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Ramon – Jan 01, 2021

This website spendsavers no longer exists, however, the company charging me is wrenzone.com. I ordered a free sample 6 months ago, June, 2020, unaware that I was buying a monthly subscription. I was charged today, Jan 2021, for $120 and I expect that as the spendsavers website no longer exists that I would not get any products. I do not want or need $120 worth of double-sided tape. I am disputing the charge with m bank since the website wrenzone.com is for a completely different product (that I think is a fake product) I have no way to dispute the charge through them. Spendsavers is a scam, and even though the website no longer exists, they are still charging people for products they didn’t order.

Adrienne – Sep 01, 2020

also got the nano tape which I have not opened. It was sent 6 days after I emailed to cancel within two days of order and they said it was already in process. Feeling the package, it is obvious it is probably inches of tape (nothing like the picture) Credit card co said they have a copy of my signed order. How did I sign over the internet? The phone number on card statement squeals like a fax machine, so I can’t even call them even though the email says to call anytime.

Veronica – Jul 23, 2020

I also bought the Nano tape for $1.95, which was supposed to be for shipping and handling.When I got my credit card statement,I was charged $83.50 by Falagzone.com-even though I supposedly bought it from Spend Savers. I called Falagzone three times;each time they hung up on me when I threatened with the words Scam and BBB.
They said,as others have said, that I signed up for ‘ a years supply of that product and agreed you pay up front in the amount of $57.71 and $1.95 (the amount they should when you check out).This doesnt even total to the $83.50. The last customer service rep offered me $57.08-the rest he said was the original price of the tape plus shipping. This place i a joke-took a lot’of
investigating to find an address-not even a real address-a c/o 685 Blackwell Bnd.Alparetta,Ga. For returns they list 12600 Deerfield Blvd. Suite 100 Alparetta,Ga.My credit card refuses to refund me because they say what I sent was insufficient proof-all you get is a printout of your order.You cant print out the terms and conditions which are hidden on a sidebar when they inform you of your years subscription. WHAT SCAM! Asking BBB to get my money back.

Claudia – Jul 08, 2020

They charged me 83.50 but I called them 5 minutes after I requested my item for 1.95. I received a full refund but no glasses. They said they were delivered and I needed to go door to door of my neighbors to see if they received. I will never order from them again! Scam!

Shana – Jun 22, 2020

I had the same experience as the two previous complaints. I ordered the nano liquid for $1.95 and was charged $83.50 from a company called Best Freeman. When I called for a refund I was told there there was a “small box” on the order page that explained about the membership fee and was offered a $40.00 refund. I was told that the item was already”processed and was coming from China so I could not receive a refund. Interestingly, the charge was on 6-17-20. I called on 6-18-20. The item shipped on 6-22-20 from Spend Savers and NOT from China. These ppl are a scam.

Sandra – Jun 18, 2020

I had placed an order for 1 free roll of magic tape and had the same result of a charge of $83.50 when I checked my bank account pending from bestfreeman85565. Nothing was charged for the $1.95 and nothing from spendsavers.com. Same exact everything as Kris Everett on June 16, 2020.

Carolyn – Jun 16, 2020

Scammer’s website spendsavers.com

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

My mother June, had placed an order for a set of 3 vegetable peelers , how she understood the Nano tape would be free, Pay $1.95 shipping. the next day her debit card was charger $83.50. We cancelled that card and got her a new one in case there were any further charges. She also can not get refunded. This is a total scam. No where did she see there would be a one time membership fee. The bank had looked into and in the “terms in conditions” where she did not even see the section of the terms and conditions it says it is non refundable fee. Per her bank she was advised to contact the better business bureau. But we can not locate a phone number or mailing address. this charge showed on her bank statement as “wrenwarmuscle855” . Any help with this would be appreciated . Thanks Kris (Junes daughter)

Ebony – Jul 08, 2020

I just found out myself about this scam. I called the place that charge me- their number is 855.225.3139 about the peelers and the charge of 83.50. They offered me 40.00 back and I told them I will be calling the better business borough and my bank. The bank is doing an investigation into these crooks and I will not be responsible for the charge- I hope. I do not remember clicking on any box for this so called membership. The statement came in as BAKITRUSTKETO.

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