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Jesse – Dec 15, 2020

I ordered then cancelled the order. The order received today 12-14-2020 and I am trying to return it. when I Contact the Service dept. I am advised that they don’t recognize the e-mail and – or the order number. Also the product is no longer at their web site. I am reporting it to my credit card provider. Ken Makant

Ricardo – Dec 09, 2020

Yes,,me too,,ordered mini-rechargeable branch triming chain saw,,24v $49.95 plus shipping,,,about $54.00 total ,,,,after three weeks,,I got about a $6.00 Boy Scout survival kit style 24″ abrasive wire with a finger ring at each end to saw my branches with! But they did throw in a Santa key ring,,,got from Modern Mint,,,cus ser # says sorry we a closed,,leave message,,,they don’t call back,,,,e-mailed also,,no luck,,,which is the scamer,,,Shipping Dept NJ or Modern Mint,,or both,,,I would avoid both! Bob P. Winslow,Maine

Melody – Nov 16, 2020

I orderd two life like dog that was advertised as a realistic dog that cuddled up with when i open the pack it was not what i orderd how can i give this thing to a person it look like i went to the dollar store i pay to much it say $19.99 they charge me $34.99 twice .the products look like Gabage.i would like my money back okay. Mr.Ruben Torres

Mitchell – Nov 08, 2020

Ordered on line a LifeLike Shih Tzu. Received a little stuffed dog not worth the cost of
of the dog I ordered.. This is a real scam, check out the return address of 1100 Cranbury South River road, Monroe Tnsh, New Jersey. (shipping dept.) Tried to go to Paypal and somehow they can’t find my order or my payment. I have a receipt from Paypal with all numbers Invoice and ID Numbers, They still can’t find. ?

Kelli – Nov 02, 2020

Don’t buy any of those dogs that are advertised on your phone that are supposed to be electronic and walk and run, opens mouth and tongue licks and it follows a person around like its a real dog. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, IT’S ONLY A SMALL, STUFFED DOG. It is NOT electronic and it doesn’t have any batteries either. Don’t fall for that fraud..which it is a FRAUD! If you pay through PayPal, you may get your money back but don’t count on it! It doesn’t look like what I ordered and the colors are faded which should be dark black and white. SCAMMERS! $29.98 includes shipping and the stuff dog is not even worth that price, probably $3.98? There are a lot of different companies and this one was Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce, Inc. who is using the Shipping Dept., Dept NJ, 1100 Cranbury South River Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINA RIGHT NOW! EVERYTHING IS A FRAUD OR SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU A DIFFERENT THING THAN WHAT YOU ORDERED! NO PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE!

Carolyn – Nov 02, 2020

I ordered 3 of the dogs that they said are life like and walk and act like a real dog
it is a scam they are just a cheep stuffed toy I would like my money back how do i get it back I’m going to report to the better business Something should be done with these people that cheat and scam

Cara – Oct 26, 2020

I got what looks like garbage bags with Velcro ?🙃

Janet – Oct 20, 2020

I placed an order with in early August. After paying for it, I waited over a month to receive it. I finally was able to send them an email asking where my order was. They responded with no apology, but, I did finally receive the order. The coat I ordered and received was not like it was pictured on their website. On the site it looked like a winter coat. Instead it was a light weight jacket. I have tried five different times to email them for a Return Request, RA. I have yet to hear from them. I looked them up and found that they are thought to be a fake company, one that was begun during the pandemic. It seems that more people than ever are resorting to on-line ordering. I’ve been ordering on-line before it became popular. However, I’ve NEVER run into the problem I’m now having with this company. From a review of the company I learned that they may be a fake company. I also learned that with the COVID, fake companies are popping up all over the Internet. Needless to say, I’m having to keep the jacket which, if I decide I don’t want it will end up at Goodwill. I am also now very leery about ordering from a company I have never heard of, at least before I do some research. I will NOT be scammed again! Stay away from!

Jeremy – Oct 20, 2020

AWEFUL Big scam! Reg $4.00 stuffed dog nothing but a ball of nappy cloth…want a refund, and arrest these [censored] for fraud. Jerks…

Nina – Oct 20, 2020

I waited a couple months,10/19/20 received a scrunchie nappy stuffed animal no features ball of rug like material ,Would like my money back returning to this address is just adding more money to my loss. Is there a way to get refund?

Stephen – Oct 17, 2020

When ordering the dog (2 of them) it seemed like the animal moved, when received nothing happens with the animal. False advertising and a way to get your money. I would like to send back for a refund. Please advise how I can return these animals for a refund. My email is [email protected] I would like a reply.

Brett – Oct 03, 2020

I don’t remember ordering anything but received what looks like a small rug I looked up the address and shows it’s a Chinese scam.

Glenn – Oct 01, 2020

I ordered a lifelike dog that was advertised as a realistic dog that cuddled up with you and was good for Nursing Home residents like myself. What I got was a tiny little stuffed animal that didn’t even look like a normal dog! It took SO LONG to receive it & then to get what I got was horrible! It came in a cheap bag with only this address, no anything! I’m SO MAD, I paid A LOT of money for something I could win at a fair, but worse Quality!

Erik – Sep 22, 2020

Received a thermos style cup, did not order this and cannot find where I was charged for this item. Any ideas?

Benjamin – Aug 04, 2020

Ordered lifelike newborn doll and product received was nothing like advertised

Devin – Aug 04, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Bait and switch item

Candace – Aug 04, 2020

Ordered a lifelike doll, took so long to receive and doll was such a disappointment because it did not look anything like advertised.

Mario – Aug 04, 2020

Ordered doll that was suppose to be lifelike newborn, was horrible about 6” with no features. Took too long to delivery and nothing to indicate it was a product delivered from China. Demand a refund

Caitlin – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 48604

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offered a 22" reborn realistic doll with hair for 39.99 plus 9.95 shipping. Said you could take it in the bath, showed pictures of these adorable dolls. Could choose boy or girl. Was to come with an outfit and pacifier. What I got, was nothing close, dollar store purchase at best. Scary, misshapen face, tiny – maybe 6" long, no diaper, outfit not covering her, no pacifier, mouth does not open to take it anyway. I want my money back. When I tried to contact them – my email address ironically wasnt in their system. Their phone number was no longer in service. cant find the name of the company …. OMG. REF# ******************   tracking# **********************

Dawn – Jul 23, 2020

Victim Location 37716

Total money lost $38.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered online a life sized newborn baby doll from a China firm ..said it was on the way. Cost $39.00 approx. It came in the mail alright in a very small package, size of my palm. Didn’t look like the doll I ordered on line and pay with it thru Pay Pal. I got a receipt for it and the money went to a Salvatore Guzman. (I was thinking why a spanish name for a chinese company). On top of that, the shipping label was created in China with the correct address………….somehow instead of coming to me it went to a company that no longer exist. Says only Shipping Dept. Dept NJ, 1100 Cranbury South River Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831……….the new label was slapped on top of the chinese one with the correct mailing address. I don’t know if it was a bait and switch or what……………….but my Life sized newborn baby doll fits into my palm…defective in all sorts of spots……….doesn’t look like anything I ordered. Tried to reach this company, doesn’t exist. The place I originally order the doll from in China, no longer has a website…………………………..FRAUD AND SCAM !

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