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Travis – Dec 21, 2020

Same as everyone else ordered April 6th and nothing. Emailed them a couple times over the months

Todd – Dec 15, 2020

I oedered clothes MONTHS ago i want to say in April 2020 and still to receive my order. I have emailed you guys twice then gave up ; i just remembered this order and I would like to know where on earth is my order? Will I ever receive it? If not can I get a refund? Any feedback would be nice. My email is [email protected] if you would ever like to reply to my emails or get ahold of me on there. Please give me some information .

Theresa – Aug 11, 2020

Same story, different person. I placed an order on April 7th.. paid shipping, got my confirmation and no order! And apparently no website so no one to contact. I have a hard time believing that NOTHING can be done? Like really NOTHING? ?

ORDER #19332
Thank you for your purchase!
Hi E, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

Autumn – Jul 23, 2020

Like everybody else on here I ordered clothes also back in April! It has yet to arrive. They sent me a confirmation number but it won’t let me track! When I click the link it doesn’t even pull up a page. If anybody know who to contact about this please let me know. We all apparently have been scammed.

Mary – Dec 21, 2020

Lmk if u find a way to contact them cause same April 6th and nothing !

Ashleigh – Jul 10, 2020

Scammer’s website Sparkling

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I have been ordering my order since April 12th, 2020 and now it is July 10, 2020. I want to know where and when will I be able to receive my order? My order # 30653.

Thank you,


Jorge – Jul 10, 2020

I have placed orders on April 9,2020 and never receive it. I emailed customer service and they said that they do not provide tracking number due to long period of shipping. No it’s July and I haven’t receive any of my order. I work hard for my moneys. I want my items or give me back my refund.

Katie – Jul 02, 2020

I placed an order and never received my items but I paid for shipping

Brandi – Jun 13, 2020

I had placed an order and never received it I would love for anybody to walk me through the steps to get a refund on my order I have photo of the receipt and the purchase please help I am not in the habit of giving away my money for free

Kate – Jun 13, 2020

I placed my order 2 months ago and haven’t arrive yet. I keep waiting and waiting try to understand them because of covid19 and some craziness happening right now but I think this is totally scam, how can I do refund? I spent like $60

Lydia – Jun 10, 2020

I will love to try it I don’t lit of cloth

Chase – May 26, 2020

I placed an order told it was shipped now the web page no longer works exists and I’ve sent numerous emails to their customer service email to be ignored.

Steven – May 26, 2020

They told me my order was shipped as soon as I paid and then I never heard anything again

Shana – May 24, 2020

Same problem as everyone on here do the bank thing n get ur money back

Ernest – May 21, 2020

SCAM. I didn’t think I would get the whole order but I thought they would send an item or two. A month later and nothing. Now the website is gone. I feel like an [censored] and am glad I only lost the $16.99 and not more. I’ll never do that again.

Cynthia – May 18, 2020

Like everyone else on this page, I ordered clothes from Sparkling You and they never came. They sent me a shipping confirmation and about two days later I clicked on “view your order” and it came up as “no page found.” This is a scam, I ordered over a month ago and it obviously never came. Not sure how (if even possible) to get my money back.

Christie – May 22, 2020

If you did it with a credit/debit card call your bank and ask to file a dispute, the charge should be in your history on your bank account. Would help if you have the date.

Janelle – May 17, 2020

I had order April 6 today is May 17 the page is gone I totally forgot about the package do to Pandemic but I haven’t received an email a tracking number just an order number and they had charged my card is this a scam

Brett – May 17, 2020

Yes, same here…never again!

Alisha – May 16, 2020

Placed a order on April 13th and here we are on May 16th and I received anything! I even paid 16.99 for shipping

Emily – May 15, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I had ordered roughly 90 items from the sparklingyou or spaklingyou is what the IP address was on my phone. Placed my order on April the 2nd and here is is May the 15th and I still haven’t received anything. Also when asked about a tracking number, they responded with they don’t put tracking numbers on their orders and that shipping info would be updated on their order purchase page. Now when you try to go to the order purchase email and go to track your order it shows a screen that say whoops this website is no longer available. Very upset because I was looking forward to getting some new cloths. Being a mom of three its hard to afford cloths for myself. This is very upsetting to me because half of my cloths are either to small or to big, or they are stained or holy because they are so old and worn out.

Bridget – May 13, 2020

Still havent received my order i placed in March but paid shipping

Kaitlin – May 12, 2020

I ordered twelve items in late march/early april and it is now mid may. Do not recommend this scam of a website!

Brittany –

I too paid for the shipping and have yet to receive anything

Ronnie –

April 1st 2020 I ordered clothes came to $16.99 As the shipping due to a promotion they were running at the time to pay shipping only. I thought it was too good to be true but had seen a high volume of purchases. After a month I’m not hearing or seeing anything I sent them an email to the only address listed in their page. It’s now almost mid May and still no reply and the store is gone.

Brandy –

I bought something during an Easter sale and paid 20 something bucks and still haven’t received anything…

Carmen –

So I placed a pretty big order, and it’s now almost two months later and I still have not received anything. I cannot even get on the website to check on my order because it has been taken down or removed.

Lucas –

I ordered 7 things off this site then 3 days later it told me that the website was took down and i still have not received my order.

Jessie –

placed a rather LARGE order and received a order number but never a tracking number. now the website is gone? “contacted” them so we will see if i hear back from them. YEAH RIGHT!

Shawna –

Placed order April 8th and haven’t received anything and now the website doesn’t exist to check on order. Pretty sure I got ripped off and will be filing complaint/dispute Monday with bank.

Bridget –

I ordered on April 9, 2020
I have never received my order. I paid $16.99 for shipping. The store site does not exist anymore.

ORDER #24135
Thank you for your purchase!
Hi Christa, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

$16.99 USD

Shipping method

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]

Brandy –

I saw the page on Facebook and I was really happy to find such of good deal of that beautiful clothes. I thought it was 0 dollars because of the pandemic Covit 19. In my mind, I was not only buying clothes but also helping some store to keep up with their sales. I didn’t notice the obvious scam. I pay 18 and something dollars and I was so excited to wait for my package until I tryed to track it and it didn’t have any information to do so disappointed.

Tiffany –

I ordered april 5 paid the extra for 5 days shipping n never got anything including a reply to my email april 14 some of us didn’t have money to just donate to this I need my refund asap somehow

Ross –

I ordered on March 31st and emailed them multiple times to find out when it would be coming in keep in mine I paid 10day shipping twice. The lady told me it would take 4-6weeks when I was trying to find out if I could track my order she said no and would not give me a valid reason.

Frank –

I order almost a whole month ago and still haven’t got anything I paid $16.99 for shipping and still nothing. The website isn’t even available anymore. Apparently the website was taken down after whoever put it up got all the money they wanted, I should’ve done some more research on this site before buying

Misty –

Guess I was also scammed. Ordered items in March. Now can’t find the website to track order. 😡😡😡😡

Janet –

Never Had Any Problems Ordering From Websites From Facebook Until Now. Sad To See This One Scammed A lot of People 😔 Said Order Was On the Way And Emailed And Now Website Is Not Even Available? Why Would A “Business” do this during These Times.

Sandra –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I clicked a link on Facebook that was suggested and proceeded to purchase the clothes on the website. I paid $16.99 and the shipping said it was 10 day shipping. I ordered this April 7, 2020 and it is now April 28, 2020.

Kate –

Ordered my items on the 8th of April now the site is not working no tracking number no nothing just disappeared

Sergio –

I ordered from this website April 1st. I always see them on my Facebook and I’ve bought from other advertisers from Facebook, so I didn’t think anything of it. I thought they were cleaning out there inventory or closing down and trying to get rid of everything. I paid $16.99 for a few outfits. Was sent my receipt and was told 7-10 business days for delivery. I emailed them last week and I haven’t heard back. Decided to look up the company and I ran into this website. Why is Facebook advertising this website?

Samuel –

This is the worsens website that i have found they are stealing the peoples money i spent my $16.99 for the shipping of my item on 4/15/2020 and they said 10 days shipping and still didn’t heard nothing .. i just wish government give some punishment as they are doing fraud business.

Gabriel –

Was told my items would be shipped, and the website just disappeared. I wrote the company at the email that was listed on the confirmation receipt, and not word back. SCAM

Cassandra –

Scammer’s website Sparklingyou

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered from them on 04/07/2020 and haven’t seen or heard anything from the company. I’ve emailed them several times and was told they don’t provide tracking information. It’s 3 weeks later and still I have heard nothing. I spent $16.99 on this website just to be scammed. The government can look and track everything but scammers! So sad

Brandy –

I ordered from them on 04/07/2020 and haven’t heard from them or anything. I can’t even look up my order on the website! I am definitely having a lawyer look into this. Even though is was $16 it was still my money and I’ve been scammed!

Marissa –

I feel you and especially I need that 16.99 for college savings 😭 like why scam us at the time like this if you can do anything about please do😭

Latoya –

I ordered from them April 7 and have gotten nothing I paid 18.95 where’s my order ? I’m so sad I got scammed ! Especially in this time of crisis. :(:( can’t get a hold of anyone!

Dana –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered some items from this site and paid $16.99 for shipping. It was said that my order will arrive in 4-6 weeks. I still haven’t received a tracking number even though it said the items have shipped. I tried to go back into their website and the page is no longer available

Jessica –

I ordered 3 in that same day for 3 different person and it was supposed to take 7-10 days it’s almost been a month now , I can’t find any shipping number to track and their email doesn’t even work, those anyone knows on how to catch those thief.

Armando –

I definitely got scammed, which sucks because I loved all the clothes that I thought I was ordering. I really hope somebody does something and they get punished for what they have done to not only myself but I bet hundreds of people.

Kristy –

The same thing happened to me paid 16.99 twice because I forgot to put something in the cart. The site has been removed. Shouldn’t Facebook be held accountable for advertising this company?

Tyrone –

They took the shipping money (I paid for 5 day shipping) and bolted. Closed the website and don’t respond to emails. I sent one to the “staff” email and got a respond earlier this month, but have received nothing and no more responses.

Melanie –

Total scam! Paid $16.99 and now website is inactive

Kristin –

Wow reading all of everyone’s posts. I ordered items on april 9, 2020 and paid $16.99 shipping. I checked on my items and asked for a tracking number. They told me it would take 4 weeks to arrive. It is almost 4 weeks and I tried to reach them again and there is no site at all. No way to contact them. I tried disputing with my bank and they can’t do anything. I lost out on $16.99 cents. I feel like crap falling for this. They need to be dealt with. If we could find out more information about these people or site we could definitely have a class a lawsuit.

Troy –

The same thing happened figured these ads are trust worthy saw it was a good deal figured they were cleaning put inventory so chose plenty of outfits online paying the shipping which is 18.65 and never received tracking information and website no longer exist its upsetting that people take advantage of others people money by scamming everyone it isnt right what’s the next step are we able to get our money back

Dennis –

My cousin told me about this because she ordered some stuff for $18 and I ordered my same day as her on April 6 and as soon as I placed my order it sent me a message saying it shipped i was AMAZE! like there’s no way they shipped it so fast this is probably fake . I sent them a email asking for tracking because I never received my order and they told me they do not give it tracking information because packages take long time to ship out ! They said orders take 1 week to process then 4-6 weeks to arrive . Now there website is inactive and idk how to get my money back 🤦🏻‍♀️

Theodore –

Ordered from then and had to pay around 19$ for shipping. beginning of april and still havent received anything yet on tracking or anything but they took the money from my bank.

Dawn –

I ordered from them on April 5 and i ordered like 9 outfits and still haven’t recieved anything. No tracking number, no clothes, nothing. And now their site is non existant now. I paid $16.99 for shipping.

Cole –

Total scam. Website no longer works! I emailed them as I had not received any shipping notification and I cannot get a response.

Eric –

I made an order on 4/4 for 16.99$ for 10 day delivery but I’ve still not received anything. How can I get my money back and report these people? I’ve sent 2 emails but I’ve not heard back yet.

Brent –

I have received the same message and now the site doesn’t come up at all. SMH! I will attempt to get my bank to refund the money. So glad I used a spare bank card and not my main card.

Gerald –

This site has prices that sound too good to be true because they are too good to be true. I got several items off of this site and i have to tell you it is a scam. Im very upset about it when i go back into the link in my confirmation email it says its some different store now.

Molly –

I sadly feel like this is a scam I have had contact with them but don’t trust it

Lauren –

I ordered 2 different times same day and have revived nothing and no answer from the emails I have sent

Kristopher –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I purchased a lot of items but everything was free. I only had to pay for shipping, which was either $15 or $18 whether you want 5 day or 10 day shipping. It has been two weeks and no response to my email. Going back to the site, it shows forever babes 521. So scam scam scam!

Isaac –

Hi my name is Sheran and the same thing happened to me and I paid 18 .99 for what I ordered and never got anything at all and I need my money back.

Alexander –

So my boyfriend showed my this website and it seemed cool, yes I know everything was free except shipping; but I thought that was because of the virus. So I Rd him to send me the link from FB (which I still have). I ordered three items which was $16.99. After I placed the order I received the two text messages that the previous person did. I have not received my package.

Jose –

Ordered from them despite partially feeling like I was going to be scammed… I instantly received both of these messages and never received any others. Tonight I checked to see if my tracking info updated and got this message. Please listen or don’t and give them more money but this is indeed a scam.

Noah –

Sparkling you is FAKE and a scam. I tried to check my order tracking and it said “Oops, something went wrong.” So I went and clicked on the link from their page and it said there was an error. Then I pulled up the original post from it and it came up as a totally different name… called “Beauty Babes”

Rebecca –

I purchase product here they have not sent me my stuff. I also go and track my order and they disabled there page. They also took my money out of my account how can, I get that back

Derek –

Same here. I disputed the transaction with my bank.

Andrew –

Scammer’s website Sparkling

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I orders clothes online I paid $18 but never received anything and the site is gone. Need a refund

Christina –

I knew it was possibly a scam that’s why I did not use my main credit card. It seemed like everything was legit, I thought maybe they were trying to help out during the COVID19 pandemic. Just tried to track my order and there was no website up and no way to even pull up my order. Luckily it was only $17,but now I’ve got to check with the bank. I had a feeling it was to good to be true because I got 1 email saying they were processing my order then 3 minutes later I received another email saying my order was shipped . Please be careful! With all the online shopping due to quarantine it’s easy to fall into a trap. Stick to established and credible websites and buy with caution.

Lauren –

I went into knowing that it was quite possibly a scam and still got hopeful. I checked websites before ordering and they said it was good. Just checked in to find no website up and no way to even pull up my order. Luckily only out 17$ but now I’ve got to check with the bank. I had a feeling it was to good to be true. Please be careful! With all the online shopping due to quarantine it’s easy to fall into a trap. Stick to established and credible websites and buy with caution.

Alyssa –

I figured out I couldn’t track or get a contact from a staff. I lost $17, I want it back. After reading all these comment, I really need a refund. I really want everyone to be safe at this point. I’m not trying to get robbed or nothing. I really can’t be getting scam! Can someone erase that website and report as soon as possible! Where are the police ?!

Dawn –

seen an ad on facebook and decided to buy some clothes, only had to pay around $18 for the shipping and everything else was free, didn’t receive an email or any sort of confirmation, and i went to the website to see it’s not even open yet?! i want my damn money back

Michael –

I seen an advertisement on Facebook and I seen the great deal I got a bunch of clothes for 18.65 and was surprised. I never received tracking and when I went to the site it was shut down. I want my money back this is bs

Rachel –

I was shopping because one of the models I’ve seen her on another page so I thought maybe it was a legit but turned out to be scam. I spent 16 and I’d like my money back

Kellie –

Scammer’s phone N/a

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I order items from there website about 52 items and they said it will be 10 business days so I waiting until the next day I got on the email tried to track my package down and the website was shut down so I looked on the internet to find there customer service number and I seen people say they want they money back they are a scam they just took there money so I want my money back as well because people are sick out here that’s crazy how people are doing people

Bridget –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

A scam! Totally fell for it because i wanted clothes

Ross –

Ordered and paid twice but never received my orders

Larry –

The site is going around on Facebook now and people are falling for it. Something needs to be done to get them shut down.

Sergio –

Victim Location 29609

Total money lost $18.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This person or persons lure you by stating that the clothes are free and you just pay shipping. I ordered from this website (Sparkling,, Spaklingme) which sold clothing, activewear, swimwear and accessories on Thursday, April 9th 2020 and used a debit card for a payment of $18.95 and received an order number and two emails. One email stated that it was a confirmation and the other was stating that the order had been shipped without providing a valid tracking number. I did research and found out that this was not legitimate and they are using pictures from other well known sites and selling your card information. I found this to be a scam and the scam artist is on Facebook who goes by the name Edward Worthy of 18436 Ohio Street Detroit Michigan.The contact number their using is used by different other scam sites.

Mario –

Victim Location 49442

Total money lost $17

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some items from Sparkling You. An Online website that was "to good to be true". This site was offering a today only everything was free offer. I only had to pay the $16.99 shipping charge. I am only out a small amount of money but now I have to cancel my debit card. This site doesn’t give you any contact information other then an email address. This site does not offer any information about the owner or location of the business. The photographs of the items appear to be copied and pasted and are from other clothing shops. There are no customer reviews good or bad listed anywhere. I am embarrassed to admit I fell for it. After looking into it I hope that I can help someone else from doing the same.

Gloria –

I wish I would have seen this just a few days earlier. I got taken by them too. I got charged $16.99 for shipping. I had to go and cancel my debit card and get a new one. After I went to go check my order this morning the website was no longer operational. And the number they sent me a text from for my order confirmation was disconnected.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 46235

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online store sells clothing and jewelry at a sale of 100% off. Site is called Sparkling You but the website name is misspelled and reads missing the letter r. There is no contact information on the site. No information about where products are from or “about” the sellers.

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