Simple Life CBD Oil Reviews - Simple Life CBD Oil Scam or Legit

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Jessie – Dec 24, 2020

I cannot find a usable number to discontinue my order. Bank can’t stop payment so we have been getting this for nearly a year.. can anyone help me. I was scammed into trying this. Have tried everything tofind the original order but haven’t found it. my son says it works but I pay way to much for it.. I am tired of spending nearly two hundred dollars for products I don’t want. This should not be allowed to continue. I wonder how many others are scammed.

Sandra – Oct 04, 2020

I watched a video that indicate the CBD oil would eliminate my knee pain so I said what the heck. A free trial. Now I’m being billed monthly for $88.69 for a “Green Passage CBD Cream” and $93.59 for “Simply Life CBD Oil” to put in water to drink. To my knowledge neither work for my knee pain. I worked with my credit card company to cancel the charges since there is no contact information available to call and cancel the contract. I would not recommend either of these products

Kimberly – Sep 01, 2020

April Bishop tried the little bottle for 6.00. Didnt like the nasty taste and didn’t work. I was unaware of this scam until they took out 93.59 and tried to take another 89.00 right behind it. There is no way in bleep bleep that I would pay that much for this junk.Highway robbery they deserve together capital murder charge! They’ll get theirs one day

Megan – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 34639

Total money lost $93.59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a company among others that employ the same tactics. It was started through the Internet. I was forced to sign up for something in order to receive a $1000 gift card from Walmart. So I decided to get the CBD oil for the only the price of shipping and handling. I figured they would automatically sign you up to receive the SimpleLife CBD Oil every month, and I did not call to cancel within the 2 week window mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. So I called to cancel when I noticed more than a month after the order they charged me $93.59. So I called them and insisted that I wanted to cancel. Maria was the customer representative and said the cancellation would be sent to my email. The $93.59 was for the original bottle so it wasn’t free or just the S&H cost as they lead you to believe. I won’t be doing anything stupid like this again! They are profiting off shady tactics. I cannot find an address for this company.

User Review
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