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Kelli – Feb 19, 2021

If you read the comments below I’m pretty much in the same scammed group: contacted me about being an ambassador, I paid about $77 bucks which isn’t much to be honest but still enough for me to be p[censored], I got the message shipped two days later but here I am a month and two weeks later with still nothing! I have contacted the person who reached out to me and they’re literally just sending a script at this point same exact thing each time I ask where tf are my shirts? I WISH I did research before being scammed like this, PLEASEEEEEE do NOT purchase from this scammer! It’s so insulting to actual small businesses that use social media to sell their items. Be a smart [censored] and research the company before just blindly trusting them, so you won’t have to loose a cent!

Christina – Feb 09, 2021

I was asked to be an “ambassador” and thought it might be cool. I didn’t think they would scam because of their large Instagram following, but I guess I was wrong. I ordered $50 worth of items, but changed my mind about being an ambassador because it seemed sketchy. I requested a cancellation for my order only like 30 minutes after ordering, and they conveniently didn’t respond to my email until TWO DAYS LATER when it had already shipped; and explained to me that they can’t refund me. I’m broke, so $50 was a lot for me to spend… I did it because I thought it would be worth it for the money I’d make being a brand ambassador. I later messaged someone who was a brand ambassador for them and they said they hadn’t made any money at all. Not to mention the clothes took forever to get here and were crap quality. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Peter – Jan 14, 2021

I order a three piece set on December 16,2020 and I have yet to receive my items but they are taking my funds threw Afterpay
I have emailed the contact and I keep getting the run around. No real person has contacted me nor tried to reach out. I want my money back for
Pluffy blankets by sincerely sally

Nancy – Oct 23, 2020

Sincere Sally is a complete scam!

Someone contacted me on Instagram with an Ambassador/Collaboration opportunity for their brand. They provided me a 55% discount code to purchase 3 items from their website and receive a free necklace gift. They also gave me a unique 25% coupon code for Instagram followers and promised to provide a % profit of sales generated.

*She said that I just needed to message her – the spokesperson – to “ask” about my profits (which raised a red flag). Legitimate companies should have a login account where you can check sales generated.

Shortly after I purchased on 10/9/2020 and the items were delivered on 10/23/2020, the spokesperson deleted our message communication on Instagram. I never received the free necklace gift or contact info for that “spokesperson” to communicate profits generated and no login/account to see my sales/profits.

Also, the clothing is TRASH. I would use it to clean bathrooms since it looks like rag material. For $140.00 of items (after a 55% coupon!), you would expect “high quality” as falsely advertised on their website. The clothing is disgusting, poor quality & cheap, almost 100% polyester, made in China, and the sizing chart was completely incorrect.

When I messaged them on Instagram 10/22/20, they gave a bunch of lies – their customer service is “busy”. They don’t have a legitimate customer service team to contact.

Then they refused to allow returns because that’s their policy – no returns after a discount code! The spokesperson never told me about this and of course, deleted our communication messages.

Regardless, this is the cheapest ugliest clothing I’ve ever seen in my life. I refuse to accept it or false advertise (risking my credibility as an Instagram Influencer) to get a profit (which is another scam on their part).

They should be shut down. I never tried on the clothes/ would gladly return them. Just want my $ back and to get rid of these “dish rags”. I never want to deal with the company at all or make exchanges – they are total scam artists!

Nicole – Oct 23, 2020

This hideous top sells for $100 on their website! I paid $45. They call it the “Chica Jumper” and say it’s high quality. All polyester, made in China, and legit looks worse than a dish rag.

Randy – Sep 03, 2020

We are truly sorry to hear about your negative experience with our brand. We are also sorry to hear about the disappointment with your items. We would really like to resolve this issue and ensure your satisfaction. Please contact our management team at [email protected] so we can arrange an exchange or refund, which ever you prefer.
Kind Regards,
Sincere Sally Management

Ernest – Aug 25, 2020

Sincere Sally is nothing but straight up scammers. Provided 2 USPS numbers. One went to another state, the other was fake. No product received. Found literally the same items on ebay for for less than 80% of what this store charged. Had to file a dispute with my credit card to get the charge reversed. “Customer Service” is an absolute joke. All robotic, not real people and no phone number to call. SCAMMERS ALL THE WAY!

Cole – Oct 23, 2020

I’m filing a dispute with my credit card company now. They are horrible and should be shut down! The clothing is the cheapest rag material I’ve ever seen and then they refuse to allow returns so they screw people over.

Jenna – Aug 22, 2020

This is a SCAM. Ridiculously over priced items and cheap quality clothes.
They are NOT looking for Ambassadors just Stupid enough people that will buy their clothes. Supposedly they give you a “discounted” price as an ambassador but you typically end up paying what a piece of clothing would usually cost.

This company is NOT from Australia but from china. It explains why the cheap quality clothes.

This is their Marketing technique to get people to buy and I can’t believe I fell for this stupidity.
Then they tell you you can’t get your money back on discounted items! Great way to F** people over.

Ernest – Jul 06, 2020

Il s’agit d’une arnaque! À éviter absolument! Je n’ai jamais reçu mon colis et n’ai jamais été indemnisée! Ne commandez pas sur ce site!

Blake –

Victim Location 35582

Total money lost $21.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sincere Sally first came to me. They asked me to be an “ambassador” which is  basically someone who promotes their items and usually a discount code is involved. So I immediately purchased a top and began promoting for this brand. At first the issue was with how long the processing time was taking. They weren’t keeping in touch. I never received a tracking number. They said I could not get a refund due to it being “processed”. I get my item unknowingly because I never got to check tracking for the reasons stated above. My item that I received was NOTHING like the pictures on their website. It was cheaply made. Thin material. Stitching was missing. And the lettering was considerably smaller than the pictures used to sell the original item. Not only that, but there seems to be a stain on the collar of the shirt. I was infuriated so I immediately go to email this company that has seemed to scam me and they will not reply but to tell me they will not refund me. Our messages let one another know when something has been read and all they do is read my message and never reply. I am furious. Although in their return policy it states that you can not return if clothing has been worn, but that’s only with bottoms and one pieces. I purchased a top. They have ripped me off. I would pay a dollar for what I received and I paid $21.99 and that was after a discount code was applied. I have been ripped off! 

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