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Corey – 1 h ago

My elderly father with dementia received this letter with the last name changed to his. Thank goodness he consulted with a lawyer who is a family friend who advised my Dad that it was a scam.
At first my Dad was very excited that he could use the money to divide with all of his family. Then upon finding out this was a scam he became depressed.
Being paranoid is brought on with dementia so when they advised him not to talk to anyone, he became very afraid that all of our family was in danger. This caused great distress for my Dad.

Alexis – Feb 20, 2021

Got same letter, changing last name only. Its a scam !

Gregory – Aug 24, 2020

This women just sent my very old mother in law a international letter, stating that Alfred hein ( her husband) died in a car crash March 11th 2014 in Porto Portugal. And that there is 26.7m in a safety vault that belongs to alfren hein. But than it states that 40% of the money belongs to us but 50% will now belong to Sofia gomez. She even signed it
Sofia gomez, telephone
01134 631 463 661
Email [email protected]
July 1 2020

Frederick – Jul 23, 2020

Received a letter from Sofia Gomez, an administrative manager at the vault of a financial and security institute in Barcelona, Spain. She is claiming to have discovered a 26.7 million dollar account of the late Alfred Singletary and that she can help secured the 26.7 million for me. She states that she will keep 50% of the funds, 10% must go to a Charity based in Spain and the remaining 40% is mine. She asks that only contact her husband By phone at 01134 631 463 661 Or by fax at 01134 935 207 451 And that not tell anyone of this account and plan to secure the funds. She lists her email as [email protected]

Brittany – Mar 31, 2020

Victim Location 49512

Type of a scam Other

Received letter stating that I was entitled to inheritance from Spain. Instructed to send send monies to process payment and not tell anyone about the transaction. 

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