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Teresa – Nov 18, 2020

almost fell for this scam. I thought the wording in the email was oddly worded and that a free golden retriever puppy was too good to be true when they sell for $1500 to $1800. The scammer suggested shipping the puppy to us via pet transport for $230. I responded that we pick up the puppy at their address and received a response that that would be fine but was never given the full address or phone number I requested. The most provided was W Main St, Newark Delaware as the address. I then started googling and found this site on line.

Carly – Aug 10, 2020

Received email from Nancy Staten, Delaware, will same wording…”Not looking to sell, just want puppies to have a good home. Requested my email to send me pictures. The picture is shown on your post, the man holding two cream retriever puppies, 11 weeks old. Requested money for shipping.

Kaitlin – Jul 07, 2020

Thank you for posting this! I was heading down the same path when I started googling names and numbers and found your post. I was just to the point of getting a Walmart gift card for the $230 and started researching every piece of information provided which led me here. Below are the pictures they used.

Benjamin – Dec 07, 2020

Thank you for sharing this! I received these photos in promising a free female golden retriever with payment of delivery of $230. The person went by the name Mary Hepler from Belton Texas. Things started to become suspicious when the (scammer) wouldn’t let me call. I’m so broken hearted, went out and bought everything to welcome my very first puppy only to find out it’s a scam. Luckily I found this site before I sent money.

Carrie – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 70130

Total money lost $230

Type of a scam Other

I was looking around to find a golden retriever puppy in need of a home, and ventured into craigslist (which I NEVER do!). I found a few posts about golden retriever puppies and an upcoming litter. I sent a few messages, and heard back from one. The post I was inquiring about was for an 8 month old golden puppy named Soap who needed rehoming. I was contacted via email with a response from “Nancy Staten”, and was asked to provide my email address so they could send me pictures of the puppy. I obliged, and received an email a few minutes later with several pictures of 2 golden retriever puppies that were much younger than the puppy posted in the listing. They told me they did not want to sell the puppies, only to find them a good home. I asked a few more questions, and they asked some questions about me. All of the messages were worded strangely, like they had been put together by google translator. They sent me pictures of the puppy’s parents, told me their weights, described their personalities, a lot of convincing details. They then asked me to provide them with my name, address, phone number and closest airport for puppy transport. I thought this was strange because the listing said the puppy was only 2 hours from where I am. Then they told me they were actually in Newark Delaware and would have a transportation service bring puppy to my door. I questioned why the ad said they puppy was in Louisiana If it was in Delaware, and why a different puppy was listed (not the ones they were showing me). The person on the other end said they weren’t sure because they don’t know how to use craigslist, that their daughter had posted for them. They also told me they could not talk over the phone because they were having a hearing issue and wouldn’t be able to hear me. When I decided I would like to move forward with the puppy, they asked me to send them money thru an app called cash app to pay for the travel cost of the puppy. The name they wanted money sent to was $jamielemus2. When the app didn’t work, they asked me to buy a Walmart gift card for the amount of $230, and send them a picture of the card and receipt. I thought this was very strange and asked why I couldn’t provide my credit card info directly to the transportation company, but they said this was the best way to do it. At this point I was very skeptical, but purchased a Walmart money card in the amount of $230. They asked me not to register the card and to send them pictures of the front and back. The next day they told me they had just dropped off the puppy to be sent to me. I then started receiving emails from a shipping company that my puppy was getting ready to be shipped to me. They asked me to verify my address and provide a copy of my drivers license. Then they told me I needed to upgrade the puppy’s crate to ensure the puppy was safe, and asked for a $500 “refundable” rental fee for an air conditioned crate. They requested this be paid with a Walmart gift card. When I questioned this, I did not receive a response. That is when I started googling the email addresses and found a post from a woman who sent these people over $500 for a Yorkie puppy they said they had. I informed the scammers that I was aware that this was fake and that I would like my money back, but did not receive a response.

The following additional info was associated with this scam:

[email protected]

Jason Oliva – signature on the shipping emails

Gerald Smith Caregar – listed as the manager of the shipping agency

Nancy Staten Coffey

Jamie Lemus

+1 (302) 294-0155

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