to cancel order within like 5 mins of realsing this is a scam website and i read people having problems with there orders and when they got in touch with them and the website was shut down.

Order no is KGZ2555. I then got a message back straight away saying sorry we can not cancel as already been packaged up! Cancelation no KGB04373658. I have reported it on PayPal so hopefully don’t loose my money!

Samuel – Jul 18, 2020

I placed an order on June 25, 2020 and have not received anything from SheSwish nor I DID receive an email from PayPal immediately after placing my order, but NOTHING since. This is BAD BUSINESS.

Jorge – Jul 15, 2020

On June 25, 2020 I placed an order with She Swish Limited. Order # 30271646098
I communicated with them regarding the state was Wellington, Florida not Alabama. They responded and said they made the correction. Since that date I have received no communication and no response to several inquiries about shipment date. It was paid through Pay Pal and the payment was processed. This company does not respond to any communication and I think they don’t even exist. They had advertised on Facebook. Is there anything we can do about these scam companies and receive our money back?

Bryan – Jul 18, 2020

You can call the credit card affiliated with your papal and get refunded that way. I also was scammed by this bogus company through Instagram ad. I called Paypal and disputed with no results. I called Paypal Mastercard credit card (Synchrony bank) which charge was paid from and the credit card company reversed charge.

Samantha – Jul 15, 2020

Pague por unos productos para limpieza de estanque y no e recibido mi pedido, la compañía a quién le compré los productos no me resuelve, ni con el producto ni con la devolución de dinero, y necesito que me devuelvan mi dinero, como pueden ayudarme?

Neil – Jul 14, 2020

Never received phone holder

Jasmine – Jul 13, 2020

Scammer’s phone No number

Scammer’s address She Swish Limited

Scammer’s email She Swish Limited [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

On June 21 2020 ordered Slimfy High Waist Shorts Shaper for 16.99 and have not received my merchandise. Found out that this is a scam. I just want my money back and I paid with my debt card not pay pal.It’s to much going on to be scamming people for there hard earn money. I just want my money back please

Krystal – Jul 13, 2020

Yes I placed a order on June 21, 2020 for a slimfy high waist short shaper Xl/2xl for 16.99 it said your transaction ID is 8Y39773XT6266327
Merchant Transaction ID is
Invoice ID -C13325631225935.1 I would like my money returned or my merchandise. Or I am going to report this to BBB and talk to my lawyer because y’all are scamming people out their hard earned money. You can contact me at [email protected] I just want my money back and I can send a photo where I screenshot everything

David –

I ordered a All-in-One Hair Trimmer April 23rd. 2020(Barbershop shutdowns) I still haven’t gotten the Trimmer nor a refund, I filed a Dispute with Pay-pal and I just found out Pay-Pal closed my Case WITHOUT Resolving anything.

Abigail –

it took 6 & a half months and suddenly i have received my items

Alberto –

I ordered a phone holder for my car on May 22nd and have still not received my product, cost $25.00. I tried to contact the company via email, and they said they would look into it, and have never heard back.

Terrance –

Add was on Instagram and I thought it was legit. Live and learn, I will not be fooled again.

Bryan –

Ordered hair clippers in April and never received and now I learned it is a fraud. Paypal closed my account no refund received.

Claire –

I ordered 3 lace strapless bandeau for 53 47. On may 18th and still haven’t received my stuff.. This is bs. Don’t order from she swish limited. They steal your money.

Steve –

I placed an order 4 May 2020 under universe eraser business. It is now 8 July and my order has not arrived. Emails have gone unanswered. Do not order from the above companies.

Kathleen –

Victim Location 44144

Total money lost $44.44

Type of a scam Online Purchase

She Swish Limited does business under the name of Smileyhomey. They take your money from your credit card thru PayPal and issue a bogus tracking number and merchandise never arrives.

Jenny –

I ordered leggings. I paid $39.96, thru Paypal. I ordered these May 3. Still have not received my purchase. Or do they respond to any of emails. I filed a complaint with Paypal. I have tracking number, but my post office says it is not in their system. So I am assuming it was a fake tracking number. I also have a transaction number. Transaction number is: 2DK80036C8231563D

Wayne –

I ordered a necklace for my granddaughter to give to her mom for mother’s Day, and she has never received it. I placed a dispute with PayPal and was advised to contact seller to quickly resolve it. Ha! Sheswish is unreachable, and I’m sure has none of the merchandise it advertises.

Albert –

I orderd pool cleaning tablets on jun 13 not here either luckily I purchased on amex and they reversed charges what scams

Geoffrey –

I ordered a embroidery kit with a pen from she swish on May 26, 2020 and I never received it and now it is July 5, 2020. She Swish paperwork/tracking says it had been shipped, but. As of today I still haven’t received the item I paid $25.96 for. Why does Facebook and Paypal allow this type of company to exist on their sites without any protection for their loyal customers? Seems to me that there should be some kind of way for companies like Facebook to be able to screen for fake companies and not allow them on their sites to steal money from people. Thank you!

Paul –

I wonder the samething about PayPal and these fraudulent international companies scamming people. I have opened 6 disputes waiting on 1. And about to repor6 She Swish Limited.

Alyssa –

I placed an order through what i thought was Brilliaire on June 17, 2020. I get an email saying my order was processed, and shipped., only to see it is from this She Swish, Smileyhomey crap and already took my money. No one is resonding, no item, nothing. Then is showing something about PayPal and I don’t have an account! So is Brilliaire a scam to? I am not a stupid person. I’m very cautious. But this just really infuriates me to the core. This is why I like to do my shopping in person not online. I saved all my emails. What to do next!😠😬

Ivan –

I ordered my pressure washer on April 13. 2020 and I still have not received it. The company She Swish.

Richard –

I ordered on 8/5/2020 receipt no 1012-6960-1219-4030 A pack of rapid grow rooting powder (4 packs) $ 16.77
I am so glad my purchase wasn’t any more as I would have been more upset.
It makes one check if ordering on line the legitimacy of companies.

Never again PayPal should be more careful and look after customers. Julie Acott 1/7/2020

Alberto –

I ordered magic curls hair booster from she swish limited on June 9th 2020 at 10:02 a and payed with PayPal. I have tried to contact them and have not heard from them and now I found out that the company is a fraud i payed 18.96 . Now I don’t know what to do.

Alexander –

Ordered items in April 2020
Never heard from the company after they took my money. Contacted pay pal credit in May 2020 so far I have not received my items nor my money back! Sheswish is a scam company with many aliases. I actually thought I was ordering from walmart. I was on a walmart page but it wasn’t a walmart company. Beware ! Make sure you read to see the name of the company and who is sending your order.. my mistake for not taking this advice has cost me $ 55 and change! Lesson learned..

Jessica –


j’ai commandé 3 soutien gorge et je n’ai jamais rien reçu, aucune nouvelle. Une tres mauvaise compagnie… Achetez rien avec eux…

Michael –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I placed an order on 5/18/2020 with She Swish Limited / Smileyhomey. My account was charged the same day. I sent 2 emails to [email protected] requesting information about ship date and have had no reply as of 6/25/2020. Attached are pictures of 1 email from PayPal and 2 emails to [email protected] I would not recommend doing business with this company under any circumstances. This appears to be a scam.

Hillary –

I ordered from them on April 15th 2020. Still hadn’t received items so I filed a complaint with PayPal. They refunded my money, but said it could be reversed. Well over 2 months later I finally received the items but not what I ordered, they substituted the size of window film. It was supposed to be enough to cover 2 windows at 48” wide. What they sent is only 16” wide. Now I have to file another complaint with PayPal because it’s not what I ordered. Waiting for status update which I’m sure they already grabbed my money. DO NOT BUY FROM SHE SWISH…ITS A SCAM.

Krista –

I purchased three bra’s on 1/10/20. I sent emails asking when I would receive the product. They did keep me informed that the product is on it’s way. When I asked for a refund, they replied, I’m sorry to hear that. But no credit. I asked again for a refund since I hadn’t received the product. Nothing. $50.90 and finally received the bra’s on May 7. Five months later and way too small. I disputed it with PayPal and PayPay messaged me back stating they have denied my case. How is that possible? I see a lot of customers here saying PayPal is aware of them but yet PayPal continues to let them sell? Why?

Haley –

I ordered 3 perfect fit jean leggings never received them Transaction ID 53C75904312131035 invoice ID ivibtnkbbfpg74gw6yshbgvtb25ncmfzc3jpy2u
back on March 13 paid 14.97 per this is B/S

Tasha –

j,ai acheter des pantalon et mon no : PP-D-72121428 et je ne l,ai jamais recu , acheter au mois d,avril 2020 qu,est-ce qui ce passe ?

Maria –

I ordered 3 flash Ankle Skip Balls for my grandchildren on April 21. Paid for them of course (ad was on Facebook) and thought it would help the children during Covid .
Today is June 20 and still have not received them. Children are disappointed and I am out money which I can ill afford.
Words are not enough !so frustrating !
Now what do I do. ?

Raul –

I ordered a precise hand drill set on may 27th 2020 n have not received my order yet

David –

Receipt No 1888-1777-2185-2235

Cassandra –

I ordered a nail drill kit back in April and still have received it and they gave me a false tracking number.

Tammy –

ordered a donut maker about a month ago and they keep changing the shipping info .Paypal paid the almost a month ago.

ORDER #SBC100275

Nancy –

Victim Location 30815

Total money lost $41.70

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered this product on March 14, 2020. I didn’t receive the product until May 7,2020. When I received the product it looks cheap. It didn’t fit. And I emailed the for a full refund back no response!

Daniel –

Ordered a t-shirt in XXL. The tshirt came and it is TODDLER size! (no kidding!) And color was not at all as described. Attempted dispute with Paypal- BUT you have to send the item back to HONG KONG- which costs more than the shirt is worth. SAT AWAY FROM THEM!

Alexandra –

Ordered products match 8, 2020 under their lemongrass business. Still haven’t received them and they do not respond to emails.

Lucas –

I ordered Nail Stuff from Smiley Homey. Took the money on 17th April 2020 £17.55
I thought I would treat my self in the Lock Down. It showed up on my Credit Card Bill
as paid by Pay Pal. After reading all these complaints about people not receiving their goods. That is theft and you should be ashamed of your selves. You low life. Disgusting treating people like this. No word what so ever.

Colleen –

Me too I experiencing the same thing

Billy –

Do NOT buy anything from this company, Paypal order viewed and then disappears from Paypal. Paypal refuses to accept responsibility. This is my THIRD paid but no merchandise received so NO MORE PAYPAL for me. ALSO, WHERE IS FACEBOOK ON ALL THESE SCAMS? THEY SHOULD BE HANDLING THESE FOR US!

Cindy –

The answer is to boycott ALL advertisers on Facebook until they prove that they have cleaned up these scams. And boycott PayPal until they promise to do a better job of vetting. Lets face it; we don’t need Facebook or PayPal. They need us

Krystle –

I purchased From their website on December 30 didn’t get a tracking number or any of my order
Thought because of covid 19 it will be delayed but as of today I haven’t received anything and I lost 50$

Tabitha –

I ordered tights, shirts to a total of $95.00 on April 19th, said I should receive it May 8th, still nothing. I can’t find anyone to contact. Money went from PayPal to smileyhomey

Joanna –

Sounds like I’m screwed! The money is taken out, product to arrive by 6:30 PM, May 4, 2020. No package.. also through pay pal.

Jordan –

reason they have.its not Iright
Re that I’ve gotten from them are lies and promises.Since April 29th all the way to May 6. I want my order or my
Ruby Williams
[email protected] com
To Sheswish com

Jeffery –

I have ordered a nail driller compact with extra drill as a gift two months ago and still haven’t received .. it has been Six weeks and still waiting .. I don’t understand how Facebook leave these scammers advertise products who never arrive .. soo disappointing and I am anticipating to get charge back from this company..

Cassandra –


Gloria –

This company is a joke. I ordered on the 20/03 emailed through paypal. No response. Finally arrives today. I ordered a pair of jeans I got a pair of tights that I could have bough from the $2 shop.. They do not reply to messages. DO NOT PURCHASE THROUGH THIS COMPANY

Scott –

I order three things from this company in April and paid through PayPal and still have not got my stuff and I cannot get ahold of PayPal or the She Swish! Ugh so aggravated I have tried to call
And left several messages with PayPal and tried emailing to the company still no response! This is crazy so be careful ordering these things like this off of Facebook to good to be true 😢

Jacquelyn –

I had to go through PayPal resolution center. Then escalated claim today. You have to do it on a pngage, not the mobile app. Hopefully I get a refund.

Gregory –

I ordered a support bra from She Swish for €21. When it finally arrived the quality was terrible. It offered no support and was more like a bikini top. We raised a claim with paypal who found in She Swishs favour with the following statement “the item is materially similar to what was described so we find in the sellers favour”.
Paypal never asked me for this information and I cannot see any reply from She Swish on the claim. I find it very concerning paypal sided with them so easily with them.

Oscar –

Yes same for me, I ordered 2 and exactly as you described I should have known better, also escalated to PayPal as no reply from company but they also found in favour of company so now down £34 dollars I think so like £25 odd quid and a product that is awful and useless but I may just donate to a charity for people that need some 🤷‍♀️

Tyler –

Fraud – never received product. Acted like PayPal but was not PayPal. Credit card statement as PAYPAL *SMILEYHOMEY

Levi –

Scammer’s phone ([email protected])

Scammer’s website ([email protected])

Scammer’s address ([email protected])

Scammer’s email

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Acted like purchase was through PayPal – even sent email confirmation that LOOKED like PayPal – but not actually in my PayPal transactions. Posted on my credit card as PAYPAL *SMILEYHOMEY.

No product every received, no response from company.

Shaun –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I purchased a product – it seemed to go though PayPal and even sent a PayPal – look alike – receipt. But when I go through my history in PayPal, no such purchase was made. It did come out of my credit card as PAYPAL *SMILEYHOMEY. No product was every delivered and they are unresponsive.

Regina –

I ordered a jawzrsize on 4/30/20 and the payment went through Sheswish. I thought it was coming out of my Paypal account. The money went out of bank account on 5/1/20. I never received the product! What to do now? So frustrating!

Nikki –

I paid for some breast holders.. I have never received..I paid $20…please refund me…

Shame on you for being a scammer…

Brianna –

This place is a scam. I ordered the butt lifter and thigh trimmer on 04/7/20 they charged my card the next day. I have not received my item as of today 05/16/20. I’ve sent multiple emails that has gone unanswered and there isn’t a phone number to call. Lessen learned I’ll research before making any online purchases.

Meagan –

SCAM ALERT 📢 Ordered window tent and per order receipt it says money will not be taken out of account until shipped. The money was taken out the next day ordered but I have not received anything since 4/26/2020

Morgan –

I Ordered 2 Items From She Wish Ltd This Month. The Money Was Withdraw For Both Items On My Paypal Act, 60$ In All. One Of Items Is A Set Of Eyelashes But I Only Reveived The Magnetic Eyeliner. Impossible To Contact So 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Joseph –

If orderd a crystal stamp that u can do trainers clothes 7th April went out my PayPal not had it yet 😠
Why take the money no contact nothing

Beth –

I ordered a phone stand then it offered another one at a discount so I got it too. Been waiting almost a month now.

Sophia –

[censored]ing scammers ordered from April and still nothing. How can Facebook advertise for these damn scammers?

Jermaine –

I purchased a DIY nail polishing kit and three Dip nail powder starter kits on April 18 and 27. I have not received the orders nor can I get in touch with anyone. I have emailed them on several occasions got no response. There is no phone number listed to contact.

Randall –

This is my story I ordered on April 24 and 26 still no products just emailed them

Allison –

I ordered Sheswish..I haven’t gotten this product…SCAM SCAM

Desiree –

I ordered skin tag remover patch on Mar 22, thru ‘Roughpink’ some online store advertised on Instagram, never mentioned ship from China , never received till now May 13 2020, in my bank statement they use “SMILEYHOMEY”, but their confirmation email is SheSwish, so it’s 3 different names. And I found other sellers selling less than half for the same item. So from that I begin suspicious, and tried email Roughpink but never get replies.
So hopefully I will get my money back, PayPal been taking care of it, much gratitude to them.

Maurice –

Having previously sent an email yesterday regarding the items I purchased not being delivered I am now pleased to inform you that the Professional Stainless Steel Garlic Press arrived in tge post today.

Thanking you.

Cassie –

Scammer’s phone No phone number

Scammer’s website She swish limited

Scammer’s address No company address

Scammer’s email @sunnyfoxy.comsupport

Country China

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Ordered 2 pressure washers $53.93 on April 7 and received email staring your order is on the way on April 14. it is May 12 and still no pressure washers have arrived. I emailed [email protected] twice & received no response.

Carly –

I purchased an item on April 8, 2020 today is May 13 and I still haven’t received my product . I got them off of Facebook. I will never order again from a Facebook advertisement. Poor advertising on behalf of Facebook. I received an email a couple of weeks ago stating my or was I. The way and I never received it. I’m not understanding how and why Facebook puts plenty of business on there website and continue to promote businesses like this that take advantage of people. Do they get a v percentage by promoting on there website? Is so shame on Facebook.

Meredith –

I am reporting this Co.I never received my order which was electric Nail Polisher

Evan –

I have never receive my order which was on April 9th and get a hold of the company

Sierra –

I ordered a lace bra in April 2020 paid through PayPal and haven’t received my goods. I’ve sent emails to Smiley honey! Who are the contact that appears when you click on PayPal. They are not responding and have now asked PayPal for assistance. Do not trust this company and Facebook needs to stop allowing these people to advertise and take people’s money 😡

Tyler –

I purchased items online on April 4, 2020 using my PayPal (because that’s ‘safe’ right? The items have been in pre-shipping, in China, for a month. The subsidiary (shell) company, OnionPudding) has stopped responding to my inquiries and PayPal tells me to wait. Going to go directly to my bank now.

Jared –

I ordered the Blueberry shapoo in April and havent recieved my product yet.Im going to cancel through paypal. Dot order fron She Swish

Virginia –

On 4 April I ordered and paid for a Professional aStainless Steel Garlic Press which todate has not been delivered. Was it ever sent or has it been stolen in transit?

Spencer –

Its been over a month ago I still have not received my order I’m going to put in a refund request though PayPal

Derrick –

I filed on 5 may on this site so a followup. No response from the seller, She Swish. I filed for resolution with PayPal, will see where that goes. Really surprised PayPal still supports this company with all of these complaints. I found that She Swish is located in Hong Kong. I filed a police report online with the Hong Kong Police department, will be really surprised if anything is done but worth a try.

Troy –

Well I knew something was fishy when I never received a purchase confirmation. I ordered some jeggings on 5/4/2020. Until this day 5/12/2020 I still haven’t received any order confirmation. I have emailed them requesting a refund which probably won’t happen and won’t get a response. I’ve called PayPal due to covid customer service is closed. Ugh. So I filed a dispute. Hopefully I can get it resolved as quick as they took my money. These ppl need to realize they are stealing from innocent people who make an honest living who have children to provide for. The first time I buy myself something it’s a scam. Please DO NOT BUY from this company. I wish FB wouldn’t advertise for these scammers.

Samuel –

I ordered roll on hair for hair growth for $31.99 on 4/8/2020 and today 5/11/2020 have not received anything has anyone resolved any issues with this company ? What to do when this happens ? I want my money back if I’m not gonna get my product. If anyone out there is going trough the same thing please let me know what your doing to get it fixed

Ashlee –

I ordered jewelry molds and glue and there is no directions. Like how the heck am I suppose to know how to do the craft? Waste of money!

Suzanne –

Wrong item, ordered HMDI steaming cord, received hair sponges

Emily –

I just sent She Swish the following email via their website regarding protective face shields received today after a 5 week wait.

QUOTE…I received the full face screen today. I paid US$10 for each. JUNK! JUNK! JUNK! Not worth more than fifty cents. Looks like it was made by Mrs. Wong’s first grade class. JUNK! You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling such poor quality stuff. Terrible…UNQUOTE.

Stay away from this outfit.

Dawn –

I ordered this makeup a on 4/17/2020 of Facebook and still have not received anything tried looking up tracking and says still on way but no answer from emails either. I truly believe I got scammed thirds feels like to me it is a scam.

Kurt –

It takes a LONG time. And it will probably be junk. Like everything else.

Tommy –

i bought some tattoo eyebrows on 16th march ,no item and no replies to emails when i opened a claim with paypal they upload a fake tracking number saying item left china today. i bought 2 months ago so paypal wont help they need investigating and shutting down how many more people are going to be scammed before something is done.

Rose –

I ordered a 2 in 1 pressure washer total debited from my account $29.95. I ordered it on 4/1/2020 and still have not received it. I have not been able to get any response from She Swish Limited and I have file a claim through Pay Pal. Now I see this is a scam and I feel Facebook need to do a better job of screening these so called sellers on their site!

Adrian –

I ordered it and never received anything!can I please receive my money back ?

Calvin –

I won my dispute with Pay Pal. Took two months though. It was for the Easy Comfort Bra and they went by Lemongrassrice. They still email me every day trying to get me to buy crap.

Daniel –

Ordered Skin Tag Remover on 24th March. Money deducted from my account and invoice sent immediately. NO further communication or goods received to this day (4 May 2020). Company is a scam! Do not purchase from them. I have opened a dispute with PayPal. Hopefully will get my money back. Otherwise, expensive lesson learnt.

Shannon –

Company is a scam do not buy anything from them. You will not realize your order is even through She Swish until you receive a receipt. You will check your links and they go no where or back to the site you just got ripped off from. I lost 48 dollars to these con artists. The site you order from is GetMyHappiness, sounded fishy but I took a chance don’t do the same.

Timothy –

made a payment for a purchasing of equipment 11 days ago.
Merchant – She Swish Limited , Paid USD 29.96 for purchase 2-in-1 High Pressure Washer 2.0 by paypal.
The Merchant no response and seems to be it is a scam !
I found this ad on facebook.

Mindy –

I ordered 2 sets of magnetic
Eyelashes and liner inMarch. I still have
Not received the order but it says shipped but no tracking number. I emailed them and yet to hear back. Im going to file a dispute on pay pal.

Katie –

Ordered the sink and drain cleaner March 12th 2020, they were quick to provide a tracking number to PayPal so they could get there money, and the tracking number only shows that a tracking number was created, package was never processed and has yet to even be shipped or even waiting to be picked up.

Levi –

I ordered an all-in-one effervescent foam cleaner. The video on Facebook showed a foam cleaner that is supposed to get rid of all kinds of grime. Ordered on February 2nd and the product arrived from China on 4/22. What I received was a really cheap spray bottle and approximately 15 little packets. When you mix the packet with water in the spray bottle, the solution looks like blue glass cleaner. I think the solution is inert. It doesn’t clean anything and it definitely doesn’t foam. The ad makes it look like the foam sprayer is from a pressurized spray-type can, not a spray bottle. Definitely a big scam. Out $20.96 for a useless product.

Sara –

I paid 28.49euro for 2in1 high pressure washer on 11april
Transaction nooRS85026RF701563R have not received product
Invoice id ivzyo6dsp62noqlag5hd2lzagluz29hba
Patrick Doyle e-mail [email protected]

Angela –

I ordered 3 Nutrispot hand sanitizers from a website called Watermelon Wave on March 12th for a total price of $95.90. I made payment through Paypal. I was charged by a comapny called She Swish Limited, not Watermelon Wave. Two weeks later, I noticed the item has not shipped so I requested a refund. Someone from WW responded that there are no refunds. I went back on their website and the item is no longer listed. I figured if the site is selling something and it is out of stock, they would still list the item. The hand sanitizer was no longer on their site. I contacted Paypal to open up a dispute. Within a couple days She Swish emailed me a tracking number. Paypal said they can only escalate the dispute if there is no updated information from the tracking number provided. Every time I checked tracking it says Origin Post is Preparing Shipment. Luckily, it has not updated since March 30th. I called Paypal and they kindly closed the case in my favor and I received my refund.

Luke –

Je n ai pas reçu ma commande #4029357733 fait le 11 04 2020 et mon cpt à été débité.
Je demande de canceller ma commande

Abby –

I ordered an item through Brilliaire on March 31, 2020. Receipt says I paid $51.44 to She Swish Limited. Next day my credit card show withdrawn taken out by Smileyhomey. What a mess. Never received item. Tracking item says never shipped even though Brilliant sent me a text yesterday saying my item has been fulfilled. If it was where is tracking. PayPal says I need to work with seller. Who’s that? Brilliant. She Swish Limited. Smileyhomey. I’ve had it. I’m turning this whole mess over to Chase bank tomorrow. I’ll then turn it over to BBB. Then Ohio state atty. General as a scam. And yes I’ll include PayPal in it to.

Cassandra –

I ordered a shape fitter and I’ve heard nothing

Tamara –

I purchased sink clog removal. Received item in a Foreign language. Unable to use because I cant read it. They will not respond to my inquiry

Richard –

Ordered nail dipping powders and haven’t received them. Ordered 3 or 4 weeks ago and tracking still showing as in china

Philip –

I placed an order $102 on 20th Jan. 25th April and still no delivery.

Dale –

I ordered 2 phone chargers. I got charged for them and have yet to receive a tracking number on them. I would like my item or my money back… I am really just curious if anyone has actually received there item from this place or at least got your money back. Please help!

Evan –

Scammer’s phone 12563352736Don’t know

Scammer’s address 1235 Hermitage Dr Apt.17A Florence, AL 35630

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a duo nail buffer Receipt #3415-1515-3548-9920 on April 13th 2020 it’s now April 24,2020 and I still don’t have my order and no communication since.I have sent plenty of emails with no reply. I want the product or my money asap! Please help me!

Alan –

I ordered from Lemongrass aka She swish…got a bogus tracking number and now nothing. Crickets. PayPal dispute pending…
I had ordered 2 bras. Its aggravating because they were one company on Facebook which is where I found them, another name on PayPal…found that out as I did the dispute, and recently I found a 3rd name. People suck!

Ashley –

I ordered a pair of shoes and I haven’t reciprocate order, no tracking information, I can’t get a hold of the she swish limited, smiley homey company. Very frustrated and now I see all these complaints about this company!

Kimberly –

I have 2 transactions from She Swish for $29 each (plus change)
From 4/4/2020 and 4/5/2020

When I click on the transaction there is no hyperlink connected to investigate.

I don’t know of these transactions. Please BLOCK any future transactions from this company and please refund me for these two transactions.

Olivia –

On March 24, 2020, I ordered goods from Molly Ichigo/aka Ichigo Mochi/ aka She Swish. I never received transaction number or tracking just fake information and tons of ads and phony discounts. Paypal dispute is pending.

Stacy –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I purchased two waist trainers on April 4th , 2020. No updates have been provided . I sent multiple emails with no response. Don’t purchase from this is a scam . I will contact PayPal for a refund.

Desiree –

I ordered on March 9th 2020 and still have not received my package. I have emailed them with no response. If they are not going to issue my order i would like a refund.

Misty –

Ordered and paid for an item which hD never been delivered! They ignore emails which have been sent via PayPal. Absolutely disgraceful. They should be stopped from advertising on Facebook and also taken to task for stealing people’s money!

Patrick –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I don’t have any more details about their address, I ordered 3 bras on 20th jan, I contacted Pay Pal on 23rd march, they contacted Swish but I haven’t heard anything back because they are not working due to the Virus, I have sent a number of messages to Pay Pal and I did escalate the dispute before the deadline but they ignored me and now have said that its closed due to me not responding, I did respond dispute numberPP-D-59046075, I don’t know if you can get anywhere with Swish or Pay Pal, please help.

Devin –

I ordered 3 bras on 20th January, I have still not received them, Pay Pal did contact you on my behalf but you still haven’t sent my goods, will you please send them or contact me…the Pay pal number for the case is PP-D-59046075 and I did escalate it when asked, if they are not coming I would like my money back please…

Julia –

I ordered a glass bottle cutter and never received it.

Ricky –

I never received my items I purchased threw this company I want my money back or item and ever since I purchased this item they r no longer on fb kind of fishy to me something needs to be done I ordered 2 pants and I was so excited to receive them but I never got a tracking number or nothing else and I’m very upset that a company will take people’s money and not send their merchandise shame on It. Paypal is a security to pay, but i havent receibed my money back

Colin –

i ordered the magnetic eyelashes on 3/12/20 and as of 4/18/20 i have not received them so i called pay pal for a refund i am glad that i paid through pay pal cause i get my money back but i thought that pay pal didn’t take the money off my card until the item had been shipped that’s what pay pal said when i signed up with them so i am hoping that i get my money back although i wanted the eyelashes

Alan –

I ordered magnetic eyelashes through this company and pay pal took out the payment but as of yet I’ve never received them I want my product or money back

Alan –

I ordered magnetic eyelashes and NEVER received them it’s been months

Angela –

I never received my items I purchased threw this company I want my money back or item and ever since I purchased this item they r no longer on fb kind of fishy to me something needs to be done I ordered a pair of pants to help ur weight and I was so excited to receive them but o never got a tracking number or nothing else and I’m very upset that a company will take people’s money and not send their merchandise shame on u ty

Maria –

Money taken out January 15, 2020. Nothing received as yet April 16, 2020. Multiple attempts to solve. Over it and them. Every ‘rare’ response I get is ‘in transit’. I could walk there and back faster, so obviously either a scam, or a ‘don’t give a [censored]’ company! Do not purchase from them!

Colleen –

I put in a order for the sewing patch quilting kit I never recived my e mail to confirming my tracking number. Nut the same day they took the money out of my account.witch I,m going to.have to get out a Simmons out on them.they should not be able to get people money from this it is a fraud.face book should not support this trash they need to return my money.they need to be carried to court.I orders march 17 2020 .they charge my account the same day.s.r Jones.

Emily –

I think I have been scammed thought “She Swish Limited”. I have ordered a Diy Resin Crystal Mold set for $ 41.22 on Jan 4 th and I have NOT received it yet. I have sent emails but no one has return them . Can any one help. All I want is my money back on my card. THANKS !

Brett –

An ad came up on fb from GraniteGray and I ordered a patchwork presser foot and template kit… When the email verifications started coming in, it said I purchased from She Swish Limited ([email protected] and says a payment will show on my credit card as “PAYPAL *SMILEYHOMEY.” All of those different names worried me so I googled it and found out this is a scam… This is a PENDING item on my credit card and I have marked it as being a problem… so hopefully I can get the payment stopped ASAP!

Gerald –

I ordered diamond embroidery tools from this company since January. I received nothing till this day. Please do not buy from them. They are scammers

Martin –

This is a scam! Credit Card was charged immediately and nothing ever was received.
Cannot get my money back and several friends have the same story.
DO NOT order from SHE SWISH!

Theodore –

I ordered some jeggings over a month ago I have had no contact and my payment has been taken! Where is my order? Not happy will be contacting PayPal for a refund

Eddie –

I ordered a resin jewelry kit back in December. Tried emailing got no response. Filed a claim with PayPal and that’s taking forever. Today I got glue that goes with kit but no kit. WTH. 4 months is a bit much

Javier –

I ordered leather cream 3 months ago. PayPal shows you debited my account so please refund my money $31.72AU. Gimmermall sent an email welcoming me. What a joke. I can’t get answers from anyone. I will be reporting you if you don’t refund my money.
Joan Hancock.

Lee –

I ordered leather cream 15th January. Almost 3 months ago. I haven’t received my order. My PayPal account shows you debited my account the second I made my order. $31.75AU. Gimmermall sent an email welcoming me to the family. What a joke they never answer me. I will be making a complaint to PayPal.
Joan Hancock.

Bridget –

I ordered merchandiser and charged it to my paypal account. The vendor says she swish which lists smilehomey as the email address? Never received stuff I ordered

Alejandro –

I was checking my Pay Pal and notice this charge. I have no idea what this is. The charge is $19.96. I was reading the reviews and notice people have been complaining of the same thing. I will try to contact Pay Pal and see if I can get a return in money.

Tina –

I ordered bras over a month ago and have not received confirmation of the order but have made a payment through pay pal.

Meghan –

I made 3 orders…no confirmation…and impossible to get through to PayPal about this to report dispute! This company is a scam! It is also known as smileyhomey…and that doesn’t exist or can’t be reached either! They must be removed from all sellling sources!

Paula –

Recently placed an order but received no confirmation. Checked Paypal and the money was sent. Unfortunately, I never checked this site before I placed my order. lesson learned!

Crystal –

Ho ordinato e pagato con PayPal 2 articoli e on horicevutoancora niente che devo fare? È la prima volta e no so cosa fare.

Jack –

I also bought an item from this company through pay pal but no confermation email why this. Is scam never buy any thing from them please

Kate –

I ordered from this company January 26, 2020 and canceled it on February 17, 2020 do to the face after they took my money I never received anything from them about my order. I tried to dispute it thru PayPal but PayPal sided with the seller even after I esclilated it and never heard anything from PayPal had to find out by checking my account. As of today April 6, 2020 I have no refund or items. PayPal was no help with this problem
and so I am going to close my account especially when I see this has happened to other people. Do not buy from this company

Sandra –

Can’t seem to get anyone to do anything at PayPal nor do I get a response from swish limited Screwed again And out of money

Stacy –

I ordered some nail gel on 12 Jan 2020. About $18. I eventually got a delivery on 17 March. But it was not nail gel. SheSwish requested a photo showing the incorrect item which I did. After raising a case with PayPal, I had to pay £10 to send the item back. But despite this PayPal has found in the seller’s favour and has closed the case with no refund. So I am doubly out of pocket.

Kathryn –

Order status I have sent emails regarding order and nothing the money was taken out of my account but no order!

Krystal –

I ordered the diamond embroidery tools with rhinestones in January 26, 2020, March 1st I escalated a claim there PayPal they said it was shipped, today on 3/30/2020 I get a case of just rhinestones no tool just a case of freaking rhinestones that I can not do nothing with. I want my money back! Pic below

Marisa –

I made a purchase of a Storage Extender Rack on 19/01/2020 through PayPal. I have not recieve the items. I have sent several emails with no response She Swish Limited. I do believe i have been scammed like many others. I was hoping to try Paypal for a refund, however ive noticed on other reviews that PayPal will give refund. Why is that?

Tracy –

Scammer’s phone No phone available

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address No address

Scammer’s email

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I saw this website selling hand sanitizer. Since no one else selling it i ordered from them. They sent me receipt , email address to contact them if i have a question. After taking my $33.41 i asked when my order is coming to me. No response. I order it on March 16 2020, still have not received it yet or response.

Krystle –

Made and order on 30/01/2020 and order still not received. Provided tracking number a month ago but system states “no record found”. I then get told no tracking amd then 10 minutes later I get told its been sent. Very dodgy and I’ve obviously been scammed. Reported to PayPal so waiting on a refund hopefully.

Alex –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Ordered electronic tyre pump on 25th December 09 and item is still not received. Escalated my case with Paypal pending decision to get money back. Claim dispute with Paypal as they have a a fair and awesome review system/board. This She Swish LTD is a scam company. Lesson hard learnt.

Savannah –

I placed an order on 1/29/2020 #5428-5041-5433-8374, company took my money and nothing was ever shipped! I would like either my order or a full refund of $ 22.13 immediately! I had order some bed bug pouches that we really needed, we could still use them until we move and get new beds.

Jay –

I ordered @2 diamond embroidery tools and haven’t received either items or emails concerning these items, I paid 15.96 usd on 1st Feb and paid through PayPal, can I claim my money back?

Joy –

Pay pal won’t refund u with. I had the same problem with my order. Stole my money and never sent product

Janet –

Put in 2 orders for She Swish/ smiley to send me 2 double sets of acrylic jewelry making sets on 01/19/2020. Emailed them after45 days. No answer. Charged me 49 dollars for one and 43 dollars for the other. They were the same kits? Did through Pay Pal. Put in ffg or escalated re ssd’s solution ssd’s once today is 03/24/2020 think I waited long enough. Now I see advertisements on tv? RIP off artists.

Levi –

I saw the embroidery accessories diamond painting tools in my Facebook feed. So, I thought why not it something I could use and reasonably priced. I ordered two (2) embroidery accessories diamond painting tools but received mm size stones. So sososooooo disappointing! I just want my money back!

Brendan –

I bought Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner-never received it that was Jan 13, 2020 and thru Face book contacted Smiley and they say they haven’t been in business since Jan 2019—what a joke!

Kaitlin –

I order leggins, I received nothing I pay with PayPal, still waiting I try to fimd the page on Facebook thwres nothing there, came to Google found about this page..

Melanie –

Bought ther set of special glue and molds to make jewelry on 2-2-2020. Never received no answer and checked tracking# says one is not made yet. Will be reporting them to PayPal and want my money back. They are also using druvy (which sales items name)

Tara –

I ordered two pens and crystals from She Swish on 1.2.20 for my grandchildren. The crystals looked quite big in the advert, which you load in the pen, making it easier for children to use. These finally arrived today 18/3, the crystals are tiny, so tiny that it would be impossible for a child, or adult come to that, to handle. It didn’t come with the pens. What a waste of money, a total scam. Do not buy goods from this company. After reading all the reviews, I don’t know why PayPal are still allowing people to purchase goods through PayPal. They cost £20+.

Anna –

Same for me! The item received is no way what was advertised.

Mario –

I bought from She Swish on 01-25-2020 two Curly Bun Clips. One in caramel and one blonde because my hair is both colors. Both have NOT been delivered to my home. I have notified PayPal and cases were closed with no response but a email stating they closed the case. I would re-open and with the Virus now it’s impossible to speak with an agent. Crazy times. I tried to contact by email twice to She Swish with no response. This is fraudulent practices plus the FBI will be notified since they have scammed more than me. 111 people or more is a FEDERAL crime. I am livid. These [censored]- Crooks should be locked up and put in jail whenever they are selling from. This is sad because I cannot buy off the internet because of second or third party sellers like She Swish. I hope they lose all business licenses and go under quickly. They suck! Oh and I am a Survivor too. I died and came back to life. I saw the Lord Jesus. He’s True… I plan on living without head aches like this. SAD!

Mayra –

I ordered 19.99 and was charged 299.80…I dont have that kind of money and now I’m overdrawn.

Ashley –

ordered a set of stove burner covers jan 20th 2020 never received them sent many messages no response total order19.96 invoice no iv8jft80vbh31g5ihushynjpbgxpywlyzq trans no 23C75151jH5894342 trans action made 12;31am please know this company owes me 19.96

Chase –

I haven’t received my item purchased on the 18th January 2020 and not received any correspondence my tracking number doesn’t exist and the money had been paid for the item
This company is a scam bought through a Facebook ad called lemongrassrice but they also appear to be called she swish and smileyhomey

Randall –

Was for a comfort bra… In dispute with PayPal currently…

Clinton –

I ordered what were supposed to be womens walking shoes on 12.01.2020 and despite emailing them every week, ([email protected]) they have neither responded, acknowledged or sent my order, but they took my money immediately! I’m now going to report them to Facebook and I’m going to open a case with PayPal to get my money back! They should not be allowed to advertise on Facebook!

Tina –

Cherry Volley or She Swish as they maybe known as, is a [censored] lying bunch of people, I have complained to Facebook and Paypal, they should not be allowed to advertise on any social media. NZ

Joshua –

It’s a scam. Shame on facebook and paypal for their incompetency in fighting scammers!

Theresa –

I ordered a set of “ apparently the most comfortable perfect bras” but I can’t find the ads anymore and it took ages to get here and minimum contact. They are cheap nylon with little foam inserts that move around inside the cups. And to top it off the actual cup size and straps are huge but the under band is so tight. I went through pay pal to get money back but the company apparently told them because it wasn’t damaged I could send it back for a refund but they wouldn’t pay for return. So I loose both ways have a crap product I can’t use and is total rubbish. This company should be banned from any online advertisement. To send it back I’d lose again

Joshua –

PayPal closed the case cause I hadn’t replied in two days and not sent it back, so once again lost my money to con artists. Furious.

Ana –

Je viens de réaliser que je n’ai pas reçu de chaussures Premium Orthopaedic Open Toe Sandals – 2020 MODEL commandées 27 janvier 2020. Je trouve cela vraiment frustrant car pour moi c’est la première fois que cela m’arrive de ne pas recevoir ma marchandise.

Cameron –

I have ordered two different things from this company, bras and a body shaper. I have NEVER received an email with shipping info nor have I received my Merchandise. But, thy wasted NO time taking my Money! This has been going on since 01/16/2020

Samantha –

Kimberley Lower ,Back in January 5,2020 I ordered 2 different wig extensions. For $29.33 I to this day have never recieved eather of them. It’s now March 05,2020. I’ve tried to contact them. Can’t seem to get a number to call amd talk to them eather. I’ve paid for these items and am still waiting for them. If I cant get my wig extensions then I’d like my money back please. Does anyone no how I can get in touch with these ppl. Thank you.

Tanya –

I ordered tooth whitening toothpaste January 2nd, paid by pay pal, have never recieved it, so am now in a dispute with them, via pay pal to return my money. Thieving gits this company. So many bad reports, would never have ordered if I saw reviews first gggrrrr

Oscar –

I ordered tooth paste on dec 31st. Never received it and no one will email me back! I have emailed multiple time and nothing. They took my money but now won’t answer me! It’s theft!

Armando –

I ordered some resin molds etc from
ORDER #MM16240

It’s been 2 months! And I haven’t received anything! They gave me a bogus tracking #. I contacted my bank and they refuse to give my $. I also contacted PayPal and awaiting for them to responded. I am furious. I’ve emailed market music 15 times already!

Sarah –

Same ordered 11 Jan 2020, nothing arrived… contacted seller… zero… raised PayPal complaint last week… something arrived today… tracking claims order sent 05 March 2020? In transit! How am I the consumer liable still?

Kristen –

I ordered a hip trainer January 19,2020 $25.96 haven’t received it yet tried to email no response i paid through [email protected]

James –

I love the fact that I contacted my bank too that I used through PayPal (but their ad was on Facebook), and they refused to help me. I’ve contacted paypal but it’s taking them centuries to answer me.

Cheryl –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered items in Jan 2020 at a cost of £25.00 never delivered. Contacted several times but never received a response. Can’t believe they are still allowed to trade.

Seth –

case number pp/d/55606894 action id /74t72611sg22 i ordered a you are my sunshine necklace on 27th of january still waiting for it ive bought of you before no problem very digusted withe this company ive sent you many messages no replyi been in touch with paypal they have been in touch with you no reply i think this is a scam you have lost a lot of customers

Brittany –

I placed an order on Feb 01 still haven’t received my order my order number is3512-7366-9912-8412 can I get a response I’ve order before it has never been this long

Dylan –

Not received items ordered!

Alejandro –

I placed a order on Dec. 27, 2019, for a glass repair
I have never received my order it was paid for at that time

Philip –

Ordered shampoo bought
Sent several email no reply
Did Paypal but was to late for my claim refund
Am a widow with 4 kids I jyst don’t throw money around
It’s shampoo we need it fgs

Peter –

Victim Location 31738

Total money lost $24.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Clicked on a site on fb and placed an order. When the order crossed to my account it had a different name on it. Can not go to the site that is listed on my account. Searched it on googled and saw that a lot of people were saying that it is a spam. The site on my account says She Swish Limited,

Corey –

I did the same and have never received my order. Scammers

Grace –

They are very slow to send out products and only do so after a dispute is filed with PayPal. They are very unreliable and may even be scammers. The products was sent directly from some province in China and was very cheaply made and overpriced. Will never order from them or any other FB advertisers again. FB should make sure companies placing adds are reputable and have good ratings.

Tyler –

She Swish has re-branded itself as “Cherry Valley”.
Same tactics and techniques as described above.
In my case they caught me with the new name &
added a high priced item to my order which I did
not order. It increased my order by from a total of
$51.88 to a higher amount of $72.45, which also
included a $5.99 Shipping and Handling Charge.

Stacy –

Made a purchase back on Oct 18, for 6 pairs of those leggings. Never got them. Tried several time to contact them and they will not respond. Sent a tracking number number that showed absolutely nothing. Finally filed a dispute with PayPal. I wanted to cancel this order and they said the couldn’t because they have sent them out again . So they said. They got me for almost $110.00. Hoping PayPal can get my money back.

Latasha –

I placed an order on 19 November, now 18th December and no response or delivery

Justin –

I both 3 Ultrasonic pest repeller the 2 /10 2019 for 42,86 USD have not got anything yet and get no answer from them. I am trying to get my money back from PAY PAL

Melinda –

I ordered some pens for my daughter for Christmas on Oct 17th I paid £39 and now it’s 16th December and I haven’t received them. I have emailed the company over 4 times and heard nothing. This company on Facebook was called cherry valley but I can not longer find it. This company is a total scam. I will get in touch with PayPal and try and claim it back.

Jorge –

On October 6th, 2019, I ordered the 4D silk Fiber Mascara from one of their facebook ads. It is now Dec. 10th, 2019 and my order still has not arrived. What they sent is not even close to what I ordered. They sent me a cheap garbage mascara called Heavy full Figure Membrane Force Eyelash to Cream. This crap is not worth the 35.97 that I paid for the 4D Silk Fiber Mascara. They have not responded to my many emails and PayPal complaints so I sent them an email explaining what the LAW will do when they find out about the cyber crimes She Swish Ltd is committing. I informed these crooks that internet fraud carries a penalty of 20 years in the federal pen and a $150,000 fine after they fire all of the employees and shut the business down. I gave them three days from the date I put in the email to respond or I will follow through and bring all of their victims contact information with me to the FBI so they can pursue charges.

Tommy –

I finally got a response from these thieves after sending a threatening email to have them imprisoned for internet fraud and informing them of the $150, 000 fine that goes with it after the FBI shuts them down. Their real contact email is [email protected] I escalated my PayPal complaint to a claim and sent a message threatening to take this to the FBI and have them investigated for internet fraud. I got an immediate response. The Department of Homeland Security handles these complaints. go to to report your crime.

Randi –

I ordered a product from a Facebook ad from a company called SheSwish. The order on PayPal said storm media limited though. The product is actually stole my money 😡 I try to contact this company they are SCAMMERS I will never will buy nothing in Facebook again! Terrible!

Lauren –

Contact you local FBI. They are commiting internet fraud and the FBI can find them and take them down.

Marc –

I have received 3 pairs of leggings from this company. Not at all like described. They are not answering my emails asking for a returns address. Spend over £35 on these awful things.
How am I supposed to get my money back? Can anyone suggest anything?

Preston –

Contact you local FBI. They are commiting internet fraud and the FBI can find them and take them down.

Sheila –

I have received some very sub standard goods which are not as described. They will not answer my emails t give me a return address or a refund

Micheal –

Contact you local FBI. They are commiting internet fraud and the FBI can find them and take them down.

Jenny –

I also think Facebook should be held accountable and investigate these companies before allowing them to place aid . I had more than 1 bad experience from bad companies on FB

Omar –

I agree, I trusted Facebook and Paypal and they both had complaints about this company. I guess neither site can totally be trusted.

Gerald –

I ordered this, but refused the package twice from FedEx…now they are saying it was accepted. I provided return proof to my PayPal account, but the company refuses to give me information about their complete shipment to me…how do I get a refund?

Dominic –

I bought a pair of supposed Jeggings off this company, it cost me $20.96, I have spent ages trying to find this company, they send their rubbish product in a plain bag with no info on it or inside, and when you go into the company on Paypal, several companies come up, this company are just scammers

Michelle –

Victim Location 30213

Total money lost $22.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw ad for light-up earrings on fb. Went to site and purchased 2 pair on 12/5/17. Recieved email on 12/8 with a fedex tracking number that fedex didn’t recognize.

My debit card was declined 3 times when making initial puchase. It was flagged. I contacted my credit union and the flag was released. Credit union said it was flagged because it was in China. No response from the company and no earrings.

Ashleigh –

Total money lost $95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased item Nov 2 2017. It was now mid-December with no tracking updates or product. Emailed back and forth, tracking number says "returned to sender". My address was "undeliverable". They will not cancel the order or refund my money, even though THEY have the product. Such a scam. Will file complaint with Mastercard.

Corey –

Victim Location 46383

Total money lost $31

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a product from a Facebook ad from a company called SheSwish. The order on PayPal said storm media limited though. The product is actually stolen from a kickstarter campaign so it does not technically even exist yet. The order seemed legit. They even sent a tracking number right away. The tracking number is bogus though. When I contacted their customer support they just reply with its a busy time of year and sometimes shipping can take 15-21 days. Then once it was past that they said 25-30. They also say they can’t cancel the order because it’s alresdy been shipped and they send another fake tracking number. I believe there are multiple websites that are the same company different name that advertise on Facebook but never send the product.

Dominic –

I agree. I’m going through the same thing with 3 different companies. My credit card had been charged, but no merchandise has been delivered! PayPal had an hour and 37 minute wait to 2 hours and 25 minute wait! They are on my cc, but I didn’t go through them!

Maurice –

I believe Facebook should be held responsible for the scam companies they allow to use there webside for phony sales, they should have to check out all companies first. before they allow them to sell

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