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Jacquelyn – Dec 23, 2020

Buffalo,Ny. 12/23/2020
I received a email from Springfield Armory that said I ordered a firearm for $499.00 and this was my receipt. I knew I had never been on that website and I absolutely did not order a firearm. I called 1-904-490-0206 and this a foreign man answered he said hello nothing else, not hello thanks for calling Springfield Armory nothing professional. And I should add I made the call at 4:27 am. My radar went off immediately due to it was in the middle of the night and they were open, and because the way the man answered with just a hello. I proceeded to explain how I received a email stating I purchased a item for $499.00 and I have never made a purchase through them. I gave him the receipt ID# he says it looks like someone from North Carolina got my information and made the purchase. I asked what can I do? Should I call the police? He said No they will think you did something wrong and trying to get someone else in trouble. That’s when I knew for sure it was a scam. He proceeded to say I would need to go on my computer and he will talk me through putting my name on the cancellation list and black list. And how would I like my refund returned my bank account or debit card. This is when I hung up, he tried calling me back 4 times in a row. That’s when I started googling information about scams for Springfield Armory.
I just goggled the email [email protected] is fake. The correct email for Springfield Armory is [email protected]
The number I called 1-904-490-0206 is a fake number. The correct contact information is toll free 1-800-680-6866
Or 1-309-944-5631 In Geneseo Illinois
Fax 1-309-944-3676
Correct address is 420 West Main st
Geneseo Illinois
I included a screenshot of the email I received

Katelyn – Mar 31, 2020

Victim Location 46932

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email that looked ligament from Paypal. I have attached a copy of the email. I knew i had not requested the payment when i read the email so i called the phone number that was provided for assistance. I gentleman with a foreign accent answered the phone and was very nice and said he would help me resolve the matter. He ask if i had given my password out to anyone and i said no. I believe he ask my name and i only gave him my first name. I was feeling unsure about what this man was really up to. I kept saying i didn’t think he was for real and he kept telling me he was and that the Better Business Bureau had given him approval code. His name was Alex Reed, and his security code with the ScamPulse.com was MSW-256. He said he would mail me papers to sign and return to them so they could cancel the request to send money. Then he ask me to type a word and i am sorry but i cannot recall the word but it was going to give him the ability to take over my computer. I kept telling him i wasn’t trusting him and why did he need to get into my computer. He reassured me that he was ligament and needed to check things out in it. I finally told him no he was not getting access to my computer and hung up on him. I then went to my paypal account to see if the transaction was showing up on it and it was not. I report my experience to paypal spoof and they confirmed it was not a ligament email from them. i also call my local ScamPulse.com and they have advised that I share this experience with the ScamPulse.com scam tracker. Hope no one else get bother or taken by this person. Best Regard, **

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