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Lee – Feb 11, 2021

SCAM! I ordered Portable Mini Clothes Washing Machine August of 2020. But have not received anything else, Paypal knows this company is a scam and has no problem helping them carry peoples money away.

Jacquelyn – Jan 04, 2021

I ordered two multifunctional kneelers last spring of 2020. I did guess the pouches to attach them Like in July or August. But have not received anything else

Stefanie – Dec 14, 2020

SCAM! Ordered two playpens and only received the top covers. Filed complaint to Paypal and the company said they were delivered. Tracking number etc. All I got was two cheap covers for them in a small 5x 7 bag. Never got the playpens. I wrote to the address and it no longer exists. Yeah Facebook scam. I will never again order anything from a Facebook ad. YOU will be smart if you don’t either.

Tamara – Dec 09, 2020

I ordered a product, I never received it. they even went so far as to give me a tracking number yet, not the company I should look up. Now, six + months later I contact PayPal because they have gone against my claim. the first person I talked to at PayPal say the shipping company was a yen chin, out of chine ( spelling might be wrong) then they told me it was USPS. when I told them that USPS never had the tracking number.. PayPal insisted. I am not in the process of filing a complaint here, and to BBB for both the company that I ordered the product from and PayPal. this seems to be an ongoing thing with Facebook. and this hasn’t been the first time I’ve gone around situations like this. it’s a shame, I will not order from Facebook ever again, and every time I see an add on Facebook I file a scam falsehood complaint. the way I see it if 1 million people order something at $30 a pop. who’s getting rich?

Juan – Dec 03, 2020

I never received my product.
Your Payment to [censored]ou (sz) Tech co.,limited
I have paid by paypal and never received any feedback about my buy.
It is very sad to have been cheated by someone we trusted from Facebook.
They should do something to check the sellers on the social media.
Many People los from these commerce meanings…

Theodore – Dec 02, 2020

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

They promise too much so attractive products and so cheap I ordered and never received my products…

Hilary – Nov 21, 2020

I ordered the lounge wagon: 3 in 1 wagon Beach chair and travel bag on August 6 2020 and never received it yet. I emailed multiple times to the email in the email sent to me. No response. I’m figuring out this was a scam. [censored]ing chinese con artists

Henry – Nov 18, 2020

Awful, do not buy from these guys. Ordered a pool in May for my daughters graduation in June. Was promised 2-3weeks shipping so we chose them. It took way longer… July. What came was a much smaller pool that was missing the ladder, cover, heater, filter and base. Pay pal drug it out, offered half.. then closed it after we shipped it back. Now going through my credit card company . Don’t use Pay Pal or any of those either just stick with your credit cards for protection.

I sure learned to research the company after this.😩

Ivan – Nov 17, 2020

I ordered a camping chair on 5/12/20 and never received it so I used the email within their confirmation email and it comes back as undeliverable everytime. I have filed a complaint with paypal as well.

Alana – Nov 16, 2020

I say never buy from them! I purchased an item in July, 2020, based on the picture displayed on the first page where the order form was. The item that arrived was not even close to the picture, and to add insult to injury, it was missing some parts, so was non-functional! Their guarantee states that they will do “WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase”. THAT is a joke! When I contacted them about the problem, they tried to give me a PARTIAL refund, and ONLY if I returned the item and paid the return shipping costs. I reminded them of the guarantee, and they increased the refund amount a small amount. So, I simply made a dispute through Paypal. After submitting more information several weeks of assessment, i was finally refunded in November the entire purchase amount as well as taxes and shipping. It ended up costing me the few dollars for shipping the other product back to them.

I will also be reporting them to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and point out how they are not only contributing to loss of foreign customers by companies like [censored]ou, but putting a stain on China’s reputation for products and services.

Alex – Nov 16, 2020

Ordered a garden kneeler, received a tool pouch and NOTHING else! Filed a claim with PayPal but was DENIED because they a shipping number (for the tool pouch) saying it was delivered…SCAM!

Chase – Nov 12, 2020

Compre un gato hidráulico hace 4 meses por $32.97 USD al igual el correo no funciona y pay pal se lava las manos esto es un fraude no hay que comprar si ni tenemos la certeza de que el producto y la empresa es legal como mercado libre amazon bestbay
Esto es un aviso de los que los chinos nos pueden fraudear no son todos pero hay que tener cuidado

Ivan – Nov 12, 2020

Iodered the Luxery Cat Villa Paradise back on April 30. I have emailed them several times to a Jodita. They claim I recieved it in June. They gave me a tracking number and the date of delivery. I checked with my post office and this number goes to a 7oz package that was put in my mailbox. Now I’m no genious but I’m pretty sure the cat villa would have weighed much more and would not have fit in my mailbox!

Jose – Nov 12, 2020

I ordered a Magic Outdoor Shower. Never received it. When I sent them an email they sent me a USPS tracking number. When I checked with USPS they had no such number in their system. I tried for 4 months to either have them send me another one or provide a full refund. After many many emails they first offered a 25% refund. I refused and said to provide full refund or I would report them. They then offered a 50% refund. This is a bogus company with extremely poor customer service. Guess I am thick but finally realized it was a scam to get whatever money they could from me and run. Pay pal had issues as well and told me to go directly to the company. However it was futile.

Richard – Nov 10, 2020

I purchased (2) Fountain Fish Tanks Spotlight Decoration Home Floor Decoration; Item #DZ10031331amp1 for $27.98 each. I purchased them on August 5, 2020. I have tried several times sending e-mails to the information provided on my receipt. I paid through PayPal. The email address they provided is “[email protected]“; the messages come back as being BLOCKED. I sent emails also to PayPal (haven’t heard back from them yet). I think I got ripped off, after reading other inputs. Don’t buy from them, think this is a scam. Thought the price was too good to be true.

Calvin – Nov 08, 2020

Can’t believe these people are still continuing to scam people! I got scammed by them way back in April. Everyone needs to report them to the FTC,, BBB, and any other business like this that deal with scammers. They need to be stopped and as far as PayPal if you think your protected well you can just forget about that! They are making a major profit out of this Company and will offer no support what so ever. They need to be reported also.

Devon – Nov 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone Not available

Scammer’s website Not available

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a horse riding toy for my new grandson never received it. From S h i t o u Techco., limited, this company ripped me off I’m retired and don’t have the money for replacing it. 🙁

Mindy – Oct 29, 2020

They are cheating people, I ordered a Portable folding BBQ rack, they just send me a tracking number nothing else , I paid through PayPal and I COMPLINED to PayPal but the didn’t help me, I lost my money, in my experience we can’t trust PayPal 100%.

Marc – Oct 26, 2020

How dare you. If you think this is the cat cloud climbing frame that I ordered then clearly someone in your department is not the full shilling & a disgrace to your company. What are 2 round pieces of plastic supposed to be?
I see from many other comments that this has happened to many other people.

I am retired & worked all my life for what small amount of money I have.
How dare you squander my money for your ill gotten gains.
If the bits of plastic were indeed from you, then why could I not see any sent details or tracking on the parcel. Why was there no invoice in the bag?
According to PayPal I am not entitled to a refund as you sent tracking. What tracking?
Any messages I have sent to supplied addresses have been rejected

Beth – Nov 12, 2020

Miss Pauline I share your pain. I also ordered the cat villa and got nothing but a tracking number that went to a 7oz package that they claim was delivered in June. Never happened!

Brandon – Oct 23, 2020

Do not order from this company complete scam merchants beware
Not impressed with Pay Pal who Must know this company is rotten to the core

Tyler –

Ordered clarkes sandals and got crap sandals. After fighting with paypal I was offered full refund but I had to ship them back to China. Original package came from Canada. Paid a pile for shipping, now I’m fighting paypal to get my shipping amount returned. Paypal knows this company is a scam and has no problem helping them carry peoples money away.

Bradley –

I ordered two premium camping folding lawn chairs with canopy When the chairs were folded up the canopy closed around the chair and chair bag, I received one canvas cheap bag that looks like a bag for a cheap regular style folding chair that slips into a bag. I have been denied the dispute from my pay pal account. I do not see how these people are getting away with all these rip offs to customers

Amber –

J’ai commandé le 19 juillet 2020 un Magic Showerhead Hose Automatic Garden Shower tout ce que j’ai recu est un bout de hose de plastic de 12 pouces qui coute environ 1.50$. pour etre rembourse on me demande de retourné le tout a l’adresse en Chine cout de l’envoi 55.40$ pour un bout de hose le matériel venait de Markham Ontario alors pourquoi retourné en Chine. Parce que l’on sait que les couts sont exagérés et que nous ne retournerons pas le matériel, alors ils empochent la totale. Ce litige etait avec Paypal et il on donné raison au vendeur alors quoi pensé de Paypal.

Nina –

I ordered a telescope for 28.98 and received a cheap camera tripod. NO telescope! PayPal denied my claim because there was a record of the shipping.

Brent –

In short this company s h i t o u is more like s[censored]-on-you.
We order stuff and they either send you something of no value or something totally different that you didn’t want. BEWARE

Ross –

Very very bad seller. I ordered 3 sets of garden showers for 79$. I got 3 plastic tubes of maybe 2$. After many letters to the sellers they agreed to refund me only 60% with no any explanation. Maybe if they will read this and will explain.

Brett –

On June 8, 2020 I purchased a hand held rotary saw and the site “recommended” that I purchase the blades as well…I did, however, I only received the blades and NO SAW. The seller will not send me the saw that I ordered. A PayPal rep told me on the phone that they have received several camplaint call against you as a seller. I was offered a half price refund if I pay to send the blades back but I refuse to spend more money on this scam. If I do not receive a confirmation of shipment tell me that the saw has been shipped in the next 24 hours I will contact the BBB and the media…they love stories of senior citizens being scammed.

Ann –

I order July 28,2020 Mini Table Saw woodworking Bench Item #DZ501559 invoice ID JY15959912963827 What is the problem haven’t heard from you why I haven’t received this is this a scam I can’t believe you sleep at night knowing how you are miss leading people but I guess you don’t care you can live this way I see I’m not the only person you took

Sean –

May 7th (very excited to be planting my very first garden) I ordered a garden stool that was metal. folded up, had a cushion and a side piece with a pocket. It never arrived. I got the side pocket in the mail at one point months later. No note saying the rest was coming.
I filed a complaint with paypal to get a refund. They offered 1/2 refund. I declined, requesting a full refund.
Then they offered a full refund but wrote I had to sent the green cloth pocket back to China, send a tracking number and pay for this out of pocket. Then I was to wait for the item to get to China before they’d issue a refund.
Now we’re at October 15th. 5 months + later. The garden season is over. I offered to mail the piece of sewn cloth back to China if they paid the shipping.

It was just over $22.00 Not a huge investment, but I’m upset and know this company is underhanded and manipulative. This is a poor way to run a business.
The picture of the stool is what I ordered.
The cloth pocket is what I got.
DO NOT order from this company

Nathan –

Ordered a pallet sprinkler. Received tubing. No help from Paypal. Out $36.

Carmen –

I order the washing machine that washes use and have not received it as of yet I ordered it 08/03/2020 for 27.95 have not gotten anything yet. I would like to follow a complaint

Bonnie –

I ordered, through an Instagram advertisement, after watching many videos they had and even some YouTube on the camera. It was supposed to be a Waterproof WiFi Outdoor Camera for $19.98 (total of $26.97). The only thing I received was a 32GB card, which I haven’t opened because I am still trying to get a refund. The whole thing was ridiculous. It said it shipped from China, but the return address is from California? Trying to get Visa and PayPal help me, since payment was split.
If anyone gets anywhere with these people, please let me know. Thank you. Be well.
I. J. Lechuga

Olivia –

I ordered a multifunctional motorbike helmet coffee machine and received a cup. PayPal have been awful. I have finally been offered a full refund if I send back the cup. Which will cost the same as I paid for the original item. PayPal don’t care. They keep saying return the item and get refund. Its clearly a scam and PayPal doing nothing about it. Think its time to go to financial ombudsmen

Devon –

Product was inferior to what was advertised. Demand a totally refund

Sarah –

Was charged for inferior or substituted product. The product advertised was totally inferior to that advertised. I demand a refund for totally amount.

Leonard –

Fiz uma encomenda de um conta-kilómetros para bicicleta num anúncio que vi no Facebook. O artigo nunca aparece, veio um cinto de borracha e a PayPal recusou a minha reclamação porque o vendedor entregou um comprovativo de entrega válido. CUIDADO, BURLA!

Juan –

I done the same and ordered the couple edition date book and I’ve just got a few bits of paper with some ink on the front!

Megan –

I ordered what I thought was a Express Illuminated Moving Train Of Musical Globe

What I got was a piece of cardboard with a train on it.

You are scammers. I WANT MY MONEY BACK…

Garrett –

Ordered a musical globe of harry potter and have not received anything from them yet pay pal is working on this for me. You cant reach them by what they put on as there email to contact them either

Roberto –

PayPal e igual a este site golpista vou fechar a minha conta do PayPal fui enganado e não resolveu.
Comprei uma coisa e enviaram outra Fraude

Brendan –

This website is a scam! I saw the advertisement on Facebook, so I thought it was ok to buy from them, so I bought a multi function belt from them, everything seems ok so far, and they did the shipment, and ship something to me, and when I got the item, they sent me two hooks! Don’t buy anything from these people! It’s simply a scam!

Jonathan –

I looked over their video ad and I was impressed with the idea of creating my own compost in my kitchen so I bought their Homemade Fertilizer Machine, all I received was a rectangle thin plastic box. They charged me 39.98 + 7.99 shipping. I disputed this with PayPal and the seller wanted to give me a partial refund, I refused and now they come back and say they will give me a full refund but I need to send the plastic bowl back to them, this will take my entire refund to ship it back. I am glad I found this page so I can contact PayPal and let them know about these scammers.

Wayne –

Ordered a date idea scratch book that you also use to log those date memories in from a seemingly legit website (impersonating another product) that was advertised on Instagram and received a blank book with only the front page with ink on it. Really disappointed as it was supposed to be a gift, but I couldn’t give that. They said it’s because their manufacturers and operators don’t communicate well that they delivery a completely different product. They started by offering 25% rebate and after a push they gave 50% back and let me keep my ($1 value) book that I didn’t want. They said I could get a full refund, but I’d have to return the book, which would cost as much as 50% of the full price anyways, and it would likely take a month to get and process the full refund. And you know they’ll scam someone else with it too… Wish I could do more to stop them from cheating people out of their money.

Erik –

They’ve done this to me too! Why are instagram advertising it if it is a load of rubbish? I’d almost take it up with them.

Brent –

I ordered 2 of the camping ricking chairs I got 2 $2.00 watches my cost was 54.00 and they are still advertising whats wrong with paypal are they making money YES THEY ARE. I almost afraid to buy from anyone.. so what are all we people to do ..why can’t we get our money refunded?
what kind of people are we dealing with ?

Alexandra –

I ordered a mini rotary saw back in May. I never did receive it! I contacted the company and they said for me to send them pictures of the broken item. (?)
I didn’t say it was broken I said I didn’t receive it. They then said they have it as being delivered in July. I never did receive it!

Micah –

Paypal has had 1000’s of complaints about this company and they still do business with them. If this is the kind of company Paypal does business with I now know that the Paypal company is not the kind of company I will use again. As you look at the above complants it is apparent that Paypal doesn’t care if it associates it self with scammers.

Johnny –

I ordered a VEHICLE HYDRAULIC AUTO REPAIR TOOL BOX from them and never received. Tried to contact this seller but blocked my message.

29 Jul 2020 03:28:19 AEST
Transaction ID: 15H48699TL905053D

Dear Gil Meneses,

You sent a payment of $32.94 USD to s h i t o u (sz) Tech co.,limited ([email protected])

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list in your Account Overview.
s h i t o u (sz) Tech co.,limited
[email protected]
Instructions to merchant
You haven’t entered any instructions.
Meneses Gil
Unit 1/5 Altair Avenue
LARA, VIC 3212
Postage details
The seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
Vehicle hydraulic auto repair tools box
Item Number DZ105001Ve $25.95 USD 1 $25.95 USD
Subtotal $25.95 USD
Shipping and handling $6.99 USD
Total $32.94 USD
Payment $32.94 USD
Collecting credit card rewards? You’ll earn applicable points with this transaction.
This transaction will appear on your statement as “PAYPAL *[censored]OUSZTEC”
Payment sent to [email protected]
From amount $48.45 AUD
To amount $32.94 USD
Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.679934 USD

Invoice ID: JY15959572732697

Miranda –

I ordered 2 small waterfall fish aquarium kits for $37 months later received 2 aquarium plants worth $2 from California. I kept them for a few days not knowing what they were for then remembered the aquariums so I Contacted the company asking where the rest of my kit was and they said that was it. They could give me $19 back and if I return the items it was going to cost me probably $20 any way. Finally PayPal said I can have a full refund but I did have to ship the to China costing $18. These people are horrible.

Fernando –

Scammer’s website Facebook

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Purchased what was suppose to be a cat treehouse, typical picture posted of a few cat treehouses. After 3 months of emails back and forth to a S h i t o u representative, I complained about not receiving item I paid for, S h i t o u giving excuses and fake tracking #, I received a tiny cheap wooden house big enough for a tiny mouse. The package was labeled “cat treehouse”. I filed a complaint with PayPal as I had made the purchase through PayPal. Long story short, they told me I had to return the item to S h
i t o u in China and would have to wait until they received the item before S h i t o u would refund the purchase money. The emails I received from S h i t o u discouraged me from sending the item back because they may never receive it and it would be costly, offering me 5 percent refund, then 10% and ultimately 15 or 20%. Of course I refused. I did not wish to incur even more expense that I would probably never receive. PayPal deemed the dispute in favor of S h i t o u. No refund and a worthless piece of junk to remind me to never purchase anything from S h i t o u or any other one of China’s scam websites. I filed a complaint with the FBI ( I3C ) form. That was in August 2020. I saved all emails and pictures. I haven’t heard back. I posted my episode on Facebook and have since found that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people globally have fallen victim to S h i t o u’s scams taking in who knows how much money and for what purposes. Since the group of victims formed “VICTIMS OF S H I T O U”, I’ve noticed that PayPal has become more open to giving refunds to some of the victims. But the scams go on and uninformed people continue to fall victim to S h i t o u’s and other of their website’s scams.

Martin –

Purchased an item and got completely different item and no help from PayPal

Derrick –

Ordered a beach lounge and got a cheap nylon backpack. The seller said I got what I ordered (although my receipt says I bought a beach lounge) and that maybe the advertising was misleading. They offered a 40% refund pointing out that it would cost me more to return the wrong item sent and suggested I take this as their best offer. SCAM!

Denise –

I have ordered laptop stand and received fruit cutting board worth 2 dollar and paid 23 dollar?
Facebook allowed the crooks to run the add and PayPal still hold my money and compelling me to rerun the item which cost me £15. Very shock to see the behavior of PayPal although provided all the evidences about this scam?

Jonathon –

I ordered a turning cushion for disabled person rubbish piece of material arrived that was b back in July still no refund

Jacquelyn –

Ordered a pool raft with canopy on Aug 8th.. I received a pump a month later and no raft. It is now October and I live in New York

Hannah –

On the 3rd August I purchased 3 x fire hydrant mini bars. I have been sent 3 bottle openers and nothing else. Could you please advise why I have not been informed of when I can expect my delivery.


Joanne Murro

Gregory –

I ordered 3 Garden kneelers with tool pouch. Here is what I received (3 tool pouches). This was a special through PayPal for a $20 discount. The total price was 56.70 with the discount so I have lost $36.70. Now that I see all the remarks I am not alone in their SCAM. Yes I have been trying since May 13 and every e-mail that they respond to me is different. So I don’t know who is in charge. I was told by PayPal to fill out their form and they will refund my $36.70 ( must provide details of communication or the lack of). What do I do with 3 tool pouches that don’t attach to anything. I saw somewhere tht someone else got the same thing. WOW, a bunch of CROOKS. I don’t like to give up but I have exhausted my efforts to get my order. Trying since the end of May until. the first of October and realize it is worthless.

Nina –

Ordered the garden kneelin bench in May , 2020, and have not received item. Been dealing with Paypal since July and have not received a refund as of today. Now Paypal is saying once I return Item, I can get refund. Never received item to return it.

Jillian –

I bought 2 so-called medieval coins that were supposed to be custom carved and had moveable parts. What I received was a piece of metal, that resembled nothing like what I had ordered. I filed a claim through PayPal, and was told that I could get a full refund if I sent back the items. Well, the costs to send the pieces of crap back would have cost more than what I had paid for them, and PayPal would let me respond unless I provided a tracking number. These people are scamming hundreds of people and PayPal doesn’t help you when you make a claim. PayPal should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this company to continue to scam people.

Cole –

I paid for a doggie for my grandsons birthday. Everytime I see he gets all excited saying”is it here yet grandma?!” I tell him no not yet, and i never recieved anything. PayPal should be aware of these people already! I want all my money back or i will have them investigated for being in cahoots with these scam people

Shaun –

I ordered a multifunctional circular saw from these people it took months but finally a packet of blades arrived, nothing like the advertisement. I took it to PayPal, [censored]ou offered half the cost back but I said the blades were useless to me I wanted a full refund so they said they would refund in full if I sent the blades back, well to send them from NZ to China would have cost more than the refund so I get nothing! Because it took so long I ordered another saw from another supplier called Aesley, finally I received yes you guessed it … a packet of blades. They are all scammers never again!

Ashley –

Hello my name is SYIAL SHAHNAWAZ KHAN and I ordered a mini table saw all I received a few weeks later was a single mini saw blade. I want my money back or I want my mini table saw this place scams you they use Facebook to bait and hook people I am going to post onto Facebook to not use any of their sites to purchase anything because all you will do is get scammed. I am also filing a complaint with PayPal against this company they shouldn’t do business with people like these.

Jermaine –

Through Paypal I bought 3 fans on May 1st, 2020, I never received them. At the end of July I opened/escalated a case through Paypal, it claimed many things and corned it proclaimed that the goods were returned to it. It just sent them back to me. Now we are on October. Paypal is worthless and S h i t o u (sz) Tech co. is a scam. I wonder if Paypal is not part of it because this is my second time losing money. Incompetent Paypal.

Walter –

I ordered 2 ride on toys called naughty hippos from this company at a cost of $50.00. Several weeks later I received 2 plastic hair combs in the mail, with no invoice, nor writing in English, only Chinese, and with the real threat of Covid immediately threw these items away as I had not ordered them. This company made a major error in filling the order and the company is unwilling to admit their error or issue a refund.

Jodi –

I ordered a garden kneeler and just received a tool holder what a scam cannot get a hold of anyone either S h i t o u or PayPal to resolve this issue will never use pay pal again

Nikki –

I order 4 of theses 19.99 three months ago. I am still trying to receive my money back. Its a shame how scammers are able to rip customers off.

Katrina –

I ordered a golf game back in April from of course China. Most everything on Facebook is from china! I went through PayPal and never received a refund from PayPal, filed a claim, which went nowhere. I received a tracking number… fake just like the company S h i t o u. I hope PayPal has smarten up and doesn’t deal with them. My daughter ordered same thing as well and received a golf ball!

Clinton –

I ordered a golf game back in April from China through PayPal. Never received, but yet I was given a tracking number and said it was delivered June 22! Because I had a tracking number I did not receive a refund from PayPal. I will never order from China again… everything advertised on Facebook usually comes from China. I hope PayPal has finally realized to never deal with S h i t o u (sz) ever…

Tamara –

In May 2020 I ordered a garden kneeler & seat from this company. Invoice ID c12820956840016.1. As one of the other people reported above, all I too received was the garden tool bag. The amount I paid was $25.89. Hope someone can stop this company from ripping off people.

Eddie –

It’s a scam ; ordered the Nightmare before Christmas Moonlight lamp and received a small plastic puppet instead for 28.98 USD.

Gabriel –

I ordered the portable bathtub and all I received was a small fruit bin. Then they sent me a refund for $7 dls when I paid $30. Never again!. I pray karma on all these company’s that do this. Now seeing I am not the only person that they did this too.

Monique –

I ordered the couples adventure calendar through these guys and what i recieved (after waiting 3 months) was nothing short of a disappointment. Instead of the the actual product i received a few pages of blank A4 paper stapled into a booklet. Ive tried to contact them and got no reply.
My advise. Look elsewhere for any product that they advertise.

Emmanuel –

Hello my name is Bo Randall and I ordered a mini table saw all I received a few weeks later was a single mini saw blade my reference number is 7442342k90w5x6j7z I want my money back or I want my mini table saw this place scams you they use Facebook to bait and hook people I am going to post onto Facebook to not use any of their sites to purchase anything because all you will do is get scammed. I am also filing a complaint with PayPal against this company they shouldn’t do business with people like these.

Janelle –

I ordered the furniture movers and ice crusher in August. I received a package with what looks like plastic orange legos with wheels on them and a metal ice scoop. It’s sad that during these trying times, a company like this would be fake and false. No replacement necessary just send me a refund.
Katherine Campbell
4824 Jackson Street
Gary, In 46408
Amount owed $ 59.97

Cole –

I ordered a garden kneeler and all I received was the detachable tool pouch …EXTREMELY disappointed!

Bobby –

PayPal is no better than S h i t o u (sz) tech co. , limited [censored] both of them both are a rip off scam

Carlos –

Mike, after much badgering I got my money back from PayPal. It took 3 months. I thought they may have been in cahoots with each other but it seems PayPal is just slow.

Kenneth –

I ordered a home composter: The add classified it as: Create Homemade Fertilizer Machine Box. It cost $66.81 CAD. I received a small plastic tupperware box in the mail that had no invoice and no return address, so I didn’t know who it was from.

When I contacted paypal asking where my composter was, the seller gave the date of the plastic box delivery. The box looks like it is supposed to be a part of something else.

Crazy that people can do this sort of thing repeatedly and get away with it. Why is paypal allowing them to use them as a service after SO MANY complaints have been put forth about these kinds of scams?

Tabitha –

Exactly the same thing happened to me! The box was also broken! They offered a partial refund – which was ridiculous. After a month they offered a full refund but only if I send the [censored]ty box back within 10 days, at my own cost. I’m sure that even if I send it they will deny that they got it!

Rebekah –

They advertised ‘2020 Best Mother’s Day Gift – Garden Kneeler and Seat x1 and the only thing they sent was a small tool holder pouch. They stated the pouch is the only thing in their advertisement. I am currently working through Paypal to see if I can get a refund for the $26.98 this ‘small pouch’ costs.

Glenn –

Hei samme bestillingen her, og det jeg fikk tilbake var et gult plast målebånd. Dette er ren svindel, sak opprettet på Paypal. Skulle dratt målebåndet inn munnen og ut andre veien på den kjeltringen.

Meghan –

Scammer’s phone +972503011933

Scammer’s website jerusalem

Scammer’s address elazar ben yaeir 1

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Israel

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Email

Household smokeless rotating barbecue sign barbecue brush
מספר פריט: DZ3001142sign
$22.35 USD 1 $22.35 USD
I have not yet received the product I bought, when should I receive
Will it take much longer, can it be canceled, and get your money back

Felicia –

Scammer’s website shitou (sz) Tech co., limited

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered on 7/16/2020 item#: DZ3000357mat Comfortable Toilet $19.99 S/H $7.99 T= $27.98, never received (Invoice#: JY15923460008200) Transaction#: 0HX741826C111825U.

Logan –

I ordered a garden stool from this company. They charged me $25.89 on my Paypal account and then sent me a cheap tool pocket in an envelope. When I received it, I didn’t even know where it came from, it looked like something a company would send you as a free gift.

Still trying to get my money back through Paypal but the only offer I get is a full refund if I send the item back to China on my dime. That would cost more than what they charged me and more than likely, they would claim they didn’t get it.

This company should be banned from selling to the U.S. From the looks of their reviews on the internet, they are scamming a lot of people.

Alberto –

Diane, this a scam company. They do this to a lot of people and only a few have the knowledge or willpower to see it through to the end.

I had a similar situation as you did, but with a outdoor shower thingy. They sent me an 18 inch clear hose for $30.79.

It took a while, but I filed and then escalated a claim through PayPal. PayPal wasn’t too helpful after the claim was escalated, but I then harassed them to come to a conclusion.

Once I talked to someone on the phone and revealed the ridiculousness of the scam, they had me go onto I filled out the form and printed it out. I then scanned it and sent it to [email protected]

After a few days, I called PayPal (again, PayPal isn’t very helpful unless you pester them) and then they ruled in my favor and processed a refund.

Please be persistent. I couldn’t care less about about the money at this point. It’s a matter of principle for me to screw them over, just as they did me. As token and petty as it may be, I got them to pay shipping at their cost and still kept that worthless, but now “beautiful” clear hose.

Cody –

I ordered 2 baby dolls for my granddaughter’s for 62.00 when they came they look like they came from the dollar store. Cheap plastic. They were suppose to be the size of a real baby they were about 8 inches. I’m livid.

Trevor –

I ordered a mini projector 5 months ago still have not received it and have tried to message them. Thinking ingot scammed

Kellie –

I ordered a dog ball launcher and have yet to recieve. Ordered in April 2020 still nothing recieved in September and money has been withdrawn.

Kaitlin –

J’ai commandé véhicule hydraulique kit d’outils de réparation. Montant payé 35,18 dollars inclus expédition le 08-05-20. Et tout ce que j’ai reçu, c’est une boîte en plastique vide.
Je ne comprends pas PayPal qui continu à travailler avec ce site d’arnaque. En plus ils ne veulent pas me embourser.

Dustin –

Sh i t o u…”[censored] On You”
This company is: arrogant, belligerent, crafty, deceitful, erroneous, fraudulent, gutless… so many more adjectives apply. They scam you out of your good money. What you order is either never received or nothing like the product advertised They use PayPal for authenticity… so many have notified PayPal yet they still allow this fraudulent Company to operate under their banner?

Rafael –

I ordered 5 of there bbq sets that I found on facebook in July and I just received the sticks for the bbq. I have already put in a complaint with PayPal and after receiving these sticks I called PayPal and told them that I have only received the skewers and they said they will email the seller and if not responded within 10 days I will receive a refund.paid $146 for skewers. rubbish

Rachel –

I ordered a fish tank from S h i t o u and never received it contacted them they said it was at post office I went to post office i went to post office they said the tracking number was not legit

Omar –

Scammer’s phone 937-520-2479

Scammer’s website Unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered vehicle hydraulic repair tool kit. Paid amount 35.18 dollar’s included shipping on 08-05-20. And all I received was an empty plastic box.

Ryan –

HI there
Dasheazem = GREEN is a scam website. When clicked it goes into a “Better business Bureau. When making a complaint they ask for an email address to confirm you email address. So they can put their complaint on their website, they never send you an email. This site has ZERO reviews.
I brought a $45.00 NZ grinder of this website. DASHHEAZEM sent me a little metal blade. When asking for a refund, they claim they cannot give you one. ON THEIR WEBSITE THEY CLAIM A 14 DAY RETURN>> THIS SITE IS A SITE I WILL BE GOING TO THE POLICE>

Melissa –

Quando é que recebo o equipamento que encomendei e paguei.
Porque caixas em plástico iguais à que me enviaram compro por meia dúzia de cêntimos na loja do chinês mesmo ao lado de onde resido.

Meredith –

I ordered from their website unknowingly that I was going to be completely ripped off three lasers for $100 to which in one months time I received three cheese ball garbage flashlights and they ran me back-and-forth and back-and-forth through email after email pretending to not understand what I was talking about giving me a loop telling me it’s gonna cost more for you to ship that back then it is to just keep it and take a 40% refund on your money they totally ripped me off but I got wise on them I just filed two complaints was talking to two separate pie holes over in China or wherever they were who knows could be New York City but was back-and-forth in it with two of the representatives from this [censored] tow company when I got 60% back the other one I got 40% back so I got my money back and their garbage flashlights but this company just keeps you on the edge of you are about to get your crap tastic package which shipped out of California I may add not China it just took a month for them to lag lag lag and hoping you would forget about it hoping you wouldn’t give a [censored] anymore trying to get your money back they keep pounding you back-and-forth with emails of misunderstood English well I was persistent And I got my money back don’t let anybody don’t let this company for you everything they sell is a complete total joke of a rip off they have faults advertisement the breach of contract they’ve committed so many fraudulent acts on the Internet I don’t know how they’re still in business why hasn’t someone stop them and done some thing about this this is nothing new and PayPal still keeps taking their money and our money and gives it to them it’s just totally wrong Eric Smith

Katelyn –

I ordered and paid for a catwheel and got a ridiculous little foldable cathouse in stead.
It is so tiny that no cat will fit in it …
I filled a complain at PayPal, but reading the comment here I must not expect much …
this company is a big scam.

Monique –

I ordered an pool flotation devise and got a plastic end to a paddle (oar) the photo was confirmed after payment and converted to USD with a receipt from PayPal confirmation. Seller wants to give me only 25% of my money back. PayPal dispute “resolution centre” is not working and is half written in English and French. WHY ISNT THERE ANYONE LIVE to speak to anymore?

Bryan –, bought boots..received totally different quality! Sunflower westernriding boots. Do not buy them!

Bruce –

I ordered a Garden Kneeler in April. Never received it. I filed a claim with PayPal. I am frustrated they continue to do business with these companies.

Cheryl –

I ordered a “cat paradise” (scratching post) for 30USD, they sent me a small wooden box (3 on 5 on 5″) worth 1 buck. There must be hundreds of complaints filed on paypal so it makes one wonder why paypal doesn’t block them. I had the same experience with a few other companies from China so I’m looking elsewhere from now on.

Holly –

I ordered a ball launcher for my dog and received a tennis ball. [censored]ou first offered 25% refund and after much haggling 75% and finally after months of toing and froing through Paypal, a full refund providing I returned the tennis ball to China at my own expense. And so I still was not getting a full refund.
Paypal should have backed me up and got me a full refund at no cost to myself. But this company are a bunch of crooks. Please do not purchase from them

Cara –



Oscar –

I fell for that one too.

Lauren –

Paid for cutting boards and never recieved. My emails get blocked and have nil communication means with this so called company ?

Paula –

I lodged a complaint with PayPal last month and they initiated an investigation. After doing research i see all the scams involved and I empathize with everyone.

I have had garbage back offering 50%, demanded everything back as nothing every received.

PayPal has added nothing and inquiries finish on 15th

Carly –

Cracristeva, It is worth persuing this with PayPal. I launched a complaint on 15th July and got my money back today, 25.09. I kept pushing them. Enquiries get pushed out and pushed out until they can be bothered to deal with them.

Gloria –

I ordered a Recliner Luxury Camp Chair on 5/11/2020. Filed a claim with PayPal on 6/9/2020. I have uploaded LOTS of PROOF to PayPal about this company being a scam. On 7/14/2020, I finally received a package, but it is NOT what I ordered. I received a tiny little cot chair as for a toy doll or maybe a 1-2 year old would fit on. On 9/8/2020, I got a final email from PayPal. PayPal refuses to give me my money back, because they said that they were finally able to track a package to my address. It is NOT what I ordered! I hate PayPal. They just go along with the scammers and SCAM people out of their money!

Tracy –

Oh wow. I wish I had read this prior to ordering from them. I, too, got sent something totally wrong. And all they do is offer a 50% refund. When I pushed back, they said I can return to China, but that would cost almost as much as the refund (again, what I’m reading from these other posts). This company is a TOTAL SCAM! And PayPal is completely defending this company. I’m not sure what PayPal has going on with them, but there has to be something there.

Frederick –

Now I understand what they are doing, in order to appear legitimate they send paying customers a piece of rubbish – nothing to do with what has been ordered, just so that an item gets delivered. I received a small plastic dome like item with a cover (broken I might add) – I had no idea what it was, who sent it to me and why…until now! Carefully planned scammers, outrageous and more so that they are totally getting away with it without recourse…HOW?

Dominique –

I have just found this site which endorses what I have already discovered, these people have scammed me – I order a cat climbing frame weeks ago and paid extra for speedy delivery. No tracking information showed until suddenly BINGO they say it has been delivered! Well not to me it hasn’t. I have emailed them time after time and all they keep asking is for me to be patient. Well I am no longer patient. They offered e 10% discount then changed that to 25% yesterday! I have no goods so I really want it all refunded. They do answer eventually so now I am bombarding them with messages. I tried cancelling this order within 12 hours of making it – just had a funny feeling! I wish I hadn’t ordered it now and although it’s not the national debt cannot believe that they can advertise on Facebook then scam people into parting with money for goods they have no intention of sending you. It’s very upsetting especially for my 4 cats who would have loved their new toy..

Cristina –

Well having just trailed through most of these complaints it is evident that none of us have a hope in hell of getting our money back. How they have got away with this when trading from a platform like Facebook who are endorsing scammers and removing posts or legitimate facts because they have their own agenda. This is SO wrong and trying to take it up with Facebook is altogether the most difficult process imaginable. We should all try and force our hand with them to intervene in this ongoing scamming of innocent shoppers.

Brian –

Scam company have the bloody cheek to ask me to pay the return postage, for the totally different item they shipped out. paypal are playing dumb, saying it will be refunded once i return it but not the postage, they say they wont put up with fraud so i have shown them a few of these reviews pointing out that they have been made aware that this is a fraudulent company and that so far they are not protecting me from fraud and as far as I’m concerned this makes them complicit. I will be approaching trading standards and action fraud with regards to this.

Gary –

Ordered log splitter w/ key chain saw. Received the key chain saw probably a $1.00 value but no log splitter. em to them rejected to check up. I guess $26.00 wasted. Their ad was on facebook. I kind of trust facebook, buy won’t by anything there again. Ken

Mandy –

I ordered mini table saw woodworking bench lathe electric polisher grinder DiY model cutting saw and blade item numberdz501559saw and all I got was a small blade the size of a coin. Not at all what I ordered.
I want my money back

Dawn –

I ordered a 3 in 1 wagon on August 5th 2020 and when I tried to email them the address came back blocked. Please refund my $41.98. Invoice #JY15966648284702.
My email is [email protected] It is a shame that you take advantage of people. I will make sure to post your scam on as many social media as possible!

Bryce –

I order the mini table saw woodworking bench lathe electric polisher grinder diy model cutting saw and blade item number dz501559saw, paid almost $40 for it. As all of you others I too only received a tiny blade. I emailed the company and told then i was going to file a dispute and legal charges on them. Here is my advice. Dispute with your bank or credit card company, not PayPal. It will work out better for you.

Deanna –

Nombre del vendedor: s h i t o u (sz) Tech co.,limited

Correo electrónico del vendedor: [email protected]
First of all, this e-mail seems to be fake, because I wrote many times but got no answers. I bought an ionic feet detox head from them and received the item. On the picture shown there was like a basin with this item. This stuff comes with an 12v output jacket, which do not allowed me to connect it to any source of energy, because there are none to be able to do it. I paid 27,00 euros, postage included, and had an offer of 13, 99 euros from seller. This company is just a big joke, a bike fake and a big thief. They could, at least, make a full refund of the item, which was 20 euros. Won’t buy ever never more.

Janet –

This person is a true scammer, I notice hes done a lot of people this way and has got by with it! I ordered a mattress cleaner and got a very small filters that I didn’t even order! I send to PayPal prove what i got in mail! I just don’t understand how in the world they getting by with so many! True scammer

Cristina –

I ordered a smokeless rotary electric BBq (as advertised by your company),on August 5th,2020,and paid via Paypal $30.03 ,invoice JY15966595664901,my transaction no,48G63207JW354583 E,instead you sent me three fragile small BBQ sticks,please send the electric BBQ or refund my money.

Robert –

I ordered a cat climbing tower – got a small wooden house that fit in my hand. Open dispute in paypal. The said I had to send it back for full refund. It would have cost $17 to mail to China. company had offered me a 50% refund so decided that was a little more money back but now none of their contact info goes thru. Email says undeliverable. SCAM!

Trevor –

I have ordered a 3-in-1 Measuring instrument and paid 261 dk and this is what I have received

Marvin –

This company are cheater never order from them thiefs.

Darryl –

Case ID: PP-D-80430235
Transaction amount $24.03 USD
Dispute amount $24.03 USD
Transaction date August 4, 2020
Seller name s h i t o u (sz) Tech co.,limited
Transaction ID 1CX669379Y263914W
I order this item and you sent me a 3 sticks <span title="… />
You are playing game.
Refund my money back.

Rebekah –

I bought a measuring device shown on a Facebook post, A digital instrument for 43Aud, and after a month I received a 50cents plastic measure tape. I reported to PayPal, and the seller offered a partial

Stephanie –

I ordered 2 portable folding lawn chairs with a canopy. Have never received them. They were ordered July 2, 2020. Only got 2 bags. Going to put in to be refunded thru pay pal. What a rip off.

Kayla –

SAME here!
have you heard anything about your refund? I have not talked to paypal about it yet…I just realized that nothing other than the bag was coming

Erin –

I ordered two pair of Clark’s sandals, pictured on the website and identical to a pair I have and love. What I received a month later were cheap knockoffs. I emailed the company and actually got a reply asking for order # and transaction #. I paid through PayPal. We’ll see what happens. (Sorry that the pics are upside down, but the turquoise shoes are the ones they sent me.)

Jack –

Do you have a picture of the original ad? There’s a few of us that ordered these that are part of a facebook group for victims of this scammer that are looking for it.

Michelle –

I just received my pair of sandals and I agree that they are knock-offs and not the Clark’s sandal that was pictured. I agree that this is fraudulent!

Raymond –

Compre 2 gatos hidráulico y hasta la fecha no he recibido nada. Solo dos cajitas de plastico. Quiero los dos gatos o reenbolso de mi dinero

Robyn –

I ordered a bench/kneeling pad for the garden ($22.98) and paid through PayPal. I received a package from the USPS that was just the tool holder (see pictures). PayPal took two months to check out my complaint and denied my claim. I went to the post office with the delivery code (sent to me by [censored]ou) and they said the package was delivered. When I asked about info on what they delivered, they said it weighed two ounces. Yes, I guess that tool holder did weight two ounces, but kneeling bench obviously weighed several pounds. I am disputing PayPal’s solution but reading all these other reports, I think I’m out my $22.98. Don’t order anything from a Chinese company!

Mary –

I ordered MINI TABLE SAW WOODWORKING BENCH LATHE ELECTRIC POLISHER GRINDER DIY MODEL CUTTING SAW AND BLADE Item numberDZ501559Saw and all I got was a small blade the size of a coin. not at all what I ordered.
I want my money back!

Darryl –

Fought with PayPal for a week but finally got my refund after calling them out for making me jump through hoops and asking them why they are protecting a scammer with a long history of scamming.

Aaron –

This is Peter Godwin from Edithburgh, South Australia. I ordered mini printers from this company and they charged me almost AU$80 instead I get 4 mini pages of stickers. I want the products i ordered or my money refunded or else we’ll go to Paypal and have you removed from their paylist

Jennifer –

El 31 de julio pague por un kit de herramientas para levantar el vehículo, inflar la llantas y sacar la tuercas, orden numero 4HL14815X3810721R, del comercio numero 81480216JH675974X, a la fecha 09/03/20 no ha llegado nada

Candice –

I was excited when I ordered an all terrain convertible beach wagon that turned into a seat with an included umbrella for $40.00 all I received was a small packable backpack that costs no more than $10. I feel so bamboozled. I tried emailing the company but my email bounced back and the website no longer exsists.
I filed a claim through Paypal and see where it takes me.

Terrance –

Good luck! PayPal denied my claim (see next note for my story). I am disputing their denial, but I’m probably SOL.

Monica –

I ordered golfer game. Total paid on paypal$27.98. I never received item. Invoice I’d C12803469377596.1

Morgan –

Aug. 2020 ordered a Lounge wagon: three-in-one wagon, beach chair & travel bag.
$39.98 – on 8/24/20 received a tiny little travel bag that would only hold a pair on shoes (very thin) junk and never have received the wagon!

Krystle –

On August, 3 2020 I ordered a mini computer printer. I waited and waited. And so I get a notice I have a package at the post office. I get it outta my po box and open it up. It’s not what I paid for. These [censored]s send me a sheet of happy face stickers. How can I get my money back?

Krista –

After seeing their ad on TikTok, I ordered a hard cover “Couples Adventure” book with scratch off surprise dates on each page, plus quotes and photo spots, was supposed to be a great date book for my husband and I who can never think of date ideas. Cost me $40 CAD. In turn they sent me a flimsy blank page notebook that I could have gotten at a dollar store in better quality. After filing a complaint and sending all photos that they required, I was told that I received what was advertised, even though I can screenshots of what was advertised. Then they ceased all communications. THEY ARE A COMPLETE SCAM!

Brent –

Same here! I got mine yesterday I’ve filed a complaint through PayPal but doubt it will go in my favour

Sandra –

I ordered MINI TABLE SAW WOODWORKING BENCH LATHE ELECTRIC POLISHER GRINDER DIY MODEL CUTTING SAW AND BLADE Item numberDZ501559Saw and all I got was a small blade the size of a coin… : ( please help me.

Tyrone –

I ordered a fish tank and never received

Ricardo –

I ordered a table saw and only got a little saw blade . And a camping chair from “[email protected] and only got a small bag for the canopy. I have sent an email to pinterest to see if there is anything they can do
Sincerely, [email protected]

Rafael –

I ordered the Garden Stool on May 6, 2020 and have not received it. Following is information you may need.
S h i t o u (sz) Tech co.,limited
Invoice Id – c12427730026543.1
Please let me know when I will receive the stool or refund my money through PayPal. my email is: [email protected]

Hilary –

I ordered a couples date album and after a month i emailed them asking about shipping to which i got an email saying i was blocked. I the opened a case with paypal but 2 days later i recieved tracking info so i closed it. My “album” came last week (its about 10 pieces of blank paper together in a crappy cover. I can’t reopen the paypal case and can’t find a real person to talk to. The company is being very difficult and it seems at this point i will not be able to get a refund. Stay away from this site!

Robyn –

Me to. I ordered off an ad on tiktok. Feel so ashamed for falling for it 😳😔

Daniel –

I have just recieved my couples album too… A notebook of blank paper! Feel very stupid for not checking this out before ordering!

Kristina –

S h i t o u (sz) tech co. , limited they are a scam!
Never got what i order and they did me a “payer” and refund me 50% of the cost.

Vanessa –

I ordered a Stihl 6″ rechargeable battery operated chain saw for $19.99 I saw advertised on SmartNews. The are dozens of ads for the same item from different companies for different prices. What did I get? A small replacement chain saw blade in a plastic bag with with instructions written in Russian!
I am attempting to track down the source, the return address on the envelope was a real address in Chino, California. Description of business looks very shady. Let’s see what I can dig up.

Todd –

I ordered the same Battery Powered Wood Cutting Machine (looks like a Stihl G26) advertised on FaceBook for $23.99. Thought it was too good to be true, Yup it was. All I received was a Deytos chainsaw replacement blade. Came from 14675 Monte Vista Avenue, Chino, CA 91710 (was told in a email not to return item to that address, not responsible for loss if you do)…Great. Do not ordered anything from this ripoff company.

Christopher –

Addition: phone no on cc statement 4029357733

Charles –


Kari –

I ordered a playpen back in May through PayPal never heard or received the playpen your should be ashamed of yourself! Your dishonest and a scam!

Felicia –

I ordered MINI TABLE SAW WOODWORKING BENCH LATHE ELECTRIC POLISHER GRINDER DIY MODEL CUTTING SAW AND BLADE Item numberDZ501559Saw and all I got was a small blade the size of a coin… : ( please help me.

Dana –

Same here! I’ve just opened a dispute on PayPal. The company offered 50% refund, which I refused. I don’t want a blade that I cannot use. I want the machine i payed for or my money back in full!

Rebecca –

Me, too! Only received a tiny blade after I ordered Mini Table Saw
I feel like an [censored].
Irene M
Invoice ID jY15967636469928

Jay –

I, too, ordered I ordered MINI TABLE SAW WOODWORKING BENCH LATHE ELECTRIC POLISHER GRINDER DIY MODEL CUTTING SAW AND BLADE item number DZ501559Saw, $21.99 and received a small blade the size of a coin!

Albert –

Same here.
The best I got is to get frrom they 50% refund, So II took it… better then nothing.

Kristin –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Embarrassed to admit I did not research company before I ordered

Typical bait and switch
Was given a small refund and “allowed” to keep the item I did NOT order

Jerome –

I order

Transaction ID
Seller info
[censored]ou (sz) Tech co.,limited
[email protected]
Invoice ID
Purchase details
5-layer movable folding rack and wheels (Qty 2)
Movable folding rack accessories wheels
Item #sglxm070820
I never received my items Since July 8, 2020. I got scammed.

Lisa –

Ordered August 1st from Newspacinu. Never received, didn’t really think about it. Today got an email from PayPal saying I’d been refunded lol.

Alyssa –

This company is a scam.
I ordered 3D smart printed personality stickers for (paid $26.98 USD).
I got a fake tattoo sticker.

Tina –

I ordered a golf game in may 2020 and only recurved one golf ball in the mail months later

Ronald –

Pedí 2 artículos de esta empresa que se anunciaban en Facebook. Pagué con PayPal y se cargó a mi cuenta. Me preocupé después de aproximadamente una semana y me comuniqué con la empresa sobre mi pedido. Me respondieron y me aseguraron que el artículo fue enviado y me proporcionaron un número de seguimiento. Presenté una queja ante PayPal y la compañía me aseguró que los artículos pedidos fueron enviados. Después de 18 días, llegaron unos artículos NO PEDIDOS, yo adquirí 3 multinacionales table board, para apoyar loptop computadoras, y me llegaron 3 fruit CUTTING BOARD, 3 tablitas para picar verduras… inches chino son bien tracalas, y para que PAY PAL te devuelva el Dinero solicita que devuelvas los articulos recibidos, pues a valor de 59 dolares de la compra, saldrá mas caro devolverlos. Lo que me extraña es que PAY PAL acepte estas empresa que no cumplen con su servicio. MUY MAL

Toni –

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website Electric Jack Vehicle Hydraulic Auto Repair Tools

Scammer’s address N/A

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I was on facebook saw the ad for the electric jack and it said buy 2 get the third free I purchased it. Almost a month wet by I tried emailing the seller and was blocked. So I contacted PayPal to getin contact with the seller, they responded. They said the item has been shipped no it has’t the tracking number was not found. Then PayPal reached them again letting them know I want a refund the seller try to give me a partial refund. Now that I didn’t except the partial refund now Pay pal making me file reports on a company that I have no information on. It seem like payPal helping the seller to scam me because if I can’t contact the seller but you can they should file the reports because they have the seller information. I have nothing but this bogus email.

Juan –

I ordered a Garden Kneeler and Seat Foldable Stool and garden bag from this website on May 4, 2020 and still have not received my package. I either would like a refund or my package in the amount of $26.89…or I will have to file a complaint with Paypal. Please see if this can be handled soon. The order number is WNBAA0099838792YQ and the transaction Id. is 5L235491W6637960N. Thank you for any help you can assist me with this matter. Dianne Mitchell

Natasha –

I ordered a hydro electric jack 5 weeks ago have not recived 1 dam thing and can’t get ahold of the company. So pissed right now it’s not funny.

Morgan –

Hi I have been waiting on an item that I purchased for the past 4weeks now, an I have not heard a thing from yous. Can you please let me know what’s wrong that I have not received my item. Thank you K Gibney.

Deanna –

I paid 50 for naughty pony got 2 plastic hairbrushes what a ripp off want my money back

Michael –

I ordered a Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar on the 3rd August, all I received was a bottle openers. I have paid $42.67. Just for the bottle opener. NOT HAPPY. Item Number yxyzlhy073005 through PayPal

Sarah –

This company is a scam Ordered a film scanner and received a roll of 35 mm film with 8 exposures.What a rip off

Willie –

Ordered a mini table saw woodworking bench lathe electric polisher grinder diy model cutting saw and blade as seen advertised on Facebook- got sent only a blade. Working with credit card company.

Marie –

I ordered a table that rests on my bed or sofa and I was shocked and disgusted at what I received it was so bad and obviously you don’t care about how totally disgusting you and your so called company are seriously scamming all the innocent people including myself I want refund for what I have paid and if I don’t get any satisfaction I will be definitely taking it further and I do know the law about anything and everything

Denise –

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I Ordered and paid for 5 packs of aluminum brazing rods. Only received 1 pack. S h i t o u refuses to credit the difference even though they promised to do so.

Adrian –

STAY AWAY Scam company!

Sophia –

I have ordered the mimi saw and got a blade and at the same time I ordered a mini video screen and received a plastic tripod. when I tried to contact them I have been blocked.. Frking fantastic and a complete rip-off.. Do not deal with these people

Haley –

I ordered 2 Fire Extinguishers on the 3rd August, all i received was 2 bottle openers. I have paid $47.95. Just for the bottle openers This is a joke. Please respond. item number DZ 1965 Fire. Invoice ID jY15964428269266.

Samuel –

I ordered 4 pair of Clark seabreeze sandals on August 2. Still waiting for them!)
They submitted the charges to my Discover account through paypal!

Desiree –

Victim Location 98512

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a portable camping toilet and did not receive it.

Alisa (jieyi)

Aug 25, 2020, 4:48 AM EDT

Dear Jeannette,

Thanks for purchasing on our store.

The package has been shipped out. The tracking number is 3A5V530866928. Please track the shipping information through the following URL:

Please kindly wait 3-5 days for the shipping information updated on the tracking URL. It usually takes 15-20 business days to arrive after shipping out. Please keep your phone open, in case, the carrier cannot contact you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


Customer Service Center

Internal discount promotion link::

Jeannette Smith

Aug 24, 2020, 11:37 PM EDT


We have not received our items (scroll down for order information). Please cancel the order and provide a refund. Please reply to confirm you have received this.

Thank you,

Jeannette Smith

———- Forwarded message ———

From: [email protected]om

Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 11:05 PM

Subject: Receipt for Your Payment to [censored]ou (sz) Tech co.,limited

To: Jeannette Smith

paypal Jul 29, 2020 23:05:19 PDT

Transaction ID: 07U79522RL1747417

Hello Jeannette Smith,

You sent a payment of $29.89 USD to [censored]ou (sz) Tech co.,limited

([email protected])

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.


[censored]ou (sz) Tech co.,limited

[email protected]

Instructions to merchant

You haven’t entered any instructions.

Shipping address – confirmed

Jeannette Smith

1724 Camden Place Southwest

Olympia, WA 98512

United States

Shipping details

The seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.

Buy now and pay over time with PayPal Credit. Get 6 months special financing on purchases of $99+. Subject to credit approval. See terms. Apply Now

Description Unit price Qty Amount

Backpack Portable Toilet Bag& Privacy Shelter System – 1 PCS / BACKPACK PORTABLE TOILET BAG BACKPACK PORTABLE TOILET

$19.90 USD 1 $19.90 USD

Subtotal $19.90 USD

Shipping and handling $9.99 USD

Total $29.89 USD

Payment $29.89 USD

Payment sent to [email protected]

Payment sent from [email protected]

Funding Sources Used (Total)


Invoice ID: c14483844366487.1

Issues with this transaction?

You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.

Questions? Go to the Help Center at

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click Help in the top right corner of any PayPal page or please contact us toll free at 1-888-221-1161.

You can receive plain text emails instead of HTML emails. To change your Notifications preferences, log in to your account, go to your Profile, and click My settings.

Copyright © 1999-2020 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.

PayPal PPX001066:1.1:9bfe382a9557d

Allen –

Ordered 2 kneelers , was charged thru pay pal.. never received the kneelers, only the tool bags that are useless without kneelers.
Corresponded with seller and was told item was delivered… tried getting this reversed from my credit card… seller provided verification of a delivery! This is a scam and I’m very unhappy with capital one so much for customer service!

Natalie –

I also ordered a “Multifunctional board” and got a chopping board! $20 went to waste.
How do we get out money back? lol

Erin –

I ordered 2 of the mini table saw and got a quarter size saw blade instead.
Lesson learned, im never ordering from Facebook ever again! Paypal won’t do anything to help!

Mandy –

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I bought a mini table saw from an advert on Facebook. After two months I received a SAW BLADE! Clarely I got scammed. 30€ down the drains…

Candace –

I ordered a furniture lifter/mover which should have consisted of a lifting lever and four pads with wheels. For this, I paid a total of $27. I got one pad. I don’t have any return address for this company.
An American friend told me a story of a young lad in NY city years ago who started a business putting new soles on old trainers for a very modest fee of $10. The guy was legit but it was pointed out to me that with a population of 7 million, he could afford to do nothing and reimburse everyone who complained and still make a fortune from those who wrote it off to experience.
I would so like to meet up with this guy … Maybe if I win the Lotto.

Whitney –

I ordered a Harry Potter globe with moving train,after several weeks I received a pack of foam pieces to make a train,when I contacted them I was told they would give me 30% of the cost and it would cost me 20 usd to return it,have lodged a complaint with PayPal and have declined the 30% refund I want the full amount I paid

Claudia –

I ordered a Nail Printing Machine which i paid £22 for, and received a set of nails that could of been sold in the pound shop, contacted there support to be told that is what i ordered. Looks like, they bring you in with the picture of the item you want and then send you something completely different. I agree with everyone on here, surely this is false advertising…I have opened a dispute with paypal, but with all the info on here I am not convinced it is going to go anywhere…

Jacquelyn –

I ordered a fishtank with light and remote control humidifier and planter floor model only received the lights and remote control but never received my fishtank humidifier planter floor model its been 2months still waiting to receive my packages I’m still waiting the tracking number isn’t working so I don’t know where my packages are I filed a complaint with PayPal I don’t want a refund I want my order and packages please

Albert –

I ordered the engraving laser machine and got a 10×10″ piece of 3mm Plywood – was well wrapped though. and did get a 60% refund after making comments on all the facebook adds I could find. THE COMPANY ARE SCAMMERS. Read the small print. Expensive bit of plywood,

Ramon –

I ordered 2 items from this company that was advertised on Facebook. I payed using PayPal and my account was charged. I became concerned after about a week and contacted the company about my order. They did correspond back to me and assured me the item was shipped and provided a tracking number. I filed a complaint with PayPal and the company assured me the items ordered were shipped. After 20 days if the complaint was not resolved PayPal would drop the case. On the last day before I could escalate the claim the tracking status showed my order Delivered but it wasn’t. PayPal dropped the case and I tried to contact the company I purchased from but my emails have been blocked. I don’t know what else to do but make it up to a SCAM from this company.

Erin –

I order a bluetooth printer and received blank paper
And when i asked for my refund there want me to return the paper or take 60% for the item. What kind of business you are running

Lindsay –

I purchased shoes from this company based on the pictures they showed. It took almost a month to arrive and when they did it was not the product advertised. It was not clear either that this was coming from over seas.
I tried to email them and ask for a refund and was told I was blocked and had to contact them through PayPal. I tried that and it said I wasn’t set up to contact them. What kind of business does this? I’m out $84 and can’t contact anyone to get my money back! One picture is what I ordered the other picture is what I received.

Troy –

I ordered the mini table saw and got a quarter size saw blade instead

Julie –

Same thing happened to me! What a rip off!

Adrian –

Sad experience with this company after a month of waiting my order the Garden Kneeler and seat , Didn’t get my order, I file a complaint to PayPal, because I can’t reached them through email so what the PayPal did is to contact directly the company, base on the
Investigation of PayPal they said it was delivered to my home, a file a dispute to PayPal and it takes another month, finally I got email from paypal that base on the proof of [censored]ou that they have a trucking number that is was delivered and case was closed, I can’t get a refund , this company is a scammer

David –

I ordered a bike gps computer and they sent handle bar tape. I spent 45 dollars! Filing dispute via paypal. Cant contact the company

Melissa –

Same here, filed dispute just now.
Here’s a screen grab I got of the thing I ordered .. might be helpful for you.

Cory –

Ordered a multifunctional table board, I received a fruit cutting board. They stole 20 euros.

Cody –

I purchased a digital measure that you put in a miter saw, what i received was a .50 cent fabric tape measure. I am disputing it with PayPal. [censored]ou offered a 14.98 refund which is only half of what I paid. Needless to say I declined.

Phillip –

I ordered a new kind of electronic measuring device: A better way to measure. I received a seamstress tape measure. The total cost with transport: 41.74 $ cnd. I saw the same item on Aliexpress for less than $ 1 including shipping. The merchant offers me a 60% discount or I return the item at my expense (he estimates at $ 20) to be reimbursed. Quebec’s consumer protection law says the merchant must pay the return shipping costs. And nothing tells me that I would be reimbursed by these fraudsters. I have to go back to China but yet the package left Ontario and the Paypal payment was made to an Ontario company.

Jillian –

The compagny name is Askoxyza (S h i t o u (sz) Tech co.

Jacob –

I ordered a sewing machine. for 123.98. I received a kids toy 9×10 in took 7 weeks to get it and now i’m fighting to get a refund. I can not get info on this company . Email are returned undeliverable. With this many complaints paypal should have dropped them .Paypal is protecting this company. They say they are out of California but first shipping label is out of Country. I guess my only recourse is BBB.

Carl –

Went online and ordered a pool June 4th. Ordered what I thought was 10’x36″pool,pump and cover. Paid with credit card through PayPal. Receipt of payment shows [censored]ou(sz)tech co. Tried to track my order but was unsuccessful. Tried emailing the address they gave and that was undeliverable. Contacted PayPal and they gave me no help at all. Found this site and after reading the horror stories I am worried. Any suggestions how I proceed from here? Thanks!

Claudia –

Did PayPal sort your issue? This company has scammed me on 3 different occasions. and I’m trying to get PayPal to band them from they’re site. Because the same thing keeps happening to people.

Rachael –

Ordered a pool June 4th. Thought it was raindrops. com. Paid with credit card through PayPal. Tried emailing. No such email available. Worried now. PayPal payment went to [censored]ou.What do I do next.Any suggestions. Thanks.

Jenna –

I ordered a ball thrower for my dog. Paid 33 U.S. and I got a tennis ball. Do not buy anything from this company. Shortly after I ordered their store site went down which I’m sure by now they have more. These guys are the biggest scammers out there.

Kristopher –

I ordered the swinging camp chair. when I sent an email asking about delivery date, the email came back un-deliverable. Today I received a small stool (NOT the chair). I will be filing a claim with PayPal. If this doesn’t get resolved I will file a claim with my bank.

Randi –

I ordered two of these as well. I ordered back on May 9th. I have not received anything, but now it shows in Paypal that it was shipped June 15th. Worried I won’t get what I ordered. I cannot find the site I ordered from or the picture. Do you have a link to it by chance? I just want proof of what it should be and what I received. My friend posted it on Facebook and I went back to find it…it’s gone! Also, I emailed them yesterday and received an email that it was undeliverable. I wonder if Paypal will say I need to wait since it was just shipped.

Adriana –

I also ordered the chairs…and got crap. Not even sure it would be a safe foot stool. I filed a complaint with paypal so we shall see.

Tiffany –


The exact same thing happened to us, using the tiny stall as a footstall s we speak. Looks like the company is a fraud. You can claim money back if you paid through PayPal.

Brenda –

I ordered a pool from this company for $219. I emailed them saying i do NOT want immediately after I bought it. The email is invalid and PayPal will not help me. What can I do?

Melanie –

I ordered an electric mop on May 5, 2020 with 2 pads. I hadn’t received any tracking number or any communication at all, so on June 1 I filed a dispute with Paypal. A few days ago, I received the 2 small cotton pads, but NO electric mop. I paid $26.98 also. Paypal denied my dispute because the seller claimed I received the product-I would have to be crazy to pay $26.98 for 2 small pads. What am I supposed to do with them, get on my hands and knees and mop my floors by hand?! This is clearly a scam and I am very disappointed in Paypal!

Alberto –

Scammer’s website Shitou (sz) tech co. limited

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a pool kit. Was supposed to have received a pool, pool pump, ground cover, pool cover. I only received a small child pool and a air pump. I received nothing that I order,. The ad is misleading and the company is a scam.

George –

I ordered a pool was supposed to have gotten pool, pump, ground cloth and pool cover. Got a small child pool with a air pump. Don’t order from this company it’s a scam. It’s seems like PayPal is helping them also. Filed a complaint with them nothing was done. Very dissatisfied!

Stefanie –

I ordered the swinging camp chair and when I sent an email inquiring about the delivery date and when the email came back that it was not deliverable I filed a claim with PayPal. If this doesn’t get resolved I will file a claim with my bank.

Ana –

I ordered a fully enclosed luxury kitty litter box with a matching scoop stand and only got the scoop. its a scam DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER i hope they get delt with soon so they can stop ripping ppl off currently i have a dispute with them threw paypal

Roy –

I ordered the same thing, and just got the cheap scooper. PayPal told me to return the scoop, and when the crooked (my words) receive it, I will get my refund. I forgot the scoop was a bonus! This is what I received . Not with a dollar! Let alone $26!

Grant –

I bought a luxury reclining camp chair and was delivered a cheap little footstool. When I contacted the seller they said it was correct as per the website. Disgusted.

Erica – is where I got mine from, but it no longer exists.

Linda –

Do you happen to remember the site? The Facebook post my friend posted is no longer on her page, so I can’t find the link to the site. This happened to me as well. I haven’t received it yet. It says it was shipped June 15. I emailed them yesterday to check the status as I ordered it on May 9, and the email kicked back as undeliverable. I’m worried that Paypal won’t do anything about it and we are out almost $50 since we ordered two of these. I should have googled this company first to find these complaints.

Mallory –

This happened to me too! That is ridiculous! I am definitely disputing!

Alana –

Do you happen to remember what website you ordered the camping chair from? I can’t seem to locate it now and would like to find it. Thanks so much

Russell –

This JUST happened to me too end of May ! They refuse to refund me anything at first now say if I accept %50 or return cheap chairs but have to pay $20US shipping. I’m so furious! Did you get your compliant resolved? I’m going to my bank today to speak to them and see what they can do. I used PayPal but funds paid for with my bank account not a credit card.

Stephanie –

I bought a projector for 19.00. And bought it on April 14. Sent messages asking where it is. Mail was returned. Couldn’t deliver to that address.

Tyler –

I ordered a garden kneeler on April 30th. I haven’t received any correspondence from them at all. I tried to email them and I got a notification that the email was undeliverable. I have a feeling that I got scammed. Is there anything I can do?

Katrina –

Katie same thing happened to me I ordered something for my cat for 28.00 on April 30th I never received it, the tracking doesn’t work. I’m trying to figure out how to file a complaint against the co. I’ll let you know if I make any progress . Cheri

Jeffrey –

Ordered a 15ft wide by 36 in tall pool, suppose to have pump, ground cloth and cover. I got a 6ft wide by 29in pool ( a kiddy pool) my emails wint go through and the phone number is disconnected. Really pi***s me off!
The pictures below shows what was sent to me and my receipt for what I ordered and paid for.

Katherine –

I received the same pool. And was also scammed I contacted PayPal and they did nothing.

Thomas –

I had the exact same experience! Did you find any solution?

Morgan –

Victim Location 26651

Total money lost $218

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online and searched 15x48in pool and showed up. Checked PayPal for the company verification and PayPal supported them. Made the purchase for a pool $109. Didn’t feel right so I immediately tried to cancel. All emails that the company and PayPal had came back undeliverable for cancel and refund. Phone number on site didn’t work. They took the money out of my account and went back to do research. Found that when I click on it becomes which is a unknown company. Have had no response or product to date. They completely scammed me. Canceled my cc with the back and put in a dispute claim as well. Have not got my money back because it is still pending. Filed a claim with PayPal and they immediately denied it! So I reported them to the for supporting scammed sites and I trusted them. Will not trust PayPal again. Then noticed the company tried to take another charge of $109! What a horrible lie and mess. No responses (shipping, response to my wanting to cancel or refund 10 minutes or days after purchase or anything!) only way of contact from PayPal and raindorp web site was email.

Antonio –

Me too! Ugh

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